January 12th, 2014 by Amy Adams

Energize your results with Polaris Global

Posted by Lee Anne B

Your Energy and Your Results LeeAnne Bartlet

Do you find that when you are feeling tired and unwell you tend to have bad days? Nothing turns out the way you want it too? And when you are feeling in peak form physically you can achieve anything and everything just falls into place?

It comes down to your energy. Basically, like attracts like…

It is not what you say, but how you say it. You can be doing all the right things and saying all the right things, and still not be getting the results you want. Why? Because you don’t have the right energy behind you. If you are radiating Excitement and Passion, people will want what you are selling because they really want the excitement and passion you have (doesn’t matter what you are selling.)

So what do you need to do to bring yourself out of being tired and in the dumps (or just to get that Mojo back)… maybe the last thing you feel like doing – Exercise… Get active, go for a walk, go for a swim… get out in nature and soak up the fresh air. I know for me when I am tired (not sleepy tired, but just had a busy day,) if I get on the treadmill for 30 mins it energises me, I feel motivated and excited to take on the next project.

So for me this year I have started a new exercise plan – 60 mins per day during the day I will get onto the treadmil, go to HOT Yoga or Personal Training.. Rain, hail or shine.

What action are you taking or will you take starting today to move you closer to your Goals?

Your results are directly related to your energy, what energy are you putting out to your friends/family and Clients?

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  1. Helen T says:

    Hey Lee Anne – it is so true! Getting outside in nature really does energize me too and not just because of the physical exertion – but it’s more than that. It’s plugging into nature’s energy and being in a more receptive mode.
    I have started walking along the beach early in the morning most mornings and I feel great those days. Nature is so powerful. There is also an ancient Ayurvedic technique of grounding your energy each morning by walking barefoot on the grass. Helps you to stay centered.

  2. Cynthia says:

    Definitely, attitude can be read over the phone, on a message, or in a person. You cannot fake it. The energy tells it all and so do the results. Great article.

  3. Leoni B says:

    Always taking away something from the Polaris Global training calls. Having a clear purpose and expanding the picture resonates with me.

  4. Lauren S says:

    Loved this call also! Being at the beginning of my journey with BFE there is so much to learn and it’s great! Definitely the asking for help is a big one for me. And the circle of influence around you. Pretty blessed to have wonderful people in our lives now but adding to it with the Polaris Community – you guys are all such an inspiration!

  5. Lee Anne B says:

    Wonderful Helen, exercising totally raises the vibration for the rest of our lives, I have learnt so much about this since starting on my journey with Beyond Freedom Evolution.

  6. Lee Anne B says:

    Thanks Cynthia, Totally, It is not what you say it is how you feel about what you say. People can pick up on my passion about my Polaris Global business, that is not something you can fake

    Great one Leoni, each Polaris Global training call has a gold nugget for the taking that is for sure

  7. Lee Anne B says:

    Absolutely Lauren, Asking for help can be hard sometimes.. I have learnt so much being on my Beyond Freedom Evolution journey and being part of the Polaris Global community has been priceless for me, so very grateful

  8. Craig F says:

    Following using Beyond Freedom, now when I am confronted by adversity, feel down, tired or just challenged I have learnt to step back and put the issues in perspective. Once I recognise this and then value the challenge I am better prepared to move on with renewed energy and also realise that I am still on track despite the challenge.

  9. Kimberly says:

    great article Lee Anne, the Polaris Global calls always show great insight. I am a bit the same, I just tend to do things myself, maybe it is a mum thing 😉

  10. Lee Anne B says:

    Love it Craig, congrats. I learnt the same thing through my Beyond Freedom Evolution.

  11. Lee Anne B says:


    Today is a milestone here in our house. Our youngest Lexi is having her first sleepover.. WOW how time flies.

    Because this was another first for us, it got me thinking about all the firsts I’ve had in my business that I remember.

    Here is a list of firsts in a Polaris Global business that need to be celebrated.

