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How Could Polaris Global Be a Scam?

Winning With Polaris Global

Winning With Polaris Global

Posted By Lee Anne B

I have been with Polaris Global for over four years now. The best decision I ever made was to get started here with Polaris Global and buy and use our Beyond Freedom Evolution program.

I do have a laugh when I speak to a new enquiry to my business that says to me “Are you and your Business a Scam?”

It miffs me and I actually do laugh.  I mean seriously; how do you answer a question like that? And anyways, if the person they were speaking to had a business that was a Scam would you think they were going to say “Yes of course we are.”

It never crossed my mind that any business like Polaris Global could be a scam. I mean what is a scam really? For me it means that someone paid for something and got nothing for their money.

With Polaris Global I have gotten way way way more than I ever paid for when I started.

●      I found myself,

●      I created success and I still do,

●      I have gained awesome new relationships with beautiful people and found friendships within our supportive Polaris Global community.

Of course this all came with effort and work on my part.

So for me the decision to get started with Polaris Global has been the best decision I have ever made in my life.

I am an experienced Polaris Global business owner and Beyond Freedom Evolution student.  Is Polaris Global a scam?  No way!

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  1. Lee Anne B says:

    Great one Lise, firsts in life and in our Polaris Global business can derail us momentarily, great that you kept focused on the goal and kept on moving past

  2. Helen T says:

    In my experience of life those people who come at things with a question like “Is this a scam?” are people who have developed a belief that says “I always get ripped off”. We all do this in some area of our lives. Of course, a belief like this will seek out proof and so they will be expecting proof. Fears always attract the very thing we fear, or if not we EXPECT it and so are closed to other possibilities before they can even take flight.
    I have been accused of being “gullible”, but the way I see it is that it is a positive thing to still have one’s heart open in spite of past disappointments.

  3. Lee Anne B says:

    I agree Helen, those that are looking for a scam and always think they get scammed are sure to be scammed or make anything they find into a scam by not putting the work required in. I have been with Polaris Global now for over 5 years and it is so far away from being a scam it is laughable xx

  4. Kimberly says:

    Since being a part of Polaris Global I have many firsts and not just in my business, but my life. One of those things is I am going to be a first time published co-author in a book that I am super excited about. This opportunity never would have come about if it wasn’t for my Polaris journey.

  5. Lee Anne B says:

    Huge congrats Kimberly, that is awesome well done. Polaris Global has enabled me to have a huge amount of firsts throughout my life and for this I am so very grateful

  6. Lee Anne B says:


    I have always been a risk taker when it comes to my Polaris Global business (and any other business I have run). I am not usually someone that overthinks, I usually make a decision quickly and rarely change my mind. However in the last few days I have found myself doing just that. Weird??

    I mentioned in a past blog how I had decided to become and Angel Investor. This is something totally new for me and a little scary to say the least. When I made the decision to start with I was really excited, then when It came to actually committing; this is where the fear stepped in. I suddenly became a procrastinator over signing documents and pressing send on transferring the money.

    I am not sure why this happened; it is not something I have felt in a long time. It reminded me of when I started my Polaris Global business and also when I took the step to upgrade to M8. At that stage it was going to cost me more than 1 years wage to commit to M8. I started off excited, then scared and then once done, excited again.

    I am so glad through Beyond Freedom Evolution that I have learnt not to let fear overcome me, yes it creeps in here and there, it is part of the process, but as soon as I followed through with the actions I needed to take, fear left and excitement came back.

    I am now super excited to see the results of this new investment and already have a few others I am looking at also.

    When have you taken a huge risk??

  7. Lise R says:

    Great realization Lee Anne. This is just evidence that we are continually on the journey, always improving and learning about ourselves. The big win is in the acknowledgement of the fear and taking the steps to get past it 🙂

  8. Lee Anne B says:

    For sure Lise I agree, taking the steps to move past fear can sometimes be really hard, but the great thing is the results from doing this are HUGE so it is all worth it

  9. Tracy M. says:

    Scam is a word i think is bantered around far too much by people who really dont understand the concept of leveraging or unfortunately expect to wave some magic pixie dust and expect it to happen. Polaris Global provides a legitimate product for a legitimate fee….where’s the scam???

