January 10th, 2014 by Amy Adams

Not happy with your life? Turn it around with Polaris Global

Posted by Lee Anne B

Thoughts, Beliefs and DecisionsLeeAnne Bartlet

Knowing that your thoughts are what creates your reality; do you use them to your benefit? Are you always taking the high road instead of the low road?

So many people don’t use Law of Attraction to their advantage… they use it as default.

Basically blaming others, things or events for what is happening in their life. Where the buck really does stop is with you. If you are not happy with your life, not jumping out of bed each morning excited about what the day has in store, then you are living in just a shadow of what is possible for you in this life.

Make the decision today to change, start with a simple affirmation for yourself. Here are some examples:

I AM a loving mother and wife

I AM worthy of all my goals and dreams

I AM slim, fit & healthy

I AM an inspiration to others

I AM abundant

It is amazing what reading these over and over every day does for your thinking and your mindset. What you are doing is training your sub-conscious mind to believe that these are true… so what happens is your mind starts telling you the things that you need to be that person – automatically!

Following on from that, beliefs are things that you keep thinking, so if you want to be Slim, Fit & healthy… keep telling yourself you are and your mind will make the decisions needed to make this a reality for you. You will feel excited about exercising, that piece of cake won’t look so appetising anymore… things will start falling into place, once you believe this is you.

Like anything it takes time to form a new habit… and you know what, the time and effort it takes to form that new habit… is totally worth its weight in gold.

Do you use affirmations? What is your favourite one?

29 Responses to “Not happy with your life? Turn it around with Polaris Global”

  1. Elizabeth R says:

    My ex favourite one was I AM A GODDESS which I pinched from an affirmation book once. However I found that after I became the feminine person I wanted to become (which was why the affirmation appealed to me in the first place) there was nothing left for me to celebrate in this realm.

    In other words I did not feel like I could grow any more “Goddessy” but repeating it anymore. Nothing wrong here, but not serving me in a positive way any longer.

    So I’ve been on the hunt for a newbie, And it is I AM A POWERFUL LEADER.

  2. Lee Anne B says:

    I love the I AM A GODDESS.. very cool. But yes I AM A POWERFUL LEADER is so much more powerful x love it

  3. Sarra HW says:

    My ‘pat on the back to self’ has been “I’m proud of having turned two small boys into wonderful young men society can be pleased to have”.

    But doing BFE has given me permission to change that now. “I am proud to be contributing to my community in a positive and valuable way”.

  4. Jan S says:

    I am finding that by repeating positive affirmations every day, my mindset and attitude are changing and that I am able to pass these suggestions on to others by word and by example.
    Thanks to the wonderful content of our BFE course.
    The more positive I am feeling the more I believe and the more evidence I see of the Law of Attraction
    I aim to just keep pumping the positive out there and be willing to accept what comes back to me.

  5. LC says:

    Great read thanks

  6. Darryl M says:

    You ask “What is your favourite affirmations?

    Now this is what has kept me going strong for so long, I have so many that are positive and personal and I will share just a few: –
    – “I am unstoppable, I am a Winner”
    – “I never give up”
    – I act as if it were impossible to fail
    – “Failure is not an option”
    – “NO EXCUSES”
    – I have become the most positive and enthusiastic person that I know
    – The harder I WORK the LUCKIER I GET
    – My Dreams – “Are they worth ONE MORE CALL”
    – I will do ‘What Ever it Takes’ to achieve my goals in this Business
    – I see only the objective, the obstacle must give way

    And here are a few small quotes that give me inspiration
    – If you can’t excel with Talent, then triumph with effort!!
    – Making your first Million Dollars is not the hard part, believing that you can is!!
    – The only place that ‘Success’ comes before ‘Work’ is in the Dictionary
    – Running your own Business is all about doing all the little important disciplines all the time
    – Your Degree of EFFORT will determine Your Degree of SUCCESS
    – Motto of the Olympic Games – “citius, altius, fortius (faster, higher, stronger)”
    – Know in your heart that when you do the little things, you will get the big things Done
    – You can have anything you want if you help enough other people get what they want


  7. Lee Anne B says:

    Great one Sarra and Jan x You are both on track for the best 2014 xx Keep up the consistent passionate input

  8. Mike D says:

    This has literally just come to my mind (I may have heard it or read it somewhere)
    “I will do what ever it takes for as long as it take, I will be a winner”

  9. Lee Anne B says:

    Wow thanks Darryl, awesome share 🙂 you love affirmations by the looks of it?

