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More Play Less Work with Polaris Global

Get out there and have some fun!

Get out there and have some fun!

Posted By Lee Anne B

How great does it feel to have well deserved time off? Even just a few days to go away.. unwind and relax. So many people never take that time out for themselves to reward their hard work. It is so important to really let yourself have some fun. Life can be really dull if all you do is work, work, work.

Since I have joined Polaris Global I have learnt that you need to have more fun in life; the more fun you have the better results you have in other areas of your life. Polaris Global has really enabled me to create a more enjoyable life.

You will find if you take a little time off to centre yourself, get back to your happy place, you will attract more happiness and joy into your business. Of course this inevitably converts into more sales in your business, meaning more money. It comes back to the Law of Attraction. If you are feeling tired, worn down and really not enjoying what you are doing anymore then you are attracting the same into your business… which means unhappy clients who won’t be happy no matter how far you bend backwards for them.

So even if it’s just once a week, have a small little thing that you do, or place that you go to totally unwind and let all your worries float away.  Maybe a swim in the ocean, a walk in the park, a massage, a facial or even dinner out with a loved one or the movies. Whatever it is, be sure to totally stop your mind, relax, soak it all in, even turn off your mobile phone if you need to. Just relax and refresh, ready to get back onto the job to start working towards that next goal.

You can think of this as a reward to yourself for the great effort you put in. Be sure to plan regular breaks for yourself to recharge your batteries.

Would love to hear your ideas on how you relax.. where you go, what you do?

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  1. Lee Anne B says:

    hahaha love it Helen, that is the best story i have heard on selling a car. Congrats to you, I am sure your son is very happy x

  2. Lise R says:

    Great post Lee Anne, so true – not everything goes according to plan, but isn’t that the fun part?! I love how random life can be at times and it always gives up the opportunity to step up and grow/learn more about ourselves.

  3. Jay R says:

    You are totally right on about this Lee Anne. Fun makes everything work so much smoother. I have found laughter to be a great help also which completely fits in with what you’re talking about here. I find if things are weighing me down, I look for something new that’s hilarious and have a good old laugh fest. Even if it’s for just 10 minutes or so it brings me back to a much happier and easier place where I can focus again. Having this organization of great people in Polaris Global sharing all their suggestions is so helpful. Thank you for the great post!

  4. Lee Anne B says:

    Yes that is totally the fun Lise, it makes life and business here at Polaris Global so much more fun

  5. Lee Anne B says:

    Great one Jay, Laughter is the best medicine they say. I agree having an amazing community of people like we do here in Polaris Global makes all the difference

  6. AMP says:

    FUN- we have all the mental faculties to experience it when we want it. As an achiever, I burn out if the task isn’t fun and there is no time for fun afterwards…can sometimes feel like im recovering from the day rather than creating the night. Except when I’m focused on my Polaris business, the one thing I ever found that would help Allow me to build a business on developing myself .and others …I’m in a happy place ! If you don’t stop and have some fun you can’t experience the emotional state of fun, so you don’t recognize it as clearly the next time…

  7. Lee Anne B says:

    I agree Anthony, when you love what you do and it is fun (like working my Polaris Global business) I don’t have to force myself to go out and have fun, when i am that focused and on purpose anything is possible

  8. Lee Anne B says:


    Kirsty & Heather talked about ‘How I feel about what people think about me’ on the last Beyond Freedom Evolution call for 2014.

    This has been a big learning for me along my Beyond Freedom Evolution journey. I would even go so far as saying it is one of my most powerful learnings and it really has changed my life in so many ways.

    I used to be someone who would always be looking for others opinions and always wondering what people thought of me and what they were saying about me and it really worried me. I suppose you could say I was trying to “fit in”. Soon did I realise I don’t fit in, and I really don’t want to fit in. I realised that what others think or say about me is really none of my business.

    I was spending way too much time and energy on worrying about others it was taking my focus off my goals. No wonder I was not hitting them.

    I no longer care about the opinions of others, I do not allow them to change my mind when I make decisions.

    The key for me was changing my perspective!

    How do you feel about what others think of you?

  9. Anthony P says:

    I’ve made a decision to stop working on Friday nights and getting on with dating my wife again..and I’m falling in love all over again…by the way, Friday night starts at 7pm EST, after I’m done with work and listened to the training…This is going to be so much fun!

