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Does Fear Run Your Life?

Does Fear Run Your LIfe?

Does Fear Run Your LIfe?

Posted By Lee Anne B

Do you let fear run your life? Do you allow it to stop you from achieving those goals you have?

Fear can come in all different forms; the biggest one I see is Fear of Failure. It is so strong that some people would rather avoid failure than attempt Success.

Profoundly, it is but the smallest percent of people who are actually completely in control of their life and actions and will not let anything get in the way of achieving Success.

The most successful people in the world are also the people that have failed the most. They didn’t let the fear of failure get in their way.

What often makes the fear of failure worse is the feeling of regret you then get for not attempting success. The feeling of “What if I had only?”

But if you take the bull by the horns, laugh at the fear of failure and really look at it as, “well if I do fail, at least I gave it the best shot ever!” Or go even one better: if you fail the first time, think of another way to go for it that is better and keep going and going until such time as you are a success. That is what a successful person does.

What is something that you feared, pushed fear out of the way and attempted it anyway? Did you fail? Or Succeed?

24 Responses to “Does Fear Run Your Life?”

  1. Leisa T says:

    Public speaking! Moving into a Management roll within my fulltime work required me to meet once a week with a Management team of up to 20 people. This made my heart stop just thinking about it!….. My very first meeting I think I broke out in hives, but once I started to lighten the mood and make it a little more of a game it was a win, win, win situation for all. I stopped Team member from falling asleep and kept the mood light. Successful outcome thanks. Great Topic Lee

  2. Debbie R says:

    Someone asked me the other day Lee Anne what I would consider my biggest fear when I started being self employed, and what has been my biggest failure. My answer was I don’t believe I have had any failures….I have learned a lot about how to do things better and more effectively, but I wouldn’t consider those lessons as failures. We learn in everything we do.

    When I started my first business, I didn’t have any fear in starting. I didn’t consider failure because I was more tapped into my reason for starting a business, which was to be with our children. I believe if fear is holding a person back, they have not identified a strong enough reason (their why) to go for it. When your why is powerful enough, you find the inner strength to push through anything, no matter how difficult the challenge.

    People think it is fear that is holding them back, when actually they don’t have a strong enough reason why they want something. When a person takes the time to identify their why, and finds solutions to fulfill their why, there is so much focus on the reason you are taking the step forward, you don’t have time to let fear get in the way. This is a shift in thinking and the first step to pushing through the fears that hold one back.

  3. Debbie R says:

    Well done Leisa…you are demonstrating through your actions that you can feel fearful about something, but chose to take on a leadership role and move through the fear. When we have the courage to do this, we demonstrate to ourselves and others, what is possible, and that the fear does not have to disappear in order to take action. It’s still there, but when we take the action to push through, it is then that we realize it was just in our mind and it isn’t real.

  4. Lee Anne B says:

    Thanks Debbie for the share, I totally agree with you for sure. There are no failures, just lessons on the road to success. Thanks for the share Leisa and congrats to you, awesome demonstration for sure x

  5. Elizabeth R says:

    I decided to have a good long talk to myself about this one Lee Anne!

    F.E.A.R. = False Expectations Appearing Real

    I saw I am afraid to earn more money than my husband because the fear is he will leave me (as my ex did when I earned way more than him) so I have kept playing small. This is ridiculous as my hubby would actually LOVE me to earn the same as him (or more). So thank you for the blog which has woken up that part of my mind to do some work with in BFE! Stay tuned for the breakthrough!

  6. Lee Anne B says:

    Great Elizabeth.. Yes totally F.E.A.R. = False Expectations Appearing Real. Love it, yep working through Beyond Freedom Evolution has really helped me with that one too. But of course it is a journey not a destination. Good on you for working through it x

  7. Debbie R says:

    You now have a new reference to go from Elizabeth, realizing your hubby would love you to earn more, you have identified that your past reference has nothing to do with your current situation.

  8. Katie B says:

    Very inspiring thanks for sharing 🙂

  9. Adam B. says:

    Great Post Lee Anne. I know I’ve been one whom has that old fear of failure. But thankfully I am getting better at that now though BFE.

  10. Gabrielle M says:

    This is oh sooo true! “what if” is the worst thing to characterise your life’s review. It’s awfully hard to put yourself out there sometimes, but “you’ll never ever know if you never have a go!”

