September 14th, 2015 by Amy Adams

Picking Yourself up on a SLOW day

Posted by Cathy W
So today has started out as one of those ‘Slow’ days for me. Cathy Walcroft 2-1
I attended the Business Presentation in Brisbane all day yesterday and loved every moment. Being surrounded by the positive energy in the room really inspired me and motivated me to get my business on track.
I drove home with my head so full of ideas and learnings but thankfully I did get a good nights sleep.
Today, however I woke up feeling very sluggish. So much in my mind and just not sure where to start.
Is it ok to have a ‘slow’ day? I believe it is as long as I am still doing something.
So I am allowing myself today to take a few more breaks, focus on one thing at a time and enjoy the whole process.
I started the day doing my Tai Chi and then having some time in the garden to reflect on all the possibilities that I have at my fingertips. Then I picked out just 3 things that I wanted to achieve today.
I can be hard on myself on these sorts of days and push myself so much that I end up not really achieving a lot and then get to the end of the day feeling very frustrated and incomplete.
I know for me personally I cannot run at 100mph every day and I know if I listen to my body and acknowledge what I am feeling that I end up being way more productive long term.
It is a beautiful day here in QLD and I have set my work space up in the garden. My dog is sitting right next to me and I am just so grateful that I can chose where I am going to work.
Today is turning out to be a good day.

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  1. Caroline B says:

    Hey Cathy what a great blog, good on you allowing yourself to have a slow day.
    One of the things that I am starting to do is writing down those things that I want to achieve the next day. Then it is already out of my head and don’t have to think about it while I am sleeping.
    Also have committed myself to going for a walk as soon as I wake and a few exercises to start my day in the right frame of mind.
    One of the other things that I have been doing is not looking at those emails until I been for that walk, exercised and showered we just need to start the day right ready of work (ready for action and great things that are going to happen that day).
    Thanks Cathy nice seeing you in Brisbane.

  2. Kym K says:

    Cathy, I love the sound of your garden office. I also loved that you set yourself a list of what you felt was possible for you to achieve which gave you the focus and when you follow through on those things then you feel satisfied at the end of the day. That’s why I list out my DMO in my diary and fill in what I did at each step.

  3. Cathy says:

    Oh I so agree Caroline
    I have had a few mornings where I have checked my emails first thing but then I never seem to get away from the computer to do my morning exercise. I find this often leaves me feeling restless and disorganised throughout the day. I have now set exact times when I do emails so that I can be more productive. As you will know often you can read one email and then that leads to something else and then something else. I have 3 times a day when I check emails now – after my exercise, lunchtime and around 5pm. It works well for me. Thank you for your response

  4. Cathy says:

    Thanks Kym – yes even on slow days it is possible to achieve something and writing down a list of what you intend to do really does help. Thanks for your response

  5. Peter W says:

    My day usually ends when I have planned the next day however at the Brisy event I had list which would take a month or two to complete…So on the flight home I broke it up into Must Do, Can do, Do if time….The office sounds amazing Cath…

  6. Cathy says:

    Sounds good Peter … chunking things down into bite size pieces is always helpful

  7. Brianna says:

    Hey Cathy, such a interesting post. I do have “slow days” and I find them incredibly frustrating. I recently took on Lise advice from a call and decided to do some ‘vibration raising’ things. E.g. Walking my dog, listening to fun music and making myself feel good. I also found by getting up and moving around I get an energy boost and my day quickly turns productive.

    I think the important thing is to be aware of how you feel and then take action anyway no matter how fast/slow and long as you are moving forward.

  8. Cathy w says:

    I agree Brianna…As long as we are doing something. I guess if we have a lot of slow days then we have to look at Why. Getting up and moving works for me too. Just helps to shift the energy.

  9. Cathy says:

    Absolutely Brianna…. no good slogging away if you are not achieving so better to take a break and shift the energy

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