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My Higher and Lower Self with Beyond Freedom Evolution

Higher and Lower Self

Higher and Lower Self

Posted By Lee Anne B

The Beyond Freedom Evolution call this week was about one’s Higher and Lower Self. An awesome topic from our powerful Beyond Freedom Evolution curriculum.

I realise that like all people I have habits that need modifications. For me it’s over 30 years of them! Higher and Lower Self is therefore a topic I have been working on for a little while and one that I continue to work on every day of my life.

Prior to starting the Beyond Freedom Evolution program I was coming from my Lower Self 95% of the time! Because I was always highly stressed, angry and just not happy with my life, I would blame, create excuses for everything and be very argumentative with all around me.

I have learnt since working through the Lower and Higher self sections of Beyond Freedom Evolution that I can look at all situations in two ways. I can look at them from a place of lack and a place of self-satisfaction OR I can look at them from a place of abundance and a place of win/win.

It can take a big step back to realise that you are coming from your Lower Self, without meaning to, and to make a course correction to step up and shift the gears into to coming from your Higher Self.

I am looking forward to the day where my Higher Self is my new habit and my lower self is more of a distant memory. My thanks go to Beyond Freedom Evolution.

Do you have any examples of where your lower and higher self have been very prominent in your life?

344 Responses to “My Higher and Lower Self with Beyond Freedom Evolution”

  1. Adam B says:

    My thinking has been my downfall over and over again.. Way to much thought and over “anal”ising and not enough action has prevented me from creating what I actually want. This was a great call and it highlighted to me that I need to make theses shifts significantly faster in order to achieve what I truly want. Thanks Lee for the reminder..

  2. Lee Anne B says:

    Great realisation Adam, thinking never got us anywhere. ACTION ACTION AND ACTION. Take this strategy to your Polaris Global business and watch it explode

  3. Jane S says:

    I have suffered from severe depression and BFE has helped me get through this and in the right mind frame. Thank you Polaris Global and Lee Anne.

  4. Lee Anne B says:

    That is so awesome Jane, Congrats to you for applying your Beyond Freedom Evolution and making the changes required

  5. Karen L says:

    Great blog Lee Anne and most of my life my thinking has been my master. Beyond Freedom Evolution and the Polaris Global training calls have really assisted me with this. Now my thinking is more in alignment with where I want to go and also I have learnt the power of intention.
    Recently at a running competition, I got to the start line and felt tired and had a sore hip. I let my thinking go and just looked at the finish line and focused on this. I ended up running my fastest time in 2 years over 100m all because I focused on intention and not my thinking. It works!!

  6. Lee Anne B says:

    Wow amazing Karen, such a powerful example of how powerful our mind is. I know when I am doing training with my PT he tells me the same thing, stop thinking about your sore legs and focus on the goal x Love it. Beyond Freedom Evolution has really assisted me with this too

  7. Kimberly says:

    I have let my thinking be the master more times than I can count. However, this week I have had a few things to think about and one thing that popped up for me is that sometimes you need to learn to be able to let go of what is in order to make room for what is possible. We can sometimes set these ideals or how we at the time feel things should be and it can prevent us from creating what we actually want.

  8. Lee Anne B says:

    We sure can Kimberly, holding onto the past and the feeling of it isn’t fair it should be this way will not assist in moving us in the right direction. it is accepting what has been and moving on and changing it, creating it. The Polaris Global opportunity really has assisted me in achieving a life of my own design x

  9. Lee Anne B says:


    The Polaris Global Professional Marketers Call this week was talking about Attachment.

    When I first started my Polaris Global business I was like most people; extremely attached to every lead I spoke to. I would keep lists of those that had told me they were getting started and I would touch base with them regularly. I would also know who I spoke to and what they said and be excited to call them back a few days later because they were totally going to get started. Then when they didn’t answer on the follow up call I would be all disappointed and frustrated. Sound Familiar?

    I think this is something that most people go through, because when building your Polaris Global business you are going to learn some new things, especially learning how to market and generate enquiries. In this phase, when you are not completely in lead abundance you have time to be attached. So the easiest way to change this and fix the attachment issue is to generate that many leads you don’t have time to talk to them all.

    I got to the point where attachment was no longer an issue when I didn’t have time to worry about who answered on the follow up and who I spoke to 3 days ago. This is where your business really starts to explode and you start having people call you back from months and years ago that you don’t remember.

    What is something you can do today to lessen your attachment to your leads??

  10. Helen T says:

    Hey Lee Anne sounds so familiar! I think we attract the very situations we need to, to grow in whatever aspect we are looking to grow. I know for me I definitely came into the Polaris Global business with an “issue” around being attached to outcomes. Life is not peaceful when you are like this – I have tended to worry a lot, about just about everything. The truth is – we don’t have any control over other people’s thoughts, words or actions. I have to remind myself daily to let go and to TRUST! As Shane says Trust the Magic of the System! So I am putting my trust in the magic of the system.
    Definitely also noticed that as I have more leads, I can relax more and let go of thinking about every one and what will happen (or not). The other thing that has helped is to let go of trying to predict who will be interested and who won’t – been totally wrong many times and equally surprised. I want to be surprised and delighted – after all that’s what magic is all about.