  10. Helen T says:

    Fear of what others may think is a massive pattern in my family and therefore still is an issue for me which I am always working on. Like you, I realize I never did fit in and bent myself over backwards trying to. Gradually I am embracing my “weirdness” and seeing it as a gift of individuality, focusing on my strengths rather than on my perceived weaknesses. Each time I take a risk to share my vulnerable feelings (especially with family members who have been less than supportive in the past), empowers me to take more risks to be the real me. This for me is the Freedom part in Beyond Freedom Evolution. Being free to be me.

  11. Lee Anne B says:

    Great one Anthony 🙂 Having the balance in your Polaris Global business is very important that is for sure

  12. Lise R says:

    Since starting my Polaris Global journey, I have learned to let go of what other people think. I still have my moments, but am learning to only worry about what I think 🙂

  13. Lee Anne B says:

    Well done Helen, congrats for taking the steps to not fit in and leave the herd. Beyond Freedom Evolution is such an amazing life changing program, looking forward to so many more wins in 2015 for everyone.

  14. Lee Anne B says:

    Great one Lise, we can all have our moments for sure. Since joining Polaris those moments have been less and less which is great

  15. Anthony P says:

    All my life I always said I didn’t care what others thought, but I realize now that these words were a mask to hide the negative emotions I felt when I felt the rejection (an emotion I created and no one else did) associated with those others’ thoughts.

    When I allow my self the space to let go of what other people think, I go to a special place, which gives me all the space I want to think about the positive emotions that make me feel I am becoming more in tune with who I am, or to put it another way, I am perpetually becoming more of myself. My wife says I’m getting “stranger” by the day…And I say, “isn’t it nice to finally get to know me?”

    More and more, as I really get to work with the thought that I control the direction of my own thoughts and how I think about myself, I don’t even worry about what I think. Rather, I just acknowledge how the thoughts make me feel, and when it feels bad, I change the thoughts and get to feeling good!!

    This is where I go Beyond Freedom and forward to Evolution! Anyone else out there feel more like themselves today?

  16. Lee Anne B says:

    Well done Anthony. It is a great feeling that is for sure. Being able to be yourself and not worry about what others think x Beyond Freedom Evolution is an amazing tool that is for sure

  17. Helen T says:

    Hi Anthony. It takes real courage to make the internal changes you are making. This is what I believe Beyond Freedom Evolution is all about – it is going through the process of allowing ourselves to be true to our real self, rather than to continue to act out of the self we have believed we are (the self we built in order to survive physically and emotionally as a child). To be given permission and more importantly to give ourselves permission to be ourselves is the greatest gift and freedom. So many of us are so hard on ourselves and it is a relief to feel genuine compassion, kindness and forgiveness and gratitude towards myself. I used to beat myself up emotionally so much until I realized I had just taken up where others had left off. Now most of the time I choose kindness and understanding with myself.

  18. Karen L says:

    Another great post Lee Anne. I used to worry about what other people think and Beyond Freedom Evolution has taught me to know for myself, trust my intuition and let go of worrying about what others think.

  19. JodieC says:

    I still want to know what other people think, not sure that I care that much, but I do want to know.
    I have been thinking a lot about Christmas day and dealing in particular with one very opinionated – starts to talk louder and louder, to get his opinion across, uncle. I am both dreading the conversation about my new business and also looking forward to standing up for myself and turning his skepticism around.
    But in saying that I am also thinking, why do I care? I know its right for me. I love this company, I love the product, I still have a long way to go, and I know my road is a never ending learning cycle. I asked the universe for Beyond Freedom Evolution, it was delivered to me and it has given me everything I could have ever asked for, what others think doesn’t matter. All that matters is me and my opinion.

  20. Lee Anne B says:

    Great insight Helen, thanks for sharing x I love how powerful Beyond Freedom Evolution is on all aspects of life x

  21. Lee Anne B says:

    Wonderful Karen, knowing for yourself is important in being able to create what you want in life. Beyond Freedom Evolution has taught me this for sure

  22. Lee Anne B says:

    Exactly Jodie, you really don’t need to care what he thinks. Maybe choose not to discuss it with him x Just a thought. I would use the white light version of you that Shane Krider talks about in the 6 figure tool kit x

  23. Lee Anne B says:


    I’ve heard it said many times that ‘motivation comes from doing, not from waiting.’ In other words, sitting back and waiting for motivation to strike and move you into a new path is fruitless. Moving into a new path is the first step… and motivation then envelops you and you are off and running.