    First day using Beyond Freedom Evolution
    First advert placed
    First of your own lead generated
    First person through the system
    First Follow up answers the phone
    First Three Way call
    First new team member
    First M1 Sale
    First M7 Sale
    First M8 Sale
    First Team Qualification Sale

    Do you remember the firsts when you started your Polaris Global business? Which is the one you were most excited about?

  12. Lise R says:

    Yes, OMG! All of these firsts were so so exciting for me for sure! I definitely celebrated every one. Now, the next exciting first will be my first 50k and 100k months!

  13. Helen T says:

    I was most excited about my first lead generated because this really proved that I could make it happen myself! Through my own efforts. Since then I’ve been able to feel more relaxed about the whole process. This Polaris Global experience has been a litany of firsts for sure – I really am taking the time to pat myself on the back each step I take to move forward.

  14. Lee Anne B says:

    Love it Lise, you can do it x $50k and $100k club in your Polaris Global business here you come

  15. Lauren Smart says:

    Thanks for this Lee Anne! So important to remember those firsts when you’re plodding along. I do remember my first own lead, was certainly pretty excited. Now to just tick off those last 5!!!

  16. Lee Anne B says:

    Totally on the right path Lauren x More firsts to come on your Polaris Global journey

  17. Lee Anne B says:

    Great one Helen, there are plenty more firsts to come along your Polaris Global journey that is for sure. Counting the wins along the way makes it even more exciting

  18. Lee Anne B says:


    Over a month ago I had a food allergy test done because I knew there were foods I was eating that my body was reacting too, and I made the decision before I even got the results back that I would cut them all out for six weeks and then slowly introduce them back in one by one and see which ones I am ok with.

    To my shock the list came back and it was huge, basically there is more things I can’t eat than I can. So this has taken a huge adjustment in my life, and it has made it very difficult to eat out (which is something we like to do often).

    I am in my 4th week so far and I have really noticed the difference I feel vitality and energy wise. I remember some days when I was still eating normally that I would feel almost hung over (even though I don’t drink). It was basically a food hangover! Now, having not eaten these foods, I feel light, clear headed, I feel full of energy and just feel really great.

    What this has brought up for me in regards to my Polaris Global business is that I need to keep it simple, strip it back sometimes and clear out the cobwebs, give my business a fresh boost of vitality.

    When have you realised that you needed a BIG change?

  19. Helen T says:

    It takes courage to make the kind of radical change you have just been through and real ongoing commitment to yourself and your health to keep it up. That is what sets people like you apart from others – the willingness to do whatever has to be done, especially when it comes to changing. I have undergone radical diet changes myself many times and it has been really successful. My health went gradually downhill at your age, with monthly bladder infections and thrush infections. I became allergic to the thrush medication and ended up in a Urologist’s office. They told me I may have to have an operation. I then made a decision to go in a different direction and as soon as I did, the people and information arrived. I cut out all sugar for 3 months (I was pretty addicted at the time!) and regained my health immediately. Even one simple change can make a BIG difference.
    In regards to Polaris Global, maybe it is the same – just one simple change can make a big difference too. Certainly with Beyond Freedom Evolution that’s what we are essentially doing – taking a look at all the ways we are not working in our own best interest and letting go of what is not serving us in moving forward.

  20. Lise R says:

    Congrats Lee Anne on implementing the changes to your diet. What a difference the right food can have on our bodies. I, too, recently have cut out a lot of foods that were reacting with my body and I am already feeling great and noticing a big difference.

