January 9th, 2014 by Amy Adams

How Polaris Global products changed my money habits

Posted by Lee Anne B

Changing my Money Habits LeeAnne Bartlet

I used to be the type of person who loved to spend money I didn’t have. I easily could rack up thousands of $$ of Credit Card Bills, Home Loans, Personal Loans, Car Loans.. and the list goes on. I would never save for a rainy day and worst of all I owned a business and I never put away my tax or business costs needed.  Funds were never available at the end of the month to pay the business bills.

I remember at the end of each month being in tears wondering how I was going to pay the bills and then draw a wage for myself (which, in the end, most of the time I didn’t). It was awful. I would then have to arrange more loans and more credit to pay the bills. It was not a very happy way to live. As you can imagine I was highly stressed and not a very happy person to be around.

By using Beyond Freedom Evolution and attending our Live Events (Sovereignty in particular) I have learnt new and effective money habits. This is exciting for me. I am in control, I am happy when the bills come in, the money is available. I no longer have huge debts, big loans and huge credit card statements hanging over my head (I actually now pay my credit card off at the end of each month without fail!)

I have learnt to respect money, I have learnt that money can cause a lot of pain, but also a lot of pleasure. I choose to use it for pleasure now days and aim to keep it that way.

Learning how to manage money has been one of the biggest WINS I have achieved through the BFE program, Sovereignty Live and knowledge gained from other successful business owners in this, our safe harbour community. I am so very grateful for this.  I plan and promise to pass on this learning and knowledge to as many others as I can.

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  1. Elizabeth R says:

    Please continue to blog about this Lee Anne! This is not an area I have transformed YET but it is a goal for 2014.

    I love what you said about enjoying the bills – knowing there is money to pay them. This is actually one part of what I set for myself inside this financial goal.

    I have also been guilty of being a spendthrift!!!! In the past it was always about having it NOW, even if that meant racking up credit card debt to get it. I am still in the middle of the impact of that! And I don’t like the feeling anymore.
    I am using BFE to see things I haven’t seen before, find pathways to different choices around money (and my relationship with it), and have seen some results already. I now respect money and what it provides including the different ways it provides for us. For example in the past I could only see it as a tool for spending. Now I see it as an access to my future self, to longevity, saving, retirement, philanthropy, excitement and joy.
    BFE also teaches us that the journey is often the best part, not the destination. I am in the middle of my journey (or at the beginning, but no matter) towards financial freedom and I am VERY uncomfortable here. But as I devour the lessons and complete the exercises, something shifts EVERY TIME.
    I get myself into a panic sometimes that I haven’t got time to pussy-foot around because I am 50! But really, SO WHAT????? As long as I learn new money skills, keep learning, and keep learning, and keep learning…..and celebrating each small win instead of beating myself up that it isn’t a BIGGER win, then isn’t THAT the point?
    I am so incredibly grateful that I have been given the opportunity to transform this area of my life with BFE on my side, instead of taking my bad money habits to my grave.
    I will continue to work on this and share about my experience, expecting to reach my goal destination by August.

    Thank you Lee Anne for leading the way and for presencing the importance of Sovereignty.

  2. Lee Anne B says:

    Hey Elizabeth,

    I sure will Elizabeth as it has been a huge change in my life in so many ways. I agree it is never a destination and it is always a journey. The thing I love though is that the journey becomes alot more enjoyable. Age really doesn’t matter 50 is the new 30 (isn’t that what they say?) Looking forward to that journey with you. See you at the next Sovereignty xx Cruising Asia

  3. Sarra HW says:

    Oh, I did get a laugh out of that, Lee Anne!
    I’m the opposite. I’ve never put things on credit, always saved up for things, scarily careful with money. NOW, since starting with Polaris Global, I’ve got the biggest credit card debt I’ve ever had!

    I’m so determined to qualify and get going I’m spending to do so. I stepped WAY outside my comfort zone to get going. But I don’t see it as a bad thing. It won’t be a habit for always. It’s a means to an end. Hopefully the end will justify the means!!