    A momentum is created, and once momentum is in play more momentum develops and more, and more, and more. Momentum is self perpetuating and this is a beautiful truth about the journey to success. The more momentum builds, the less energy it takes to make it happen. Sure, effort is required – there’s no getting away from the fact that consistent action is needed to create anything in life. However the beauty lies in the fact that momentum (ie. something momentous), as it builds and builds more and more under it’s own steam, frees up our energy to focus increasingly on money making or success making activities and efforts. We are literally swept along in momentum’s stream.

    I love this law of success. What law/s of success do you love?

  24. Helen T says:

    Love your words of wisdom about momentum. It’s perfect synchronicity for me. Just the other day I became aware of an underlying pattern for me of “waiting”. I found myself asking myself “what am I waiting for?” Procrastination, putting things off, feeling like some day my life will really be just “right”. I realized this was all fruitless, that it was just a result of me not appreciating myself or the life I already have now. It’s so insidious – this idea that “one day” it’ll all come together – but that makes for a pattern of deferring the enjoyment of life til some later time, which quite frankly never comes!
    I recognize that Polaris Global and Beyond Freedom Evolution is giving me the gift of self reflection I so needed, no, deserved.

  25. Anthony P says:

    If you build it, they will come… and some will leave!

    I’m fascinated by how my decisions to continue moving confidently in the direction of my dreams influences others (one way or another) to come walk with me anew, to stay with me, or quietly leave my circle of influence… Beyond Freedom Evolution has taught me to welcome the ones that come and joyously wave “good-bye” to those that leave!

  26. Lee Anne B says:

    What a wonderful realisation helen, congrats to you. You don’t get any thing that is truly amazing from waiting. You need to go out and do it, make it happen and build the stairs to get there if needed. Beyond Freedom Evolution is a powerful tool, so use it wisely

  27. Karen L says:

    So true Lee Anne. Sometimes it can take a lot of energy to get the momentum happening and from there, it is lift off and gets easier and easier. Beyond freedom evolution has taught me patience and to continue until…

  28. Jan S says:

    From when I first joined Polaris Global, the analogy of the aeroplane taking off has stuck firmly in my mind.
    I relate it to my own Beyond Freedom Evolution journey. I took off up the runway with enthusiasm but then aborted as I got in my own way. Each time I have attempted take off I have had the same results but each time I get a little further dow the runway. With the help of Beyond Freedom Evolution and tapping into the training calls with Shane Krider, Rachel Krider and all the wonderful Leaders and Community of the Polaris Global Community, I am learning to get over myself and clear the obstacles from my runway. It’s time to build that momentum, that power for lift off. I know that once I am in the air, there will be a few bumps along the way – but what a ride it will be. Thank you Polaris Global.

  29. Leoni B says:

    I heard a good saying once from Michelle Birdges. “Motivation is like a bad friend, never there when you need her. Just do it” don’ t think about it, don’t negotiate, just get on with it. And you are so right, once things start happening, boom, you’re motivated. Funny how things work.

  30. Lise R says:

    I love the concept of momentum Lee Anne. I see this play out big time in so many areas of my life as well as in my Polaris Global business.

  31. Lee Anne B says:


    Thank you to Rachel Krider and Pauline O for another great Polaris Global Team call this week. If you haven’t listened to it yet, I suggest you do so ASAP.

    They covered lots of things about the Network Marketing Industry that Polaris Global is involved in. I love that Polaris Global is a direct sales company and not MLM (multi level marketing).

    Did you know that there are more millionaires in network marketing than in any other industry?

    Starting in our business takes little money compared to a franchise or a traditional business.

    Everyone that gets started in Polaris Global has the opportunity to get to the top, nothing like MLM or traditional business where there are limited positions at the top.

    The Polaris Global business model allows you to truly leverage your time.

    We do not teach someone to market to their friends and family nor make a list of whom they know.