  21. Lee Anne B says:

    Wow congrats to you Helen x Sugar is one of my things too. It is so good, yet so bad!! It is the same thing in my Polaris Global business, you do what you need to do to create success

  22. Lee Anne B says:

    Wonderful Lise 🙂 that is great to hear. It makes a huge difference for sure 🙂

  23. Tracy M. says:

    Lol…I am actually buying a new pair of joggers today…. so I too can incorporate a healthy lifestyle into my daily life…Keep you posted 🙂

  24. Helen T says:

    Everything is energy, including food. Ancient practices like Ayurveda understood that – they didn’t just look at vitamins, minerals etc – they knew that different foods carry different energetic characteristics eg. Yoghurt – has an initially cooling effect but once digested has a heating effect. We all have a unique blend of energetic balance governed by the elements – fire, water, air, earth and ether. Foods will either enhance or aggravate this balance AND there can be intolerances too. Interestingly, in doing food intolerance tests over the years I have found the types of foods parents and their children react to tend to be the same. Is this a physical genetic thing? Or is it to do with similar belief patterns within families? I wonder…

  25. James F says:

    Awesome to hear some great stories. I’m currently aiming and training to try out for the 2017 World Championships for Dragon Boating, representing Australia of course! It currently requires meeting benchmarking requirements in order to make the team. Before I’ve never really tried to aspire to make the feat, however since being introduced to creating possibilities and believing, I’ve been training non-stop. I’m energized, although i’m currently in Atlanta and Freezing!!! I’m still going out everyday and sticking to the training technique, and joining polaris and working on my business also allows me the flexibility to have a good crack at stick to this. Really looking forward to get back into the boat and feeling the results from the training to date.

    Listening to others stories here in the blog really gives further motivation and certainly empowers as well. Keep it up 🙂

  26. Lee Anne B says:

    Wonderful Tracy, congrats to you, it will make all the difference x

    So true Helen, the last few weeks I have learnt so much about how food makes me feel, especially the crappy food and how my body responds. Not a nice feeling. And to think I was eating it all the time x

  27. Lee Anne B says:

    Awesome James that is so exciting. I have done Dragon boat racing a few times for fun (we have a team each year for my hubby’s work) It is a great spot. Good on you for getting out in the cold and doing it anyway. Take that attitude into your Polaris Global business and you are on the track to success x

  28. Lee Anne B says:


    Here we are in 2015. I am super excited that it is here and I’m totally scared too. I have set some really big goals for 2015, very scary and very, very exciting.

    2014 was a totally amazing year. I am so grateful for everything that happened, including the lessons and the learnings. They have enabled me to grow more and really become clearer on my purpose and my passions in life. It also showed me who is on the ride with me and who loves and supports me.

    As I have mentioned on a past blog, 2015 is our year of Travel. We have a lot of travel booked in already this year and more to come. I am going to really enjoy taking advantage of my portable and flexible Polaris Global business this year.

    It all starts this week for us, off to Adelaide for a few days (taking my girls who have never been) and catching up with some friends. Then our Polaris Global Australian whirlwind tour begins at which I am very excited about meeting all of you and welcoming some new Polaris Global community from our Live Presentations.

    Have you set some bigger, scarier goals for 2015?

  29. Karen L says:

    Great post Lee Anne. What is coming up for me was in winter I tore my calf muscle and knew, from studying Beyond Freedom Evolution, that I had to start doing something different otherwise I would keep breaking down with injuries. I joined the gym and also started working on my flexibility, range of motion and posture.

    Now, 5 months later, it has made the world of difference to my sprint training. I am setting records, running personal best times and to top it off, I no longer wake up the next day feeling like I have been hit by a bus. I am truly grateful to John, the personal trainer at my gym. All the stuff he has put my in touch with, has made the world of difference.

  30. Jan S says:

    I think every day that I need BIG changes in so many areas of my life. I am using other tools as well as Beyond Freedom Evolution to achieve the necessary changes in my thinking. I need to do this to create the success I want in my Polaris Global business. I find that my thinking and eating patterns are closely entwined. When I take control of my eating, my thinking becomes clearer, my mood improves and I feel so much more alert & alive. The end result of this is that I feel much more active in and positive about my Polaris Global Business.