  10. Pam B says:

    Am placing those five affirmations on my mirror to say every day. Positive thoughts make positive people.

  11. Kimberly B says:

    My affirmation that I have been using which I actually got from the book The Secret is
    I am Whole, Perfect
    Strong, Powerful
    Loving, Harmonious
    And Happy

  12. Lee Anne B says:

    Awesome Pam, 🙂 Love that Kimberly

  13. Alan S says:

    What a wonderful World
    I am Good at what I Do
    I Love being a Father
    I wont stop Learning
    You are Important
    I deserve everything

  14. Lee Anne B says:

    Great one Alan love it 🙂

  15. Mandy says:

    I love the LAW of ATTRACTION I’m only knew to it but the things that have achieved since are amazing…thank you

  16. Lee Anne B says:

    wonderful Mandy Law of Attraction is a wonderful tool along with our Beyond Freedom Evolution

  17. Berni I says:

    Oh YES I definately use affirmations. The ones I love most are based around Dr John F Demartini’s.

  18. Lee Anne B says:


    I love the things I have learnt since joining Polaris Global. And it was once I learnt some new habits and distinctions that I was able to get off the rollercoaster ride of business and take a new funner and smoother ride with Polaris Global.

    Being in business for yourself is of course seldom a completely smooth ride. No one ever had a straight line road to success. Even though everyone’s journey is completely different, every successful journey had a bump here and there and many huge hills along the way.

    A lot of people go into business for themselves because they see it giving them the freedom and lifestyle they have always dreamt of. In time it can and with persistence it will. First of all though is that time and effort, building it up to that stage.

    Having been in business for myself now for the past 13 years, I have been on many rollercoasters and at times the rollercoaster has derailed. The most important needs to keep your business going forward is to

    1. Ask for help real quickly when needed,
    2. Stay focused on the goal,
    3. Be solution oriented (“What else can I do.”)

    Don’t let small or big obstacles get in your way… they may slow you down, but keep going and leave them behind. I don’t know of one successful person in the world that hasn’t had adversity to overcome before they achieved their goal.

    No business, not even Polaris Global is going to be a straight line (i.e. boring) ride. The little bumps is what makes life exciting and helps you grow to the next level.

    What has been a small or a big obstacle that appeared on your road to success?
    What did you do to overcome it?

  19. Debbie R says:

    Agree Lee Anne, obstacles are simply part of the process every single successful person goes through. Being solution oriented is the key to pushing through…..

  20. Leisa T says:

    Oh wow, where to do I start…. I guess the first one like a lot of others with Polaris was not implementing the 6 daily activities in the beginning and trying to re-invent the wheel. I realised things were not working, so started again. First step being to implement Beyond Freedom Evolution into my life!

  21. Alison W says:

    Getting off the roller coaster is key. It is about growing in yourself and learning to ride the roller coaster at times rather than fight it.

  22. Lee Anne B says:

    Debbie – Absolutely without the obstacles the journey would be boring, the hills and road bumps make it fun

    Leisa – Yes the 6 Daily Activities are like the fuel for our vehicle x

    Alison – Yes for sure, going with the process instead of fighting is a great tip, thanks Alison

  23. Dale H says:

    I love affirmations!

    They are such a wonderful way to focus ones mind into a positive direction. Another powerful extension of affirmations is to look for things to appreciate everyday.

    Some of my favourite affirmations that I practice daily are:
    “I am creating total financial success, in an easy relaxed manner, in a healthy and positive way”
    “I am now creating the life of my dreams, in an easy relaxed manner, in a healthy and positive way”
    “I am successful and love what I do. It is thrilling and uplifting to me”

    Looking for things to appreciate always puts me in a state of pure positive energy.

    Another wonderful topic of conversation Lee Anne.

    Best wishes,

  24. Kimberly B says:

    like Dr John Demartini says, “our biggest growth occurs on the border of support and challenge”.

  25. Berni I says:

    I am an inspiring world leader.

    Law of Attraction Loveit

  26. Lee Anne B says:

    Dale – Thanks for sharing your affirmations, love them. I agree they really do help you focus your energy in the right place and play a big part in getting the mindset right x

    Kimberly – It sure does, love Dr Demartini too x

  27. Lee Anne B says:

    Love it Berni xx you sure are

  28. Pam B says:

    I am a great friend to have. Law of Attraction. Wonderful.

  29. Lee Anne B says:

    That is a great one Pam. You sure are a great friend to anyone 🙂