September 20th, 2015 by Amy Adams

Gratitude to the Universe

Posted by Cathy W
I have woken up this morning feeling so excited, peaceful, light, grateful…oh and so many more feelings. I just want to express my absolute gratitude  for the 17 Day Personal Prosperity System. I have listened to the webinars over and over and in particular the first 2 … The 6 Higher Faculties of the Mind and Internal vrs External Realities. These 2 brought me to a place of such awareness about me and my life. 12038221_936740549716431_1200676781034981300_n
Some of the things I used to dream about have actually happened and I really had little awareness around this – they just happened. So if I can attract into my life the things I want without even knowing, then how much more can I create with all my awareness and attention in tact woohoo!!!
After my marriage break up my circumstances changed quite dramatically. I had a beautiful home on a 16 acre property where we were totally self sufficient food wise. I had dogs and chooks and we also made our own organic wine. I was co-owner of a successful business. So when I left I was leaving behind so much and was not able to take much with me at all as I was moving into a small unit. But you know it was quite liberating to not have much ‘stuff’ and I spent many years finding ME – who was I without all that stuff. I started to climb out of the dark place and found I quite liked me and while I did not have much I was happy.
I have never been very comfortable with the idea of manifesting and thinking as if I already have what I dream about but I did used to dream and had a huge vision board. I would often take myself to a quite place and just imagine what it would feel like to have–
A beautiful loving relationship
A little home with a garden full of fruit trees and vegies
A dog in my life again
A house with a verandah where I could sit and listen to the rain
To have the sea close by
To have my girls close by
And to be able to work from home
Well, can you believe I have all of the above and I have so not had an awareness around what I have created until now. I started to question how could all this have happened but then stopped myself – I do not need my mind to sabotage any of this – and just accepted that I had a Vision and the Universe provided the opportunities and I seem to have grasped those opportunities to create what I only used to dream about.
So now I have such an awareness imagine what I can create from here on.
I am so grateful for the 17 day system – it has just allowed me to acknowledge how much is out there for me to experience and having the understanding around my mind, the physical universe and my vision has totally put me in the drivers seat of my life.
So full of gratitude today.

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  1. Kym K says:

    Another Beautiful post Cathy – I love your share about coming to know yourself without all the stuff, I have had that experience also, talk about a spiritual journey. I am delighted for all your success and your growing awareness of your ability to create.

  2. Brianna says:

    Congratulations Cathy! That’s some really powerful shifts and I too love how the 17 day prosperity system allowed me to get to a place of pure gratitude for what I have and what I know I can have.
    Great post x

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