July 18th, 2016 by Amy Adams

Just follow ‘the recipe’

Posted by Ann-Maree M

‘The Recipe’ has been featuring throughout my year and while this isn’t about cooking, it’s the metaphor I chose back in February when I was doing a presentation to a talented group of creatives.
At the time I was creating a context about delivering a consistent service to delight the customer, yet protect the experience to be personal and authentic.Untitled-1

I’m part of the professional salon industry and the ongoing challenge is to inspire a group of up and coming stylists to develop their communication skills to surprise and delight the person paying for the service. It’s a perpetual ‘work in progress’ and as some people progress in leaps and bounds, others take their time or hang back, then there’s the new people joining the team.

Have you experienced that defining moment when the thing you’ve been working on with others comes the full circle and meets you to deliver the same lesson? That’s me. I now feel like the fielder in baseball preparing with the gloved hand out stretched, to catch the ball coming from some great height. I got it!!

You see, I created word tracks to help the young stylists have a conversation with their clients, who more often than not, are older. We know how powerful language is, impacting on the way another person responds to us. And as we experiment, we come to appreciate the tone, the pitch, the body language that creates the energy – the vibration that we know and value as posture. It’s very rewarding to see these young guys grow through their awkward stage to pop out the other side, like that’s all they know.

Over the weekend I received a gem into my emails with a link to a podcast about the ‘Secrets of Self Made Millionaires’. I listened to it twice over to focus on the message before I started taking notes. Early up was the reference made to ‘The Recipe’ which clicked with me through that word association.
That’s right – we ask a successful person how they created what they did, they tell us and we nod, write notes, get excited and then get into action. Or so we think. What can follow is frustration, becoming disheartened, procrastination, or throwing in the towel, never realizing that we’re just not following The Recipe.

The chef creating the amazing dish isn’t throwing in a bit of ‘this and that’ to deliver to us their signature dish. They’re exact just as my guys are when they’re mixing a colour to match the last one you loved.

My light bulb moment this week is this – I have been an expert at not following ‘The Recipe’ myself in aspects of my life. While I’m clear on what I want, I have taken shortcuts and then missed the precious gems hidden within. The sweetness in all of this is becoming aware, uncovering what was there all along. And indeed it sparkles brilliantly know that I’m ready to see it.

Shane and Rachel Krider self- made millionaires continue to deliver the Prosperity of Life Recipe. While the offering of products grows, ‘The Recipe’ to create success remains the same – ‘just follow the system’. It’s a simple approach yet easily complicated when the ingredients and the method are tampered with.

‘The Recipe’ underpins every aspect on what’s on offer with this extraordinary business. Starting with the 17 Day Personal Prosperity System through to the Master of Destinies Program and then the Live Events, each are building the foundations for success. The business systems are world class with training and support to shine the light on the path to being successful ourselves. The rest is up to each of us.

Since my return from Influence Live, I’ve had a breakthrough. To cut the excuses, surrender the nonsense and to be the person who follows what I have come to appreciate as – The Recipe.

Taking that second look, I’ve exposed gems previously overlooked and one by one, I’m collecting a bag of jewels. I’m leading and following, learning and teaching and then doing it all again and again.
As Shane Krider says – choose A to B – the direct path – that’s ‘The Recipe’.

3 Responses to “Just follow ‘the recipe’”

  1. kym k says:

    Anne Maree – I love the recipe analogy, as a commercial cook I have often related being successful to creating the perfect recipe for me. The right amount of action, fun and growth are all essential ingredients. I have learned and continue how to keep getting better and better at my craft.

  2. chrissy greig says:

    Ann-Maree- I love reading your shares you truly do have a gift. I have know you through our Prosperity of Life business now for several years and I can honestly say I can see an amazing change in you since you have returned from the Influence Life Conference. Keep on following the prosperity of life recipe.

  3. Ann-Maree M says:

    Kym as a commercial cook you definitely know the value of the recipe and love the addition of fun to the mix. That’s the intangible ingredients that make what we do just that little bit more special.

    Chrissie I’m having fun writing and it’s something I’ve said I wanted to do for years – thanks for the thumbs up. Being able to share freely within this ‘safe harbour’ community is freeing and empowering to do this everywhere in life. Just following The Recipe Shane, Rach and Greg provide so generously with the Prosperity of Life community works.