    Yes, it’s all about the journey, so happy travels!

  4. Andrew B says:

    Sarra, your investment in this Polaris Global opportunity along with your persistence, your learning and your effort will pay you big dividends. Well done.

  5. Gary W says:

    I am currently finding the same paradigm shift happening naturally through studying BFE it’s been quite amazing
    that my thought process is evolving to think this way. It has never happened before. I am also determined to qualify and exited with my new future.

  6. Alex F says:

    Love the blog Lee Anne! I too was the biggest spender ever before coming to Polaris. BFE and the Sovereignty content sure has helped me understand money and have a better relationship with it. My biggest take aways from Sovereignty was understanding what Keeping Up With The Joneses is and that money is for building bridges to the future.

    Sarra, Andrew is right on! As I had so much debt before coming here, I couldn’t afford to take anymore on but my vision was bigger than circumstance. So I got into more debt to get out of debt. Happy to say that with my commitment to results, I’ve made that investment back and more. You’re on the right path Sarra. Be committed to growing yourself and your business and success will follow!

  7. LC says:

    fantastic stuff!

  8. Lee Anne B says:

    I agree with Andrew Sarra, best investment you could have ever made for yourself. Gary glad you are on the journey, the future is bright for sure, make sure you have some good sunnies x

  9. Louise L says:

    Sarra, you and I are twins! Lee Anne, thanks for sharing so honestly. I had to look at how to manage my funds since coming here and I overcame some pretty conservative influences, inside and out. I listened to the Sov recordings and I can’t wait for the next live event in 4 weeks. Shane is as wise as he is wealthy. If we manage to do half of what he says, we’ll be so much better off. But, me, I’ m going for the whole enchilada!

  10. Pam B says:

    Will look forward to many more blogs on this subject.

  11. Darryl M says:

    Great post Lee Anne, I am looking forward to building my wealth so that I can help more less fortunate then ourselves. This has always been my aim and it sometimes help to keep me building, as I never seem to be able to help enough people.

  12. Kimberly B says:

    great write up, I am sure that many will be able to relate. Especially living in such a materialistic society these days.

  13. Lee Anne B says:

    Thanks for the comments Kimberly, Pam, Darryl and Louise (loved your share)

  14. Berni I says:

    Good one Lee Yes respect & control can bring abundance of money

  15. Mike D says:

    debt is only money you’ve spent beyond your means, and sometimes it is a necessity, it is when the debt becomes unmanageable it will become an issue, i’m right there now, but hey, so what, with the help of Polaris and Beyond Freedom Evolution it’s not going to hold me back in 2014.

  16. Lee Anne B says:

    Thanks Berni for sure

    Mike yes I have been there so absolutely, Letting nothing hold you back is the attitude, Just keep asking yourself the question “What else can I do?” You are on the right path so back that up with massive action and you are there x

  17. Lee Anne B says:


    Polaris Global has a lot more than an awesome and extremely generous compensation plan. It offers a way for someone to totally change their life in all regards.

    Here are some key benefits that a Polaris Global a distributor can achieve in their business.

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    The other awesome thing about Polaris Global compensation plan is that you are not reliant on thousands of team members in your team all making sales to make you a great income. You make a sale today and you make the profit today complemented by points 3 and 4 above.

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    What are some of the benefits you love about the Polaris Global compensation plan?

  18. Berni I says:

    Good one Lee.
    Living below your means is a key!

  19. Pam B says:

    Managing money with the BFE programme has brought stability and strength to my finances. The benefits shown through Polaris Global are the best value for money I can think of.

  20. Lee Anne B says:

    It sure is Berni, who would of thought, so simple and yet so powerful. So glad I went on our last Polaris Global and learnt this first hand. Now I know for myself x

    Wonderful Pam, I agree Polaris Global has taught me so many many things which have totally changed my life