October 19th, 2015 by Amy Adams

Is your signature visible and legible?

Posted by Bart

If everything we touch we leave our signature on, is your signature visible and legible? When you think of your signature as a record of your influence then with each stroke of the pen we leave a trail of impact. Positive or negative, legible or illegible, our signature is there. bartPic181.jpg

Think for a moment of all the places you have left your signature. Look at your family, your work, your friends, your social media exchanges, and your casual interactions. Each of these is but one pixel of your signature. That pixel, as with true art, combines other pixels and creates a masterpiece. Is this masterpiece something that is revered for ages or will it collect dust in the attic?

When you consider that everything you touch you leave your signature on, it begins to raise your level of awareness as to not only the person you are but also the person others perceive you to be. Just as no one signs your signature quite the way you do, your signature is a form of sensation. That sensation, though room for interpretation, becomes your trademark.

Some signatures are precise, some ‘old-school’, some artistic, some eclectic, and some only primary print. But isn’t this what creates the artistic beauty of our earth? Remember, without ‘art’ earth would only be ‘eh.’

Take a look at your signature through the influences of everything you touch. Is that the message you want to convey? Is that the person you see every morning in the mirror or is that the signature of someone you would not befriend?

An interesting paradox may be created or a lifelong parable; a legend in the making. What is your signature?

4 Responses to “Is your signature visible and legible?”

  1. Louise L says:

    Very helpful Bart especially in relation to the Breakthrough Branding System training we are studying. It goes very deep this stuff- don’t know if I can quite grasp it yet!

  2. bart says:

    Superb, Louise!!!!

  3. Lorraine says:

    I am mega grateful to you Bart. What has come up for me after reading your blog is a poem that was presented to me at my going away party that I’d like to share with you about signature / identity.
    Lorraine, all partings are sad and we don’t
    want to see you go
    In life, whatever our hands touch
    we leave fingerprints
    On walls, on furniture, on door knobs,dishes, books
    there’s no escape
    As we touch we leave our identity.

    Lorraine, you have touched our lives here at
    Anne Maree Court and left heartprints
    Heartprints of compassion, of understanding,
    joy and love
    Heartprints of kindness and genuine concern
    and we want you to know
    Your heartprints will always remain with us
    long after you have gone

    Lorraine, we the staff and residents want to thank you
    for your kindness to us
    Always challenging us to give our very best.
    Thank you for encouraging us to be passionate
    about the task we are doing.
    Thank you for sharing our lives.
    Thank you for stretching our thinking, for
    Enlarging our understanding of service to the elderly and
    also for disturbing our complacency.
    You directed and guided us to make Anne Maree Court
    a heaven of caring hearts.
    When I read this, my goal was to turn Anne Maree Court into something extraordinary and this happened over a 3 years period. The staff were perfect with the tools, education, positive attitude and discipline

  4. bart says:

    That is MAGNIFICENT!!! What a beautiful tribute and so full of poignant messages. Our fingerprints and heartprints are so much more than what many recognize. They can last for ages and inspire so many. You have certainly impacted many and left a print what will motivate and inspire.

    I just love this community for shares much as yours. Through my 2015 journey, I opened myself up to infinite possibilities. The result has been interactions with MOD Squad members such as you and how those relationships have inspired me to work on my two books and to get back on the speaking circuit. When you touch lives, such as you have, your passion becomes the power for many.

    Congrats on your wins, on being you, and for taking the time to share!!!

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