January 10th, 2014 by Amy Adams

Evolve using Polaris Global principles – there’s no better time than now!

Posted by Lee Anne B

The Treadmill of Life LeeAnne Bartlet

Most people get up everyday and do the same routine; they eat the same thing for breakfast, drive the same way to work, eat the same thing for lunch, drive the same way home, hop into bed the at same time and then do it all over again, again and again. Basically living inside their box, not wanting to deter from what is comfortable, what is safe.

The main problem with this is there is a universal law in life… you are either evolving or you are dissolving! Nothing ever stays the same.

So if you are doing the same thing day in and day out and you are not changing, not growing, not evolving… guess which way your life is going? Yep, dissolving.

Now I know no one would choose for their life to dissolve on purpose, most people are doing this by default, as they don’t realize that if you are not improving, growing and learning that things don’t stay the same. You will find that these people seem to also find themselves always having large adversities thrown at them, things that hit them for a six… which, because they aren’t prepared, often send them further down the hole.

To ensure that you are always evolving in life and not dissolving, keep in mind the following things…

●      Change it up… get up earlier, go to bed later, drive to work a different way… do something spontaneous

●      Use personal development to work on your mindset… always look for ways to improve yourself

●      Mastermind with others, throw ideas around, take ideas and advice from others

Do what you can to help others get off the treadmill of life! Have some fun! There is no better time than now!

21 Responses to “Evolve using Polaris Global principles – there’s no better time than now!”

  1. Elizabeth R says:

    Hear hear!!!

    It never ceases to amaze me how some people attract all kinds of bad circumstances over and over and over again (I call them drama addicts) and others go from strength to strength. I am not saying that the strength to strength ones do not encounter adversities but they have the skills to cope and invariably “move on” rather quickly.

    I am personally trying to find the best balance for me. While I enjoy mixing up my daily routine and being spontaneous, and rarely have days of despair, and study personal development avidly……the lesson for me is to FOCUS, set some boundaries for myself (not my strong point) and create a strategy for consistent action.

    For a whole week now I have been blogging regularly (new skill I am practising) and haven’t missed a beat. What I am seeing from doing this is a pathway to be consistent in my prospecting times. This has NEVER been something I have mastered until now and I am thrilled with the change. It seems really small but is having a super duper size impact on my mindset.

    And I’m having fun!

  2. Lee Anne B says:

    Yes I do know a few drama addicts myself. Everything just seems to be a drama. Interesting right?? Great to hear you are having fun Elizabeth with your new Blogging “habit’ the more you do it, the better you get at it, the more you will enjoy it x

  3. Sarra HW says:

    A deja vu moment!

    Today I wrote a list of positive, motivating ideas, thoughts and actions I could put in place or to keep at the front of my mind, using tools I’m learning in BFE.

    I stuck it on my fridge so I see it often.

    So, yes, NOW is it. Change is in the air.
    Thank you.

  4. Shelley J says:

    So true. ‘If nothing changes, nothing changes’ This is the year of massive forward moving changes. Thanks for the reminder.

  5. Jan S says:

    “Variety is the spice of life” and there’s nothing I enjoy more. If there’s a different way to go, I take it. I like to vary meals greatly. I love change in all things I am confident in. And I absolutely love spontaneity. Go here go there.
    I even try to do habitual things in a different order now and then.
    The thing I really don’t cope with is change when I am in the midst of learning something new.and this is an area I need and am working on.
    Main subject being social media. I put much time into trying to grasp this new way of life and am proud to say I am slowly making progress simply by developing the minset of determination.

  6. Andrew B says:

    Thanks for the beautiful insight, I’m going to my Practice today rather than drive! Andrew xx.

  7. Andrew B says:

    Thanks for the beautiful insight, I’m going to walk to my Practice today rather than drive! Andrew xx.

  8. LC says:

    Great post thanks

  9. Darryl M says:

    This is a timely reminder for so many people. This is one area of my life that I have been fortunate to be good at, as I really enjoy change even with the adversities that always comes with them. These adversities provide you with the knowledge and certainty that you are growing, learning and developing. I enjoy driving a different way, seeing new sights and discovering something new for the first time.

    There are also some things in my life that I don’t want to change. For instance, associating with good people, helping people who are less fortunate than I am, learning something new each day, seeing as many sunsets as I can and enjoying life with my family and friends. Sometimes to can stick with not changing things that enrich your life as long as you really appreciate what you have every day.

  10. Lee Anne B says:

    Thanks Shelley, Jan, Sarra and Andrew. Change is totally in the air. And congrats Andrew for following through and walking to work, and walking home in the rain (in the dark) there is commitment x

  11. Mike D says:

    Good topic Lee Anne, I have never had a problem with moving forward, change and doing different things, if you saw my resume you would understand, I have always done things differently and have always enjoyed trying different things and have never been bored with what I do wether thats career wise or personally, I think thats what attracted me to the BFE, I might not be the most disciplined BFE student but it has certainly changed the way I view everything

  12. JES says:

    Variety is the spice of life…..

  13. Pam B says:

    Yes, yes, yes! Let’s get moving. Forward is the answer and change a bad habit for the better. Thanks.

  14. Danielle S says:

    What a great read. How stuck humans can get…and focus on the wrong things….or put too much meaning on insignificant things and spend life cranky. Move forward with drive and determination and mean it.

  15. Lee Anne B says:

    Great mike that you have such diversity 🙂 Absolutely Danielle

  16. Kimberly B says:

    One thing I know I am guilty of is getting in the car and going on auto pilot, because I drive the same way. It has actually only been in the last week that I have started to change things up a little

  17. Lee Anne B says:

    I know that one too, I do that on the way to pick up girls from School, sometimes you get there and you don’t even remember or realise it. Total auto pilot

  18. Alan S says:

    What a great feeling when change comes ,its like watching a child learn something for the first time how excited they become and how eager they are to tell you about it .How lucky we are to see the need for change and be able to act ,Thanks

  19. Lee Anne B says:

    Absolutely Alan 🙂 Making that change yourself instead of waiting for someone else to do it is the key. Great learnings from Beyond Freedom Evolution

  20. Mandy says:

    Great advice just realising that change will happen no matter what…best to change with it… Thank you

  21. Berni I says:

    so so true!!!!!! you are either evolving or you are dissolving! Nothing ever stays the same.