  31. Lee Anne B says:

    Wonderful Karen great to hear. Sometimes change is as good as a holiday. I love that I have a new DMO for 2015 for my Polaris Global business, this year is going to be amazing

  32. Lee Anne B says:

    I can so relate to what you have written Jan and you are right. What you eat totally affects who you are being. Put good in and you get good out x Keep going on the path to health and wealth with Beyond Freedom Evolution as your personal coach x

  33. Lauren S says:

    Completely agree Lee Anne… exciting and scary for 2015!!

    We also have some big goals in our family! It starts next week in Christchurch with a few business meetings lined up to really get me out of that comfort zone and the determination to be fully self employed by 31 Dec 2015!! I have a lot of work ahead of me but determined to make it happen this year.

  34. Lee Anne B says:

    Great one Lauren, super exciting times ahead xx

  35. Tracy M. says:

    I have already started on a new health and wellness plan that I am sure my Beyond Freedom Evolution will assist with staying focused and committed.

  36. Lise R says:

    So cool Lee Anne – what an exciting year! Thanks to the portability of our Polaris Global business, we can be anywhere in the world and be cranking out massive results!

  37. Lee Anne B says:

    Wonderful Tracy, lets make 2015 the healthiest yet.

    I agree Lise, I love the portability of my Polaris Global business that is for sure

  38. Kimberly says:

    Before starting with Polaris Global I had never even really set goals at all. I actually really enjoy setting goals and seeing if I can reach them.

  39. Lee Anne B says:

    Wonderful Kimberly, Setting new goals each year in my Polaris Global business is exciting

  40. Lee Anne B says:


    Along my Polaris Global journey I have been able to create a certain level of success which has been amazing and I am so grateful for this. But the biggest joy for me has been in being able to help others in doing the same.

    I had the pleasure of meeting a lot of my Polaris Global team for the first time throughout our Polaris Global Australian Tour and also have seen some massive success coming out of this too. I feel like a proud mum to all my team that are having amazing results right now. It excites me so much everytime they message and say I just had a M1, M7 or M8 sale.

    I feel this is one of the best perks of what we have to offer here at Polaris Global. Yes we get to grow and develop ourselves and create our own success, but even better we are all about helping others at creating the life of their own design along the way.

    I’m super excited about what the rest of 2015 will bring. Based on what has developed so far, it is going to be one HUGE year..

    Do you feel a proud parent to your team too?

  41. Leoni B says:

    I do Lee Anne. Parents always believe in the ability of their children more than the children themselves. I know you believe in me even if don’t believe in myself at times. It is the same with my team members, I know they can do this, I share their excitement and I motivate when they feeling down.

  42. Lee Anne B says:

    Wonderful Leoni, you are right. I totally believe all of my Polaris Global team and really anyone in the Polaris Global community can do this, absolutely x

  43. Lise R says:

    Absolutely Lee Anne! One of my favourite things about my Polaris Global business is assisting others to create success for themselves. Whether it be a newbie placing ads for the first time, ringing their first lead or their first sale come through – it is super exciting!

  44. Karen L says:

    I’m with you Lise and Lee Anne. Assisting others to create success for themselves is fantastic and one of the best parts of what we do here at Polaris.

  45. Lee Anne B says:

    Lovely Lise and Karen, it is just so rewarding to see others creating success for themselves. Wonderful to be part of such an amazing community with Polaris Global

  46. Lee Anne B says:


    Just having come off another amazing month in my Polaris Global business I have had some very interesting conversations around luck with people. I have had many people mention to me how lucky I am to have created such amazing income results in my business.

    I have absolutely found that since being on my exciting journey with Personal Development, Polaris Global and Beyond Freedom Evolution my luck has totally changed for the better. To the point where I tend to win a lot of things too (on Radio stations, Raffles etc). Is this just because I am LUCKY? Well no. It is because of my new vibration I have created for myself, the one that attracts more great things to me (which others may call luck).

