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Duplication with Polaris Global



Posted By Lee Anne B

Before joining Polaris Global I always thought duplication meant copying something – how far wrong was I?  What I have learnt since is that duplication is seeing the way something is done and then taking that modality and refining it to make it your own.  I love this. It’s great to be able to be who YOU are and do things in your way, utilising the mentorship of others as your sacred guide.

The other type of duplication I have learnt through Polaris Global is the “leverage” type.  This meaning having your income duplicate without having to do extra “work”. This is the type of duplication most people are searching for when looking for a business.

By joining Polaris Global I have enjoyed both these types of duplication. I love being able to assist people in my team, by leading from the front and letting them duplicate me and their team duplicate them.  As time progresses, the duplication flows further and further.

Our powerful Polaris Global hybrid compensation plan allows income duplication via “leverage” which progresses and allows income growth to take care of itself.

Do you have the same thoughts around duplication? Did you think duplication was something else?

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  1. Lee Anne B says:

    Love it Leoni, the teacher arrives when we are ready to learn (I think is the saying) Keep working on the steps xx

  2. Kym K says:

    It was a fabulous call Lee Anne – for me I took note of the fitness one and have restarted doing daily exercise – it feels great. Always room for improvement in all areas.

  3. Lee Anne B says:

    Great one Kym, I find the more I exercise the more energy I have and better results I get in my business

  4. Alex says:

    That’s awesome Lee Anne! I remember once someone made me realise that in school we get in trouble for copying and this becomes out conditioning… but in the real world success is created by copying haha

    Love the leveraged duplication in Polaris Global!

  5. Lee Anne B says:

    Yep we remember things people tell us sometimes without knowing for ourselves. I know for sure the Leveraged Duplication in my Polaris Global business is awesome 🙂

  6. Lee Anne B says:


    Part two of the Custom Pages and Facebook training happened on the Polaris Global Professional Marketers call this week. It was a great call for so many reasons.

    Firstly Bree, Kym and Helen had their new custom pages pulled apart and reviewed by Shane Krider and Rachel Krider. In saying that, the websites didn’t need many changes so congrats to you Bree, Kym and Helen for doing such an amazing job on your first Lead Manager custom websites.

    Next Rachel and Bree went through some training on how to set up a Facebook group for your niche and market it for free. I really loved this training; more than one gold nugget to take from this. So thank you to Bree for her wisdom around Facebook groups.

    I have already implemented some of the things I learnt on the call while I have been at the airport on our way to Europe.

    Totally loving all the new teachings on all of the Polaris Global training calls recently.

    What was your favourite part of this call?

  7. Karen says:

    Still getting my head around Facebook as it’s not my most favourite platform. Love that we are always getting the latest training on marketing for our Polaris Global business.

  8. Lee Anne B says:

    You will love it Karen once you have gone through all the Polaris Global training about Facebook and you see the awesome results you can get

  9. Lise R says:

    I am loving this new training Lee Anne – so awesome! In my first campaign using my niche market I had someone get started almost right away. I love that Polaris Global is always coming out with the best new training!

  10. Lee Anne B says:

    That is fantastic Lise, well done. I had the same when I started my FB campaign too. Love all of the Polaris Global training

  11. Lee Anne B says:


    I had the pleasure this week of hosting the Polaris Global Professional Marketers Call with Alex from WA. I have worked with Alex for a while now and I know he has some really powerful key shifts and learnings to share with everyone, so it was really great to share this call with him.

    Here is what we covered:

    5 Keys to Supercharged Success

    1. Order of Priorities – Business number 1, Family, Friends etc.

    2. Mindset – Employee or business owner? Hobby or serious business? Expecting someone to do it for them. All too hard. Learning curve. No wait and see. Out of comfort zone.

    3. Commitment Level – Time wise, Product wise, Marketing budget etc.

    4. Events – Attending, Value from events, Wins from this past event. From your head to your heart.

    5. Vibration – Attending events, Exercise/Eating. Being at the top of your game.

    What was your take away from the call?

  12. Karen L says:

    It was a great Polaris Global marketing call – thank you Lee Anne and Alex. Lots of take aways especially number one – making your business the number one priority.

  13. Lise R says:

    I loved this Polaris Global training call that you and Alex hosted – thank you! I used to feel weird about the idea of putting business first. Not any more, it doesn’t matter where I am or what I am doing, Jeremy and I choose to put business first because it allows us to experience the awesome lifestyle and freedom that we have 🙂

  14. Lee Anne B says:

    Thanks Karen. Yep it really is the key to success, make your Polaris Global business a priority and it will reward you as such

  15. Lee Anne B says:

    Thanks Lise, glad you enjoyed it. Good on you Lise. It pays to treat your Polaris Global business with the respect that it deserves xx Reap the rewards

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