    The income potential in Polaris Global is the same or more than a doctor or a lawyer.

    Pauline and Rachel covered the ethical standards and “rules” of network marketing which are great to know. Be sure to listen to the call for more clarity.

    What was your favourite point from this week’s Polaris Global team call?

  32. Helen T says:

    Oh Lee Anne I loved this call! So much fantastic information about the network marketing business in general and also about how Polaris Global fits in. it gave me feelings of pride to be involved in such a company with the deep ethics and integrity behind it. I think the biggest point I really got is how wonderful it is to be all working together and cheering each other on – after all when we acknowledge the success of others in a positive way we are giving messages to the universe about success! That attracts more success and so on! it can be a win-win for all!

  33. Karen L says:

    Lee Anne, the training call was a great reminder as to the awesome business opportunity that Polaris Global is and it’s in a category of one.
    Polaris Global is a level playing field where anyone can become the top earner, there is no cold calling and harassing family and friends, yippee!. No cap on what you can earn and complete flexibility and freedom to run your business around whatever is important to you. Everything you can wish for and more.

  34. Lee Anne B says:

    Absolutely Helen, I feel the same way. I am so proud to be part of Polaris Global and the amazing community here x

  35. Lee Anne B says:

    You are right Karen we are all on a level playing field at Polaris Global which means you don’t need to be in the right place and right time to have success x

  36. Lise R says:

    I also loved the call Lee Anne. I have developed a real love for our industry and the opportunity that we are so fortunate to present here with Polaris Global.

  37. Kim G says:

    Lee Anne – great recap. I loved the call and it was a great reminder of the industry we are in. Polaris Global offers a great model that allows us to succeed in an authentic way. I also enjoyed the reminder on the industry etiquette.

  38. Lee Anne B says:


    Since joining the Polaris Global community I have had such a huge shift in the people I surround myself with. I have found my close circle of friends have become so much closer and so much more enjoyable.

    The conversations I have with the people I surround myself are also different. There are no water cooler conversations and I do my best to not have a poor me competition (you know the one) where something bad happened and then the next person shares something worse that happened with them.

    This change has played a huge part in me being able to create success in my Polaris Global business because my vibration has been on a whole new level.

    Surrounding yourself with the right people is so important. Start with being a part of the Polaris Global community – being on the calls, being at the Polaris Global events and you will see a change in the circle you surround yourself with, just from doing this.

    Are you surrounding yourself with the right people?

  39. Anthony P says:

    Since joining and participating in the Polaris Global Community and business, I actually find myself surrounding myself with people who are much older, or much younger. And that has always been somewhat true as I never really identified with most people in my age circles. And the conversations I have with people who have been my “close” friends, and by that I mean “close by proximity” rather than mutual interest, are much different, and more often they look at me funny, like “who are you?”

    Meanwhile, I am having more authentic and genuine relationships with others whom I have attracted through new ways of thinking, doing and being. There are some bright shining stars in my old herd – who I see have a lot of potential, but are not yet aware that they can choose to get out of their own way. Everyday I affirm to surround my self with loving, smart and attractive people (vibrationally not vainly) who only have the best intentions for our relationships.

    But mostly when it comes to my surroundings, I am open and curious to the lessons people offer me. I wonder what is the purpose, of the old relationships and what have I learned from those, and the new and what I can offer and receive from those. I don’t know, some say it’s all a big mystery. I say it’s a perfect circle 🙂 and round and round we go!!

  40. Karen L says:

    For sure Lee Anne. I have learnt this lesson from being a part of the Polaris Global community and choose my conversations and people to hang out with wisely.

  41. Lee Anne B says:

    Love it Anthony. Sounds like your participation in the Polaris Global community has expanded your outer circle too x Great one

  42. Lise R says:

    Yes, me too! Since beginning my journey here with Polaris Global I have really been monitoring the qualify of my conversations and see it having a huge effect on my results.

  43. Helen T says:

    I agree – associating yourself with people who are also conscious of the quality of their energy, makes a massive difference – it really helps me to stay awake and aware. This Polaris Global community is a fantastic resource to help lift us up to new heights – LOVE IT!

