July 4th, 2016 by Amy Adams

Our words are our life

Posted by Anne-Maree M

Have you ever wondered what life would be like without the words? If you’ve lost your voice for a time you could relate, otherwise it’s just a consideration.
This thought has just flashed through my mind as I was flying…maybe it’s the altitude!pic1

One of the activities we do at the Influence Live events, is to take to the streets to do ‘random acts of kindness & angelic deeds’. This trip it was the colorful streets of Vigo, Spain. The locals spoke little if any English, we had no knowledge of Spanish and yet we communicated with ease through giving and receiving. There was no conflict, instead who could do more…us for them or them for us. It was a rich and rewarding experience we’ll treasure for years to come.

From a magical moment with a complete stranger to being with ourselves day in – day out, have you ever paused to listen to the conversation you’re having with yourself?
From what’s on your mind that’s spoken out loud or in private, it’s no surprise how we become what we’re thinking about.
Here’s a few that come to mind…
–    I’m no good at this
–    Business is always quite in June
–    I haven’t been successful yet
–    I always get a cold at this time of year
–    I’m hanging in there

Whether we realize it or not, we are the by-product of what we tell ourselves, feeding our mind, just as we become what we put into our bodies.
When things are going our way we’re patting ourselves on the back with how amazing we are and then just as fast, the tide turns and we’re the worst person on the planet.
This messes with the vision we have for ourselves, bringing about opposing forces, never getting ahead.
”You mean all that stuff I say to myself carries that much weight? I didn’t mean it like that.”
With two conversations running – the one I’m having with you and the other I’m having with myself, these conversations shape who we are being.
Shane Krider speaks about the roles we play in our lives – from who we are being as ourselves, family, society, business and finance. I started with the role that holds my attention daily and wrote a narrative on that one. It didn’t take me long to see how I had in fact turned this into a ‘thing’ giving it life and not deserved. I laughed when I got to the end of what I wrote and ‘the thing’ is gone and I feel light about it now.

Here’s a few ideas on roles to get to started if you’re coming up short. Are any of these familiar? I can definitely relate to each one and a few more I’m sure.
–    STRUGGLER – Why does everything have to be so hard
–    PLEASER – No one appreciates what I do
–    HARD DONE BY – I’m over this
–    KNOW IT ALL – I’ve heard this before
–    VICTIM – Why is this always happening to me
–    MARTYR – I gave up so much for you

When we uncover a role, checking in as to how has this role served us, is first up. Is it a current role or one being dragged from the past like an old suitcase that’s seen its day some time ago.
Consider this as a ‘random act of kindness’ for ourselves.

It’s not about dredging up details from my past, it’s about what we tell ourselves everyday starting right now.

My journey here with the daily practice of Personal Development through Master of Destinies and the Alchemy program, combined with attending the live events – the most recent Influence Live are continual game changers for me.
Becoming conscious, waking up, I’m continually removing the perceived blocks, to live the life I dream of.

2 Responses to “Our words are our life”

  1. chrissy greig says:

    Hi Ann Maree …What a fantastic blog and share. One of the biggest lessons I have learned through my journey here with Prosperity of Life is listening to my self talk. If I take my mind back to 7 years ago when I got started in my Prosperity of Life business if someone else spoke to me the way I spoke to myself I would have thought how rude they were but why was I allowing it from myself. Working through Master of Destinies curriculum and attending our Leadership Live events has really assisted me to improve my self talk and concentrate more on the Language of Success.

  2. Ann-Maree M says:

    Chrissy I can so relate. I went through a phase a few years back where I was so caught up in a ‘phantom problem’ which I now know was never going to be solved. The daily practice of personal development through Master of Destinies plus Alchemy and Shane Krider demonstrating to me a form of empowerment coaching, I can detect the language that’s no longer serving me and to choose again.