  11. Lee Anne B says:

    Absolutely Helen, no attachment is the key. The best way to fix this problem is to have so many leads to speak to you don’t have time to be attached. This is the time when I have the most fun in my Polaris Global business and also have the best results. x Awesome Realisation

  12. Karen L says:

    So true Lee Anne. Non attachment has been a work in progress for me with my Polaris Global business and now when I call people for the follow up call, even if it’s just the day after the initial interview, I have to go back to my notes to remind myself of the comversation because I have just let it go from my mind. Doing more numbers is definitely the key!

  13. Lise R says:

    I love this topic and I have been loving our Polaris Global training calls recently on this subject. It took me a little while to get over this and I find the busier I am (in business and in my life) the less attached I am.

  14. Lee Anne B says:

    That is wonderful Karen, a great place to get to in your Polaris Global business when you can’t remember people without looking them up LOL

  15. Lee Anne B says:

    Me too Lise, it took me a long time to have no attachment to the outcome of the leads I was working with in my Polaris Global business x

  16. Lee Anne B says:


    The Polaris Global Alchemy call this week was another powerful call. I can’t believe we only have two calls left in Phase 1. I have however already signed up for Phase 2 and I am so excited for it to start. This week, Shane Krider talked about being Invested.

    In some areas in life there really are experts – they have distinctions they have learnt that serve them. In Polaris, we are all experts in communication.

    There are two different types of people:
    First person you can share your opinion and they are can snap out of their problems and change their lives.
    Other people will not let you tell them there is any kind of a solution. They will take a stand for their problem. They think it is someone elses responsibility, or some other external reason. These people are totally invested and the more you push the more invested they become.

    In other words, some people are totally invested in their PROBLEM and you can not change their mind.

    We are all invested in being right and looking good. Therefore, it is not my job to get them to see the bigger picture, I just need to plant a seed.

    Are you invested in something in your life?

  17. Karen L says:

    It was another great Polaris Global Alchemy call and yes i’ve signed up for phase 2.

    Recently I had a prospect very invested in being right and stuck in her problems. I planted the seed to assist her to see a bigger picture but she chose to stay stuck where she was.

  18. Lee Anne B says:

    Wonderful to hear Karen, looking forward to Polaris Global Alchemy Phase 2

  19. Lise R says:

    I am invested in the fact that I throw everything I have into what I do. I invest my time and energy into my projects and my goals. I am all in for the next round of Polaris Global Alchemy Training, bring it on!

  20. Lee Anne B says:

    Me too Lise, totally invested into creating success in my Polaris Global business. Can’t wait for Alchemy Phase 2

  21. Berni I says:

    acorns GROW

    GOOD ONE Lee & Shane Polaris Global

  22. Kym K says:

    Lee Anne I was invested for along time in my past failings and allowed myself to buy that excuse, through continuing to work on myself through Beyond Freedom Evolution and our wonderful training calls I know my future has nothing to do with my past. I also took up your Secret challenge and I am so grateful to be reminded of the law that attracts to me everything I deserve so focusing on my desires/my future not my past is having a fabulous effect. Thank you.

  23. Lee Anne B says:

    Love it Kym, congrats to you. Beyond Freedom Evolution has made a huge change in my life for the positive too

  24. Lee Anne B says:


    Having run my business here with Polaris Global for a long time now, I thought that I had the ‘keeping the emotion out of it’ down pat. I thought I was really good at keeping my emotions on track when working my business.

    Well how wrong was I? We are not perfect and I am the first to admit this for sure. In the last few weeks I totally let my emotions (from some bad news from a friend) affect my results in my business. I let the negative and sad emotions take control of my focus and I took my eye off the ball. It was just for a moment, but long enough to make a small hole in my results.

    Luckily, because of Beyond Freedom Evolution and the Polaris Global community I don’t usually find it hard to control my emotions. This has been a really great lesson for me in so many ways.

    I have pushed past it now and I’m really powering forward faster than ever.

    Have you, or are you, letting emotions get in the way?

  25. Leoni B says:

    I guess we are only human. But the great thing is we have the tools and the “know how’ to push through. Beyond Freedom Evolution has helped me to make peace with my past, get rid of the emotional baggage and to move on.

  26. Lee Anne B says:

    Exactly Leoni x It is all a process. That is why using your Beyond Freedom Evolution daily is so important

  27. Brianna says:

    great reminder Lee-Anne, I’ve never really been an emotional person or had much compassion for others. I do however get in my own bubble and beat myself up occassionally, I would always hide this emotion from others or at least try to. Thankfully BFE has brought me a lot of peace and calmness within myself.

