August 22nd, 2015 by Amy Adams

It would be so different if I did not procrastinate

Posted by Caroline B

I started thinking back over my life in the last 10 years or so and things could have been so  different if I did not procrastinate. Thing is you just have to think about things that could of been so much different if you just made a decision sooner (not forgetting about the lesson that I now have learnt because I did not)

To cut a long story short last week on a training call I realised that I am a procrastinator.

Glad that I did not procrastinate and got up to walk that morning.

The day after my wake up call I did not hesitate to get out of bed to go for a walk and I’m so glad that I did.

I’ll share with you just a few things from my 1/2 hour walk.

As I set off for my walk at 6am in the morning I did not take so much notice that it was a very foggy morning as I was turning the corner it was very eerie that the fog was nestled down the valley over the hills.

My walk takes me down the road up a incline down a hill and then up another incline. As I was travelling along the road there was a very crisp clean feel about the air around me.

Normally on my walk I would see a few horses, ducks, maybe a kangaroo or two, and also a miniature horse.

On this morning I felt that I had walked back into yesterday era, it was as if the valley had been taken in time.

As I walked back after reaching the end of the road and turning back there was a white horse and its mate a miniature horse standing at the edge of the fence, but I did not see them on the way down, its like the were covered in fog only moments ago.

Then I came across a old cattle loading dock that had taken me back in time, I know that this had been there all the time when I walked but this particular morning it was like the fog had been lifted and I could see the beauty around me.

Up the road as I travelled along I could not see the top of the hill even that it was only metres away, this is when another eerie feeling come over me.

Fog kept on moving along with me and until I reached what I call the summit the fog lifted only for a moment or two.

There was another eerie feeling coming over me that the fog had taken the hill that I had already travelled down not knowing what was on the other side.

The ducks were not even making a sound it was like they were under instructions to keep the noise down.

Another property they have a couple of fires ready to go for a family gathering, the fires are all stacked up to form a peak, something that not everyone knows how to do these days.

There’s a few horses up the road and one was watching me, and it was like he had come down to say “I’m watching you to see are you ok” or on the other hand was he saying please keep a eye on me.

I know it’s been a long story but the thing is what I did experience that morning I would not experienced if I was still in bed Procrastinating about going for a walk.

Stop procrastinating and enjoy your time on this planet as you have very little time.


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  1. Lise R says:

    Beautiful share Caroline. I agree, I never regret the things I get up to do, only the things I don’t do. A drama teacher of mine in high school use to encourage to use the phrase, “Yes, let’s!” as often as we could to provoke activity and participation in life, I have always remembered it.

  2. Kym K says:

    Great message Carolyn, procrastination is certainly a dream stealer, good for you for seeing through the fog and seeing more clearly.

  3. Peter W says:

    Great blog Carol….it is amazing something we get anything done, especially when we find ways and reasons to to move forward…it is great to learn how to control this….

  4. Carrie M says:

    Wonderful share thanks Caroline! I felt like I was on the walk with you. Truly magical! What’s coming up for me, is in your openness to new experiences and whatever came across your path on your walk, was perfect. x

  5. Caroline B says:

    Great to see that you like my Blog and a special thanks to Carrie M that you thought that you were on the walk with me, it gives me more inspiration to write more blogs. I don’t write enough blogs and that inspires me to write more blogs thank you.

  6. Caroline B says:

    Taking in what you are leaning

    Somedays we can hear what we are being taught, but if we don’t have our listing ears on it just won’t sink in (thanks to KM son have your got your listing ears on mummy)

    My thoughts on how to take things in.

    Turn everything else off when you are listening
    Take notes
    If it is a recording stop and start it as many time that you have to to hear what the person said
    Live take quick notes and the go back and go over the recording, I bet you get something different out of it the second time
    Write a blog about what you have heard it will sink into your mind a lot more
    Take action on what you have learnt
    Set goals on the new things that have triggered inspiration in you

    It only takes a brief moment for inspiration

    I have often thought to myself no I wont go for that walk this morning

    I don’t want to go for a walk this morning i’ll have a day off
    Its much nicer in here in bed
    Too cold out there
    Im too tired
    I will be late for work if I go for a walk
    You probably be late even if you don’t go for a walk
    I will go for a walk when I come home
    Tomorrow is another day I will go for a bigger walk tomorrow
    No one is expecting me to walk with them

    I have use those excuse and so many more then biggest thing is that we have to have that goal what ever it is, other wise we can not create that inspiration to do something.

    As silly as it sounds I wanted to draw with felt pens and colouring pens (doodling art) (Abstract Art) and today I bought myself a sketch book and started my abstract art, It only too one moment to get inspired to buy a sketch book to do my drawings in. But this has taken my some time to get motivated to start back my hobby. I had made some many excuse to take time out for myself. One moment in a meeting (thanks to PO said she once had a conversation with Jim Rohn) you have to work harder on yourself than you business. I can remember this as she said it yesterday even tho it was about 3 – 4 years ago.

    Inspiration only takes one moment we just have to open to be inspired.

  7. Peter W says:

    Great blog Caroline, after 4 years of way too many challenges, in September I decide to roll the up and put them in on the bottom shelf..(they still have to be sorted) but it is time to prioritise what gets seen and done more.

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