January 12th, 2014 by Amy Adams

Make a change with Polaris Global

Posted by Lee Anne B

Did 2013 Deliver What You Wanted?LeeAnne Bartlet

Did you notice I used the word wanted and not expected…? When I was thinking about the title of this blog.. I almost wrote expected and then realized that if you expected it…. it would have arrived.

So have you in the past year been able to tick off all the goals you had for 2013? If not, then why not? Was it because you had too many excuses as to why this didn’t happen and that couldn’t happen?

If we get really serious the reason we didn’t achieve our goals last year was because we didn’t expect them to happen and didn’t take the necessary action needed to achieve them.. hence our excuses.

Can you make that change in your mindset and really go for it in 2014 and make it happen?

Some of us will. Awesome (hats off to you)! But the sad thing is a lot of people won’t. Most will continue on their treadmill of life, doing the same thing over and over, but expecting a different result. (But we all know that if nothing changes, nothing changes – you can’t get a different result from doing the same actions.)

I would like to put this challenge out to you… and would love to hear your feedback. I am going to make it really simple. Pick 1 goal (only 1) and post it on this blog. By doing this you are stating to the world that you are going to do everything in your power and totally expect that this goal is going to become true for you in 2014. Go for it NOW!

24 Responses to “Make a change with Polaris Global”

  1. Felicity N. says:

    I am going to make Polaris my only job this year. That is going to happen when I reach the pattern of $15,000 a month, which I am on the way to doing.

  2. Gary W says:

    Thanks Lee Anne for a great post, my goal for 2014 is to be involved in Polaris full time working through all areas and enjoying every day for what it may bring.

  3. Lee Anne B says:

    Great Felicity & Gary.. I see you doing it xx

  4. Sarah W says:

    Great question – and 2 out of 3 achieved for 2013, meaning no excuses re: 2014 – I’ll make this happen!

    Using the ‘do it in threes’ rule, goals as follows:
    1. Clear incoming post on the day it’s received
    2. Hit my target weight for March 2014 – healthy weight loss rather than crash dieting
    3. Achieve a 3-plan for my business – nearly there, so keep on working

    Item 3 is the one which requires the most work where 3-per-day must be viable!!

  5. Amy Adams says:

    I do love a challenge! Oh gee… committing it to the world wide web is such a commitment… I better word it right! Hmmm… Okay. By the end of 2014 I WILL BE my ideal Future Self – trim, taught and a terrific mom, wife and friend. Good luck everyone with your goals. Love this concept Lee Anne. Keep up the good blogs!

  6. Elizabeth R says:

    The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result.

    That’s pretty much my story for 2013.

    For 2014 – goal is to run a marathon (42 kms). Did first training RUN today as regular walking doesn’t count.

  7. Darryl M says:

    Thanks Lee Anne – great concept!!

    “Stating to the world that I are going to do everything in my power and totally expect that this one goal is going to become true for me in 2014” – One Goal only – this is going to take some thought…………… – well here goes!!!


  8. Lee Anne B says:

    Great one Sarra, Amy, Darryl & Elizabeth xx Go for it!! You guys rock!

  9. Penelope D says:

    I am definitely on the Polaris “I WILL” team!

  10. Debbie S says:

    My goal for 2014 is to complete my BFE and be the best I can be!

  11. Mike G says:

    2014 is MY BEST year yet! Polaris IS MY answer. The learning, growing, the support! Since finding Polaris I now HAVE goals, always wondered what I want to be when I grow up………. How sad it took me to 53 to find no goals no achievements! Well this year I declare :
    1) Health will be on track
    2) My fitness will provide me the vitality and energy lost over the last few years
    3) I will be qualified
    4) I will have duplication
    5) 20k per month average while striving for 50K

    So many thanks and so much gratitude for that little add you placed. MY LIFE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME! xo

  12. Katie B says:

    To become a successful Polaris business woman & have great results from hard work & persistence within the company & achieve financial freedom!

  13. Adam B. says:

    My Goal this year is to work my business FULL time and Join the 50K club!

  14. Kim G says:

    Oh my goodness it feels like you wrote this pointing at me 🙂 I wanted to succeed in my Polaris business in 2013 but I kind of expected not too – CLEARLY I need to restart the BFE! I have shifted my mindset and this year I expect to be a success and my goal is to have Polaris as my primary income source by the end of the year.

  15. Lee Anne B says:

    Love the goals and shares everyone. Polaris Global is an awesome vehicle to get you there, alongside Beyond freedom evolution as the map. Kim, totally you need to be very clear on what you want and what you are affirming and make sure they are in alignment. I see you doing it Adam, totally. Love it Katie and see you doing it also. Love it Mike 🙂 awesome goals and totally achievable. Debbie & Penelope absolutely Beyond Freedom is the way

  16. Laith A says:

    I also feel like the naughty kid in the classroom and Mrs Bartlett pointing the finger.. Ha.
    I used to think that If I just put a few hrs in a day then I would achieve my goals.. But going through the motions without really focussing on my goals was akin to floating on a life raft in the middle of the ocean hoping to reach land, with only paddling a few hours a day..

    Goal 1) Get Qualified
    Goal 2) Dig my teeth into the BFE
    Goal 3) Join 50K Club.

    Thanks Lee Anne. Great Post and just the nudge I needed!!

  17. Lee Anne B says:

    Mr Anderson.. how dare you mock me LOL

    Your welcome Laith and love the goals, I think first step is sick teeth into BFE and get in massive action and the other 2 goals will work out as the flow on effect

  18. Mike D says:

    Thanks Lee Anne, I definitely took my eye off the ball towards the back end of 2013, but 2014 is mine for the taking.
    My goal is to focus on what I need to do and get qualified

  19. Lee Anne B says:

    Wonderful Mike, I am here to assist you, so feel free to connect via email and we can make a time to chat x

  20. Jan S says:

    My goal for 2014 is to receive a Rising Star Award by September. I am going to achieve this by taking better care of myself inside and out. I will concentrate on BFE on a DAILY basis and start exercising. I will concentrate on not being distracted by social media.

  21. Lee Anne B says:

    Great Goal and Great plan Jan xx you can do it for sure. I believe in you x

  22. Lee Anne B says:


    Since starting my business with Polaris Global I am no longer tied to my desk. What a relief. I am no longer having to brave the commute and traffic and dropping my children off to childcare from 7am till 6pm. Since joining Polaris Global I have more flexibility and portability.

    All I need to run my business is my phone and my latp-top (with internet of course.) I love that I can run my business from anywhere. Polaris Global has allowed me to get out, do more, see more and be there for the special moments with my children.

    WOW… and the most fun: I have been able to take my business with me overseas and not miss a beat! This means my income has also not missed a beat. Some of my best months have been while I have been away travelling the world!

    I am so grateful. I have taken my Polaris Global business to Whistler Canada, through Europe, on a Mediterranean cruise ship, to Tahiti, Las Vegas and the USA, Puerto Rico and Asia. I love this portability my business has.

    I also love that I can run my business from gymnastics while watching my daughters train, the car outside the school while waiting for the bell and anywhere else I choose.

    The biggest win I see by having a portable Polaris Global business is that I now have choices!

    What do you love about having a Portable Polaris Global Business?

  23. Kimberly B says:

    I love so much about the portability of our business model. It makes life flexible and so much less stressful.

  24. Michelle says:

    Mindset is everything.