  28. Lee Anne B says:

    Good thing to learn. I used to be a very emotional person, used to cry over nothing. Jayla my daughter is exactly the same. At least I know it is something I can change and she can too

  29. Helen T says:

    Being sensitive to sad events is something I see as a positive thing – it shows you possess compassion and empathy. For me it can tip over into sympathy and identifying with the “tragedy” of it all. This is where it is not so positive. It’s a definite skill to be able to feel compassion and empathy whilst also remaining detached from the drama. I’ve been given the opportunity to practice this a lot, with a son who has Schizophrenia, along with multiple suicide attempts and other dramas.
    As women, I think we have a heightened ability in this area, as well as hormonal cycles. I certainly don’t think it is weakness at all to experience these ups and downs – just opportunities to know ourselves and love ourselves through it all.

  30. Karen L says:

    I certainly have in the past Lee Anne and it has been a great lesson for me from being a part of the Polaris Global comunity to not allow my emotions to get in the way. Getting better at this every day. A work in progress.

  31. Lise R says:

    Oh my goodness Lee Anne yes! I can so relate to your post. The last week I also let my emotion dictate my vibration and I noticed a dip in my activity in my Polaris Global business too. I am super grateful for having the tools and tricks at my disposal to raise my vibration now and not let it sink me 🙂

  32. Lee Anne B says:

    I can relate to what you have written Helen, thanks for the share. I agree we can be extra sensitive as females and It can be a good thing sometimes

  33. Lee Anne B says:

    That is great Karen, the Polaris Global community and being plugged in via the daily training calls has really assisted me for sure

  34. Lee Anne B says:

    It happens to everyone here and there Lise, usually when we lest expect it. I am super grateful for the Polaris Global community too for listing my vibration

  35. Kym K says:

    Lee Anne your post highlights a really important point, having experienced significant adversity when I first started my Polaris Global business my emotions where up and down like a yoyo, thankfully working consistently with Beyond Freedom Evolution I am learning to master my emotions and I have a swag of tools to raise my vibration and keep moving forward. I love Alison’s quote ” less drama more calmer” I find myself saying that whenever other influencing come into my world.

  36. Lee Anne B says:

    Yep it is a journey for sure Kym, wouldn’t be where I am today without having had Beyond Freedom Evolution and the amazing Polaris Global community

  37. Lee Anne B says:


    First of all I wanted to say a BIG thanks to Polaris Global, Shane Krider, Rachel Krider, Greg Strom, Michael, Mark, Jim and all the tech team for the new custom lead manager websites. The only word is AWESOME.

    The lead manager templates we already have are great and work really well and the ability now for everyone to make their own custom websites is amazing. It is so simple that anyone can do it. I love the training Rachel provided on the Polaris Global team call to show everyone how to use it.

    Best of all I have already had some of my team email me up their new niche designed websites. They are simple and fast to set up.

    I feel this is a total game changer. It means we can have a group of different websites targeted to our different niches and they are all linked into the lead manager, stats and all. I know that using some other external programs until now, had all different issues with stats and then having to manually add the leads to our lead manager.

    So once again… I’m super excited to start using the new custom templates. Thanks Polaris.

    Are you excited about the new custom templates too?

  38. Karen L says:

    Absolutely Lee Anne. The custom website templates in the Polaris Global lead manager are awesome. I am working on a custom website now to target runners. I am going to France in August for the World Champs and there will be 8,000+ athletes there in my target market. Bring it on!

  39. Fiona C says:

    Exciting times ahead with Polaris Global cant wait to get mine up and running,

  40. Lee Anne B says:

    Great one Karen, love working with my Niche too, So much fun chatting with people who are like me

  41. Lise R says:

    I agree Lee Anne – what an awesome addition to our marketing arsenal. We are totally equipped here with Polaris Global to create outstanding success with these awesome tools!

  42. Lee Anne B says:

    We sure are, I love Lise how Polaris Global is always evolving and changing to keep up with the current trends

  43. Lee Anne B says:


    First Live Polaris Global training call back for me after our Live event in Europe.
    Thanks to Adam, Jay and Clinton for an amazing event wrap up on the Polaris Global Team Call this week.

    Here are the key takeaway points I got from the call:

    As Shane Krider mentioned at the event – should we pay off debt off or create wealth? Creating Wealth is the key, you can pay off debt later. Use debt to benefit you – pay off in one go later
    Masterminding with the community is highly valuable at the events
    Comes down to attitude – choose empowerment
    How have the events impacted your life?
    Play the game fully
    The power of attention 🙂 ask and you shall receive
    Jay shared how his lead flow has increased since being back from event. He says this is from his raised vibration from the event.

    If you were not able to attend the event, the M4 content will be available within the next week.

    If you did attend what was your key learning?

  44. Lise R says:

    It was a great call and a fabulous Polaris Global live event, as always! One of my biggest take-aways was learning to not listen to the herd or compare myself to the herd when it comes to finances. We realized after coming out of the event that we were already so on track, I love it!

  45. Lee Anne B says:

    Great one Lise, I totally see you are not listening to the herd. It was awesome to spend time with you and Jeremy on the Polaris Global cruise

  46. Kym K says:

    Lee Anne I am loving all the sharing regarding The latest Polaris Global live event, I have gained so much already, I am so excited to receive the content.

  47. Karen L says:

    Hi Lee Anne, I will definitely be getting my hands on the Polaris Global Sovereignty live recorded content for sure.