  10. Helen T says:

    I think you learn a lot about yourself when you are confronted by something that frightens you. I find it is a chance to reflect on when I might have encountered something similar in the past and look for patterns of reaction on my part. Last week I was feeling a bit down and anxious as it seemed to me I have been doing everything I should be doing but the results weren’t coming. I allowed myself to become aware that this is an old pattern for me and goes back to the same old fear of being ridiculed or rejected because I “dared” to want more in life. I could just hear the “I told you so” comments, if not out loud, in thought anyway. Old family stuff for me. The GREAT thing is that in recognizing the pattern I can actually work through it choose a new set of beliefs that are kinder to me.

  11. Lee Anne B says:

    I totally agree Tracy, Polaris Global is so far from being a scam it is laughable xx

  12. Lee Anne B says:

    We all have those moments Helen no matter how much success we have had in the past. Self doubt can still creep back in. I have learnt through beyond Freedom Evolution to not ask Why questions of myself or never ask myself what am I doing wrong. Instead I replace it with What else can i do? x

  13. Helen T says:

    Thanks Lee Anne, What else can I do is much more empowering and gets you back into action and the driver’s seat

  14. Karen L says:

    Hey Lee Anne, my biggest risk was setting up a retail business that cost more than my first house! I had no money left over once I opened to pay the bills and was relying on making sales. What I did know was with absolute certainty that I could make it work and I did.

    At times my confidence has been knocked and being a student of Beyond Freedom Evolution has reminded me to “count my wins” as many times I have taken a risk and things panned out.

  15. Lee Anne B says:

    Congrats Karen, it can take a BIG risk to kick us out of our comfort zone and to really make as do what is required to create success. Beyond Freedom Evolution has taught me that as scary as taking a risk is, regret is scarer.

  16. Lee Anne B says:


    We are into 2015 now and we have a New Call Schedule to get us started.

    Change is as good as a holiday right? So it is time for a new DMO (Daily Method of Operation). I have now booked all the new call times into my diary and moved around my other appointments etc to fit this.

    Making sure I get on as many of the live Polaris Global training calls as I can has always been high on my business priority list. Then of course, if I am on a plane like I will be this week, I will catch the recording as soon as I can after the call.

    Having a strong DMO is a big key element for creating success, so start your year off right and get organised. Book in the calls, book in your personal appointments and commitments and book in your six daily activities for success. You will find the more organised you are the more time you will have for FUN. Be sure to book in FUN things to do also – just as important.

    Have you set-up your new DMO for 2015?

  17. Lise R says:

    I agree Lee Anne – a strong DMO is essential for creating success in any business, especially my Polaris Global business. I have not been able to get onto all of the calls live this week as I have family visiting, but I have listened to each and every recording to make sure I am on track and up to date!

  18. Jan S says:

    I have set up my new DMO and am amazed at how much more in control I feel. I love the new Polaris Global call schedule as it frees up my time in the mornings. I feel much more able to fit in my exercise,time on Beyond Freedom Evolution, meditation and my USA calls (all of which I like to complete in the mornings. Great changes Shane & Rachel Krider!! Thank you.

  19. Joylin B says:

    Thank you Lee Anne for the CALL to ACTION in creating a strong DMO in 2015!

    My new intention in the New Year is being committed to my daily Yoga and Meditation practice.
    Bringing positive intentions with excersise + oxygen into my brain first thing in the morning creates a strong mental space for me to begin the 6 DAILY activities for success.

    Love the POLARIS DMO (six daily activities for success.) Its is a genius formula for success!

  20. Tamara W says:

    Agreed, having a strong DMO is a key for success. For 2015 I have set myself up for success by creating my own day timer pages that include the Polaris Global six daily activities to success!

  21. Cheryl W says:

    I have to admit, when I initially reviewed the Polaris Global Business, the thought did cross my mind. I am not an online shopper per say, so sending money to an unknown business was a little scary for me, But as I further researched the business and got to know LeeAnne more via email, my mind was eased. Now… taking the courses and moving forward with my business, I am excited for the changes to come in 2015. I am so thankful for LeeAnne and her patience and understanding. This is a completely new adventure for me and I am out of my element but I feel exhilarated. I have resigned from my employment and decided to take on my new business with full focus and dedication. So thankful to have been given this opportunity with Polaris Global.

  22. Karen L says:

    Yes I have Lee Anne. I am taking a leaf out of your book and getting myself more organised. I have all my running comps in the diary with races for those days, organising personal appointments in advance so I can book in my Polaris business calls around this. Loving the new call schedule!