    Is having success in my Polaris Global business down to luck? NO. It is about tipping the scales in my favour by putting out enough to get the inflow. So basically, luck is created by the work you do. The harder I work the luckier I get. Great thing about working my Polaris Global business it is not “hard work” especially when you love what you do.

    Are you creating your life to attract more luck?

  47. Helen T says:

    This is an interesting subject. The belief in luck assumes that life is all just random events, with no plan – I have come to experience it differently. I now don’t believe in luck. There is much we cannot control of course, but I think we create our own “luck”. The concept of luck also assumes that some people have somehow got themselves onside with whatever power decides if we’re worthy or not – kinda not fair – I like to think the Higher Power or whatever you want to call it supports us all equally and we are all worthy of good things coming to us.
    Whatever we believe is true for us – comes true. So if we believe in luck, then our experiences will tend to confirm that…and the opposite too.

  48. Lee Anne B says:

    Absolutely Helen, totally agree. I always believe I am lucky and it pays me as such xxx I wouldn’t have it any other way x

  49. Jay R says:

    I totally agree with you Lee Anne, and you also Helen. I have always believed that I am a lucky person. Throughout my journey with Polaris Global and Beyond Freedom Evolution I have come to understand that we create our own luck, whether it is good luck or bad luck, by the way we think. Even in dire circumstances we can always choose to see a positive, no matter how small it might be. When we get in the practise of focusing on gratitude and seeing the positives, we feel lucky and then bring even more “good luck” into our lives.

  50. Helen T says:

    Yes Jay there is always a silver lining, although it can be hard to see it at times. One key for me has also been to work on feeling like I DESERVE good things to come to me. Experiences, especially as a small child, can get in the way of feeling that we are deserving. We all have defences and my defences were strong – unfortunately we can stop good stuff coming in, as we attempt to keep the bad out. It takes courage to drop those defences enough so good can flow – still working on it – probably always will be.
    We have a fantastic opportunity with the Beyond Freedom Evolution program, to heal all of this!

  51. Karen L says:

    Great distinction Lee Anne. In February I was absolutely in flow and I felt as though I had the Midas touch. Going from struggle to magic, I have learnt from being a part of the Polaris Global community that it’s all about energy and vibration. When you are on the right frequency, you will attract lots of luck. It all comes down to your mindset which we learn about in Beyond Freedom Evolution.

  52. Lee Anne B says:

    For sure Jay, believing you are a lucky person and putting the consistent work in is where the luck is created from

  53. Lee Anne B says:

    Absolutely Karen, participating in the Polaris Global training calls and plugging into the Polaris Global community is a big key to keeping the vibration in check

  54. Lise R says:

    I love this, the harder I work – the luckier I get. I totally agree. The more I put out for effort in my Polaris Global business, the luckier I get as well. It all comes down to work and vibration. Huge congrats again to you Lee Anne!

  55. Lee Anne B says:

    Thanks Lise, I totally see you getting luckier and luckier each day in your Polaris Global business. You work is paying off x

  56. Lee Anne B says:


    There is nothing like a big change in your routine to get you totally out of your comfort zone. I love travelling and would do it ongoing if I could. The thing that does scare me a little about travelling is the change of routine.

    At home I have a great DMO in place as to when I call my leads and do training for team etc, when we have dinner, when I exercise. But when we travel all of this is out of the window. And to totally throw me out there is time differences and other things to keep in mind too.

    As I am writing this before we leave for the USA I am preparing to develop a new DMO while we are away that will keep in mind the time differences and also give me plenty of time for FUN (like shopping and shows etc.)

    I know everytime I go away and am totally out of my comfort zone that I end up achieving way more than I expected and come home with a whole new vision and perspective for my business.

    Do you regularly change your DMO and routine or are you stuck in hold habits?

  57. Leoni B says:

    I find it difficult to do the same thing day in and day out, so I do mix up my DMO. Some days I will start with my Beyond Freedom Evolution first thing in the morning, then phone my leads and do my marketing in the afternoon. I may do this for a day or two and then change again. As long as everything is done or completed I happy!