  11. Lee Anne B says:

    Katie – Your welcome xx

    Adam – Great Adam, I have found Beyond Freedom Evolution as a great tool for working on that for sure

    Gabrielle – Absolutely – What if is a very crippling place to be, as it doesn’t allow you to step out of your comfort zone and create success

  12. Mohamed J says:

    My sports car Toyota scion has been buried in snow 3feet high all the way around.Last saturday I decided to dig it out
    myself.After a little while a lady passing by offered to help.She even said that she can bring 3 men to help which she did.We had the Scion out in Half an hour.If I did not overcome my fear of failure I would not have done it

  13. Kim G says:

    Thank you Lee Anne, another great blog.

  14. Karen says:

    Great post Lee Ann.
    With fear, people look at the worst case scenario but a better question to ask yourself is, “what if it works?”
    Many successful people fail their way to success. Thomas Edison had 10,000 experiments that didn’t work before he found one that did work.
    I remember going parasailing a few years ago in Turkey. I was sitting in the speed boat watching eveyone else going up, having a great time and yet I was scared to have a go. The longer I sat there, the more scared I became.
    Once eveyone else had their turn, the guys asked me if I wanted to go up. I did but was still scared. He sensed my apprehension and asked if I could do this hand signal. I said, “Yes.” He said, “OK, you go up, if you want to come down at any time, do that hand signal and we will reel you back in. Someone will watch you all the time.”
    As soon as I had a solution, the hand signal, I said yes to having a go. The monent my feet lifted off the back of the boat into the air, it was the most wonderful experience. I loved every minute of it and did not want to come back down.
    I nearly let my fear stop me and yet once I took action, the fear dissipated immediately. I had so much fun and was wondering why on earth I was so scared. Fear – False Evidence Appearing Real.

  15. Debbie R says:

    Excellent example Karen. People miss so much in life because of perceived fear. As you found, by stepping out of your comfort zone, and taking a bit of a risk, there was nothing to be afraid of. It is only when we are willing to push through these perceived fears that we can experience fear from this perspective. The beautiful thing is, by having the courage to do so, you accelerate your future growth because you now have a distinction to refer back to each time fear attempts to control you again. Big congrats on being the example others can learn from!

  16. Lee Anne B says:

    Mohamed – What a great example 🙂 and I am sure you were very pleased once it was out

    Kim – Thank you Kim

    Karen – What if it works is a good saying to not overthink a decision. Great share Karen, well done x

    Debbie – Thanks again for your thoughts Debbie, I agree perceived fear can be paralysing

  17. Laith A says:

    Great Post Lee Anne. Fear can be like jamming on the handbrake sometimes.. But, it is something that is so easy to overcome. Thanks Lee Anne.

  18. Penelope D says:

    Fear presents itself in many shapes & forms – what works for me is to recognise fear & deal with it at once. Remaining focused, centred & on purpose helps me to diffuse and/or disempower fear & enables me to stay on course.

  19. Lee Anne B says:

    Laith – Absolutely it can be a handbrake for sure xx

    Penelope – I agree it totally can for sure. Stay focused on the WHY and the Goal and use Beyond Freedom Evolution x

  20. Pam B says:

    Thanks Lee Anne. Food for thought as I think you have hit a nerve here. Interesting to read other posts.

  21. Darryl M says:

    Thanks Lee Anne – this is an all time favourite of mine, because I have been working on eliminating my ‘limiting beliefs’ most of my life. The fear of failure is something that I am working through with my “Beyond Freedom Evolution” course with Polaris Global. This course is really helping me to focus on my goals and not to be afraid of the constant obstacles that get in the way. I am learning that steep roads lead to high mountains and the view is wonderful. Just like an aircraft, you need to constantly adjust your path to reach your destination.

    The best part is that the journey is all important, and you don’t have to wait until the final destination to enjoy life and all that it brings, if you don’t let fear stop you from getting up every time that you fall.

  22. Lee Anne B says:

    Absolutely Darryl I totally agree. So glad Beyond Freedom Evolution and Polaris Global have been able to assist you with this.

    Thanks for the comments Pam

  23. Nola S says:

    Hi Lee Anne,
    Does Fear Run your Life – Very interesting. I think everyone has a little bit of fear in their lives.
    I have failed quite a few times in my life but I always pick myself up and push through.
    I like your saying – “well if I do fail at least I gave it a try”.

  24. Lee Anne B says:

    Yes Nola, fear is part of everyones life, but we should not let it run our life. As being driven by fear means we will not even attempt alot of things because we are scared of what might and could be