  23. Helen T says:

    Done my new daily schedule with the new training call times, making my calls, research and placing ads, Beyond Freedom and time for exercise, cooking healthy meals and getting out for fun. I am feeling much more in control of my day now. I have decided to focus on 2 main goals and am visualizing these before sleep at night.

  24. Leoni B says:

    My DMO is set, all colour coded and a time limit attached to each task. On purpose and in control. It feels fantastic. I wish I partnered with Polaris Global years ago. I would have been so much further in life!

  25. Kimberly says:

    I am slowly getting the hang of my DMO and doing much better than I have in the past. Having 2 young unpredictable children can make it a little challenging so I book set times for things that need set times and then I have a to-do list that I tick of throughout the day to ensure everything gets done. I have been on track with this for 2 weeks now and loving it. Polaris Global has certainly helped me organise my life a whole lot more.

  26. Lee Anne B says:


    Thank you to Simon and Kirsty for a wonderful Polaris Global team call this week. They talked around one of my favourite topics and something I have really learned to love over my Polaris Global journey.

    I used to be so scared of getting out of my comfort zone before starting with Polaris Global. I used to strive to be comfortable. Little did I realise back then was there is no standing still. In life we are either evolving or dissolving and being in the comfort zone for too long, I was slowly heading in the wrong direction (which I would suddenly realise when I was smacked in the face with a HUGE adversity).

    I am so glad that through my Beyond Freedom Evolution learnings I am now consistently taking myself out of my comfort zone and it is enjoyable (sometimes a little scary,) and I find the BIG Adversity I used to find myself in, has become a lot smaller and doesn’t affect me as much anymore.

    Success doesn’t happen in the comfort zone, it happens when we are growing and learning and getting uncomfortable.

    When have you jumped outside your comfort zone and something amazing has followed?

  27. Lise R says:

    I completely agree Lee Anne – success and everything worthwhile happens outside of our comfort zone. Before beginning my journey here with Beyond Freedom Evolution, I lived in a little safety bubble, afraid to try anything new. Now, I am loving the idea of taking on new ideas and trying new things!

  28. Lee Anne B says:

    Me too Lise, before Beyond Freedom Evolution I was definitely in a safety bubble too. Glad to have bursted that bubble and to be swimming freely now

  29. Karen L says:

    Hey Lee Anne, many times recently I have jumped outside my comfort zone and as a result, amazing things are flowing my way. Love it. When I started with Polaris, I realise how small a comfort zone I was living in and Beyond Freedom Evolution has really assisted me to step out and that’s where the magic is!

  30. Lee Anne B says:

    Wonderful Karen 🙂 The magic is exploding since starting my Polaris Global business that is for sure

  31. Lee Anne B says:


    “Everyone wants to change, but no one wants to be changed.”

    Shane Krider, on a recent Polaris Global training call, was talking about how everyone wants to change but no one wants to be changed.

    I can totally relate to this and have experienced this myself so many times in the past. I was the person who would wish and want for things to change. I would continue to do the same thing day in and day out but expect a miracle to deliver a different result, at least until I came across Personal Development (and mainly Beyond Freedom Evolution).

    My life was never the same again. I realised that wanting to change was not enough, I had to make the decision to change and take new bolder, riskier, bigger actions (different from before) to create the change.

    Once I learnt this, I then attempted to change the beliefs and thoughts of those around me, that was a battle I never won. As people do not want others to change them, they don’t need others to change them. They too need to decide they want to change and make the change themselves. Such a simple yet powerful lesson to learn.

    Have you ever tried to change someone that didn’t want to be changed?

  32. Karen L says:

    For sure Lee Anne without success. Beyond Freedom Evolution has taught me to accept people as they are or move on. People will only change, if they want to change.
    One powerful concept I learnt from the Polaris communtiy is as you change yourself, you start to see others in a different light and can approach things from a place of love and gratitude which can make the world of difference.

  33. Lise R says:

    Yes. I am married to that person 🙂 What I have found through my Polaris Global journey is that the best way to affect change is to be it. When I want something to change in a relationship I lead from the front demonstrating what I want. Works like a charm!