  44. Lee Anne B says:

    Wonderful Lise, great to hear. It totally is showing in the results you are achieving in your Polaris Global business. Congrats

  45. Lee Anne B says:

    Totally Helen, The Polaris Global community is amazing x Just like a family who support each other

  46. Lee Anne B says:


    Just do it, there is no try. So many times I will be speaking to a lead or a team member and they will say to me, “Ok I will give it a try.” I always stop and say, “You are best not to try, you are best to do it or not.”

    Stop over thinking and making excuses. Just do it!

    I know in the past before starting my Polaris Global business I would tell myself that I don’t have time to exercise or eat healthy. I would try a diet and try some new exercise routine but something would always come up and take me off track. Then I would try the next thing and next thing. Nothing would ever stick or work!

    I can now see the reason for this is I had not made the decision, I had not decided that I was going to make a change, I was just trying to make a change which is two totally different things.

    I am pleased to say that since working with Beyond Freedom Evolution I have made the decision to exercise and have been doing this consistently for years now and getting great results. I love how taking responsibility and DOING feels.

    What is something in your life that you need to just DO instead of trying to DO?

  47. Lise R says:

    I love this distinction and since the start of my Polaris Global journey I have replaced the phrase, “I will try” to “I will do my best!”

  48. Lee Anne B says:

    Great one Lise, we can totally see the results from this one action playing out in your Polaris Global business

  49. Karen L says:

    I just had a prospect this week email I wrote similar things back to him as to your blog. I said he had to just do it! If we over think, we go nowhere. Just take action. Love that I have learnt this with Polaris Global.

  50. Lee Anne B says:

    Love it Karen. Totally demonstrating your leadership in your Polaris Global business

  51. Leoni B says:

    Love this Lee Anne. I think it is from the book “Think and Grow Rich” where he says: “Do or Don’t Do, there is no try” I have learned to try is giving myself an excuse to fail. I have come a long way with my Polaris Global business.

  52. Anthony P says:

    I have always tried not to criticize. But, the harder I tried, the more I failed. Since joining Polaris Global, I still find myself criticizing from time to time, but I’m so much more of aware of how that actually makes me feel, and it isn’t a good feeling. Every morning I affirm to myself that I do not criticize. and that I am kind. What happens from there is magical. Wouldn’t you know, I get less and less criticism directed at me. Doing is so much more decisive than trying. Thanks for the reminder Lee Anne.

  53. Lee Anne B says:

    Great one Leoni, You sure have, it has been so wonderful to have you in the Polaris Global community

  54. Lee Anne B says:

    Your welcome Anthony. No one is ever perfect. So keep working on building the new habit x

  55. Shelley says:

    Certainly agree. Trying gives you a soft out. Doing is where the rubber meets the road. 🙂

  56. Anthony P says:

    Shelley, I didn’t even realize I wrote the word “tried.” I see where I was going wrong. The distinction is just not doing it and approaching everyone with love and compassion – which is really who I am 🙂 Polaris Global products and community have offered me the tools. It’s always up to me to use them. The more I apply what I learn in BFE, the more in touch I get with the world…

  57. Kym K says:

    Your blog reminds me of Yoda’s word – there is no try – I love that since working with Beyond Freedom Evolution I have taken “try” out of my vocabulary, I do how ever still notice the energy of “try” in my mind at times – the more I become aware of this the quicker I make a decision to do or not do.

  58. Lee Anne B says:

    Absolutely Shelley

    So true Kym, Yes it is all about making decisions all day through our life and while running our Polaris Global businesses.

  59. Lee Anne B says:


    Over my journey as an Entrepreneur I have learnt so much about the perfect balance when it comes to work and life. Being someone that is very driven (a woman on a mission) I can sometimes overstep the balance. I can get so focused on a goal (especially when it comes to my Polaris Global business), that I can over do it. How do I know when I have overdone it? It doesn’t flow any longer. It feels like I am pushing uphill. When I get to this point I know it is time to step back, refocus and have some fun.

    A perfect balance for me in my life and Polaris Global business is when I have lots of time with my family and friends. I have a consistent flow of leads coming into my Polaris Global business, I have consistent 3 way calls from my team and I have lots of time to work on myself with my Beyond Freedom Evolution. Everything is in alignment.

    When our life is in balance we feel like everything is just in flow, nothing feels overly hard, we feel happy, we feel joyous and this is the right vibration to create success in our lives too.