  58. Lee Anne B says:

    Great one Leoni, swapping up your routine is a great way to keep it interesting in your Polaris Global business.

  59. Lee Anne B says:


    I had the pleasure of hosting the Polaris Global professional training call last week with the awesome Clare from VIC. I really enjoyed the call and got so many gold nuggets from what Clare had to share.

    Here is what we covered on the call. We started with the basics of business.

    Are you prepared/set-up for business and ready to create success?

    Do you have a Unique Name? You want to stand out from the crowd;
    Do you have an ABN (Australia) or Registered Business Number equivalent? Registered for GST/VAT etc if applicable;
    Are you ready to take payment when you make a sale? Are you set up to take payments by Credit Card or do you have your bank’s SWIFT code for transfers etc?
    Do you have a good internet/phone plan?
    Have you set goals for your business, personal and income goals?
    Have you purchased BFE and are you using it DAILY?

    If you haven’t got these in place yet then essentially, you are sitting around waiting! Waiting for what?

    Is your Mindset/Thinking in the right place?

    Are you treating your business as a hobby or serious business? How determined are you to create success? If it’s a hobby then again, you are sitting waiting…. waiting for what?
    Are you being a business owner? Yes it’s a home business but you are the owner. No employees to do the work for you and no boss to tell you what you should be doing. The owner has to take control.
    Are you thinking Big? – M1 v’s M8 (a $1828 conversation or a $19000 conversation). Are you thinking Local or Global?
    Have you made the decision to be at every event? The events are life changing and where the main action is in this business!
    Are you all in? – What are you willing to do to create success? – Are you pushing through limits, sacrificing those things now that initially brought you here so you may have them in due time? i.e. more money, more time with kids family etc.
    Be focused on your goal – Know what you want!
    Work on your mindset as much as you work on your business! Mindset is the key.

    What things did you take from the call? Do you have any tips to add?

  60. anthony p says:

    The biggest thing I took from the call is in what gets given up temporarily to create momentum. I am feeding my business first and funneling resources otherwise randomly used. For every dinner out, there could be 3 people qualified and through the system. I literally stopped consuming money and started doing things that can multiply!

  61. Lee Anne B says:

    Love it Anthony, what an amazing share for others in the Polaris Global community to share.

  62. Lee Anne B says:


    I had the pleasure of hosting the Polaris Global Professional Marketers call this week with Simon.

    It all starts with the decision as to what massive action means for you.

    Does it mean working a 3, 5 or 10 plan? Does it mean 20 hours per week or 40? Decide what your goal is and how fast you want to get there.

    It is actually easier to go fast than it is to go slow. When you are in massive action and going FAST you don’t have time to worry when someone doesn’t answer the phone, you don’t care when one of your adverts get disapproved. You are focused on the goal and you keep putting one step in front of the other as fast as you can to get there.

    Once you have made the decision, you need to get organised. Structure a strong DMO. Your DMO needs to consist of the following items, book them in your calendar so they get done each day:

    Placing adverts each day – Marketing,
    Calling your leads – Fresh, Follow up and 3 Way calls,
    Listening to ALL training calls,
    Doing your Beyond Freedom Evolution!

    Google Calendar or Google Work are great simple tools to use to help you stay organised and on time.

    Some additional key things to keep in mind while being in MASSIVE ACTION:

    How much marketing do you need to hit your desired plan? There is no set rule, keep placing adverts until you have enough leads to speak too.
    No attachment, the more leads you have to speak to, the less attached you will be.
    People not answering the phone or not calling you back is part of the process, it is not personal, move on….. NEXT.

    Being in ACTION there will be obstacles that come your way, don’t let them affect you.

    Are you in massive action? Or have you made the decision to start being in massive action?

  63. Berni I says:

    Polaris Global and Beyond Freedom Evolution with you Lee ARE in massive action well done

    keep shining