  34. Lee Anne B says:

    That is the key Karen. We need to accept people as they are and be the best we can be to help them see a possible better way for themselves by demonstration

  35. Lee Anne B says:

    Absolutely Lise, You are a shining example of BE-ing that is for sure xx I love the Polaris Global community

  36. Lee Anne B says:


    Another very simple but powerful topic from Shane Krider on a recent Polaris Global training call. The learnings I love the most are the most simple ones.

    Just like Shane, I too have been on a Media Fast now for a long while. I just refuse to fill my mind with negative media from the News, it makes me feel sad and depressed.

    Shane talked on the call about ‘what we put in is what we put out’. So if you are filling your mind with sad news, negative news and things happening around the world, does that not take up space and take over your mood? I know that I feel on a total lower vibration after watching or listening to the news.

    I can honestly say that my vibration and results in my Polaris Global business have increased since being on a Media fast. It means I am keeping my vibration high and I am only putting in positive things, because I want positive things out! I’m sure you’re the same.

    I challenge you to take a Media Fast, who is with me?

  37. Karen L says:

    I am Lee Anne and have been for some time. On Saturday night I went out for dinner and someone mentioned on the news people getting attacked and she was trying to put it out of her mind as she had to walk back to her car. I said I don’t watch the news and her reply was “good idea.”
    Since being in the Polaris Global community I have become very selective as to who I spend my time with and what I spend my time on. I am not interested in negativity or gossip and people have learnt not to bring it to my door, which is great.

  38. Lee Anne B says:

    Great one Karen, glad to hear. My life is so much happier without watching the news. I would rather listen to more Beyond Freedom Evolution or a Polaris Global training call then watch the news x

  39. Lise R says:

    I am already there Lee Anne. Since beginning my journey here with Polaris Global, Jeremy and I have cancelled our cable as well as our newspaper. I refuse to let bad news bring down my vibration.

  40. Lee Anne B says:

    Great one Lise, I am yet to get Andrew on board re the no Media, but I know he will come around soon x

  41. Lee Anne B says:


    So many times in life we can make something a THING when really it isn’t. A great example is when you are working your Polaris Global business and you have a few really great months in a row and then you may have a month that is a little slower.

    You may then start to focus on the month being slower and start to worry and work out what is going on? You then take your focus from the goal and start focusing on finding a solution for a problem that does not exist. Then the thing you are trying to avoid starts to happen more and more because you are focusing all your energy on it. I know because I have been doing this myself lately. I was making it a thing. And it is NOT a thing.

    I am so grateful for the Polaris Global community and our amazing training calls to get me back on track and focusing on the right things. I have made a decision that from this point on I will not be making things I don’t want A THING.

    Have you ever made something into a THING that you didn’t want?

  42. Helen T says:

    Thanks for sharing about this Lee Anne. This is something I have had to become more aware of since joining Polaris Global. My mind can easily start running on a worry track, focusing on the very thing I do not want. Thankfully, with awareness, it seems to take less time now to recognize when I am going down that old track and interrupt it and re focus on what I do want. Perfect example for me is my weight gain. I started gaining weight for the first time in my life when Menopause started and boy have I made it a “thing”! Of course, that has not helped me change it, really just kept it going. Now I am choosing to put my energy into health and balance. I have been using affirmations specifically for thyroid health etc.

  43. Lee Anne B says:

    Your welcome Helen, It is something I have learnt since joining Polaris Global too, even though I know it, I tend to still do it. I am getting a little better at it, just a learning process

  44. Lee Anne B says:


    I really loved last week’s Polaris Global team call thanks to Rachel and Kirsty. I loved it because as Kirsty mentioned on the call, I am that Tally Girl; I have a little book I keep all my tally’s in like how many leads I’ve spoken to, how many people I’ve put through the system etc.

    Kirsty showed everyone some great ways to keep track of the different aspects of their business. If you missed the call, be sure to catch the recording, it is one not to be missed.

    I love how Kirsty described her Polaris Global business as a Business in a Box. It is so true, the Polaris Global business is all ready to go, you just have to get started, plug into the system and add your own personality. Bam.. you have a business!

    The first thing to do when getting your business up and running is to structure your Marketing Plan – Choose name, set-up webpage and follow the training.
    When going through Guerilla Marketing you want to listen to one video and then, learn apply, learn apply with each video after that. One thing at a time.

    You then want to make sure you are keeping your tallies and statistics because if you don’t know what is working you won’t know what to change and what to keep. It is really important to keep your statistics from day one.

    What was something that you learnt on the call that you are going to implement into your business?

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