    I am so grateful for having found Shane & Rachel Krider 6 years ago now and for this amazing opportunity with Polaris Global and the program that has changed my life – Beyond Freedom Evolution.

    Are you getting the balance right in your life?

  60. Karen L says:

    Getting better Lee Anne. For me and one thing I have learnt from you, it’s about getting more organised so that I’m not wasting time and then have more time and better balance with my Polaris Global business.

  61. Lee Anne B says:

    Great one Karen, yes the more organised we are the more spare time we have to fun and to run our Polaris Global business

  62. Lise R says:

    Great topic Lee Anne and so spot on. I feel the same way in my Polaris Global business too. When I am having fun, the leads flow in, the sales flow in and the three way calls flow in. It doesn’t feel like work and I seem to get more done!

  63. Lee Anne B says:

    Wonderful to hear Lise, that is a great place to be in, in your Polaris Global business for sure

  64. Leoni B says:

    I guess I still have some way to go before I will feel the same. At least I know it is possible.

  65. Lee Anne B says:

    It is totally possible Leoni, you are on the right path with Polaris Global, you just are in building the foundation stage, it is a process.

  66. Kym K says:

    Great post Lee Anne – I just posted a blog on Power vs Force and when I get out of balance I start forcing things and like anyone the universe doesn’t respond favourably to force. Great reminder to ” relax and go with the flow”

  67. Lee Anne B says:

    Absolutely Kym, relax and go with the flow is the fastest way to the results we desire in life and in our Polaris Global business

  68. Alex says:

    Thanks for the post and reminder Lee Anne! Just like you, I sometimes get into ‘man on a mission’ mode and forget to go out and have fun… I guess it’s the conditioning from having a job and traditional business. I’m steadily learning though to be a man on a mission of fun! 🙂

  69. Lee Anne B says:

    A Man on a mission can be a good thing Alex. Fun is also very important to be included too in your DMO

  70. Anthony P says:

    I was just starting to be feeling balanced -and then my son was born-so this tipped the scale a bit 🙂 in a great way!
    I am tightening up my game even more now. But he’s the reason for Success in Polaris, so I am going to get the balance back. Later we’re taking him for a stroll in the neighborhood in the stroller we bought – that oddly enough- came in the color “Polaris”, so there is a good reminder to balance. This is how I know all IS well and things are working out as they should be.

  71. Lee Anne B says:

    Great example Anthony that the Universe with throw something at you to test how serious you are. Keep working on it, you are totally on the right path with your Polaris Global business

  72. Lee Anne B says:


    A Big thank you to Lise and Alison for an amazing Polaris Global Professional Marketer’s call a few weeks ago. Have just got back from travelling and reading over my notes from the call.

    Here are the key points from the call that jumped out at me:

    Disgust with ourselves, feeling awful
    Making a decision when back is to the wall
    Desire – It comes from the inside, It can be triggered from outside
    Resolve – do or die – I will – Nothing can stop me
    If you keep saying you don’t have the money, you are not going to look. You hold yourself back, bad habit, bad stories that get in the way
    It is not about the money, when you really want something you will find a way
    Until we learn the lesson and apply it, we are going to keep getting that lesson showing up in our life
    Not a wait and see business
    The decision to not make a decision is a decision
    Stay open to life and the opportunities coming in
    Don’t slow down, calm down and speed up

    I love that every single Polaris Global training call has so many elements we can take away and implement into our lives.

    What was your take away from this call?

  73. Anthony P. says:

    Great recap Lee. The point on resolve for sure. At this point, I’ve made it clear, because I continue to do the disciplines against all odds and time constraints, still gathering momentum after each setback, that this is going to work for my family and that I’m dedicated to this no matter what. Reinforcement of what I already believed strengthens my resolve further.

  74. Karen L says:

    It was a great Polaris Global marketing call. My take away was Alison saying if you think you don’t have the money, you won’t even look. You always have more money than you think. This is so true. Think about buying a car, a house etc and how often do you spend more than your intial budget and yet you always find a way to come up with more money than you intially planned on.

  75. Lise R says:

    Awesome recap Lee Anne and thank you – I absolutely love getting to host the Polaris Global training calls with powerful leaders such as Alison and yourself.