September 30th, 2015 by Amy Adams

My Journey with Beyond Freedom Evolution

Posted by Brianna B

Identifying the Stoppers

Today we had an amazing Beyond Freedom Evolution call hosted by Lise & Kalie. It lined up perfectly with where I am currently up to in the BFE program having started the exercise a few days ago. This is my third time through the program. The first time I identified just about everyone in my life as a ‘stopper’ and had a very “me vs. them” attitude which ultimately did not serve me. Brianna

The second time I went through this particular exercise I actually hosted the BFE call with Alison and identified myself as the primary stopper. While I could see others actions as “stoppers” I ultimately put the responsibility on myself as the reason they were able to be stoppers and really focused in on what I was doing to allow them to be a stopper.

This third time round, I had an interesting shift in perspective and a MASSIVE realisation. I still feel I am responsible and totally accept this, however after hearing Lise & Kalie share their perspective stoppers I realised I had been making myself wrong in identifying anyone or anything other than myself as the stopper. I can see how this belief has made me distant from certain friendships that ultimately I would rather work to strengthen and come to a level where we raise each other’s vibrations even if we don’t agree on certain things, and be more than okay with that. After all having friendships and relationships with alternative perspectives can challenge you to grow and open your own mind (as long as it is in a positive/supportive manner of course)

As of this afternoon I am revisiting the exercise with a fresh perspective and allowing myself the space to name ALL my perceived stoppers without judgement on myself or others.

Anyone else have a shift in perspective after a BFE call?

2 Responses to “My Journey with Beyond Freedom Evolution”

  1. Yolanda V says:

    Hi Bri,
    Awesome post! I totally relate to what you shared here. First time I did this exercise, I also listed all those close to me as being my stoppers (I was not on the list).. the second time when you and Alison presented the call I had a huge rude awakening and realised I was my own biggest stopper and on this week’s call I realised I don’t have to beat myself up about it. I deserve to work with my future self on finding the best way to move through this phase and continue to move closer to my goals. What a great time for us now to identify the thoughts that might prevent us from taking an action, to feel that fear and to do it anyway… I feel unstoppable at this point… I believe I can fly… 🙂

  2. Carrie M says:

    Wow Brianna very cool realisations over your 3 times of doing Beyond Freedom Evolution! What’s coming up for me with this, is you are looking through your ‘love and gratitude compass glasses’ for yourself and others. xo