July 30th, 2015 by Amy Adams

Focusing on our Polaris Global dreams

Posted by Phil P

If you’re like me, you have often started on something new with great positive energy and made great progress in the beginning. Then, after only just a few short days, our enthusiasm begins to wane.

In all great pursuits, there will be some resistance

In all great pursuits, there will be some resistance

Why do we do that?  It all starts when we lose our focus on what we originally wanted! Life gets in the way and we are forced to attend to other things that have absolutely nothing to do with our new project. It seems by the time we get back to our original project, the enthusiasm we once had for it has lost its freshness.

This is what goes wrong for me; I lose control over my thoughts when the urgent things in life have to be dealt with. At that point I stop creating the things I wanted in my life long term by changing my focus to the urgent things that are currently going on.

Here’s the bottom line: Focus requires discipline. We must remain in control of our thoughts and actions at all times in order to make the most of our life.

So, the next time I start on a new part of my business with great positive energy, I know it won’t be long before something urgent will try to steal my focus. But I am going to be ready for it next time, and when that urgent circumstance is over, I will seek the discipline to get my focus back to where it should be – to achieving my dreams of living a fulfilled and successful life through my Polaris Global business.

6 Responses to “Focusing on our Polaris Global dreams”

  1. Lise R says:

    Hey Phil great post and definitely a hurdle that every single Polaris Global business owner faces along their journey. Some allow the lack of focus to derail them completely, while other keep moving forward and are rewarded tremendously 🙂

  2. Lee Anne B says:

    Focus totally requires discipline that is for sure Phil. When you have a big enough WHY then it is so much easier to stay focused. I know what my WHY is in my Polaris Global business and I always keep it at front of mind

  3. Brianna says:

    It is amazing how the universe likes to test you, saying “are you sure? do you really really want it?”
    This reminds me so much of Stephen R. Covey’s book ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’. I totally agree with Lise and Lee Anne in saying when your WHY is clearer it becomes easier to stay focused. I’ve certainly done a lot of work on my why and getting over those distraction hurdles and each time I persist it gets a tad easier.

  4. Kym K says:

    Ahh Discipline – it is a great word and an even better habit to form. As they say awareness is the key – Im sure you will navigate your way around the urgent in the future Phil.

  5. Peter W says:

    This phrase caught my eye Phil “next time I start on a new part of my business” means you are looking at short term results…make your goal bigger and longer

  6. Karen says:

    Lee Anne makes a great point – a big enough “why” will keep you focused and how true this is. So grateful for the Polaris community and all the support we receive.

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