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Polaris Global Live Personal Development Events

Polaris Global Live Event Favourites

Polaris Global Live Event Favourites

Posted By Lee Anne B

One of my favourite parts of Polaris Global is our Live Events. I would not miss one for the world. I am always on the countdown to the next one.

I am actually packing my bags this weekend to head off to our next event leaving from Singapore – Polaris Global Sovereignty Live.. my husband Andrew and I are leaving a little early and heading to Penang for a few days to relax and then Singapore for shopping before we jump onto the Sovereignty Live cruise and meet up with everyone else.

What I love about our Polaris Global Live Events:

  1. They are always held in different places – meaning new adventures and we get to explore the world,
  2. We get to catch up with all the awesome people in the Polaris Global Safe Harbour Community – Mastermind and have lots of fun and learning of course,
  3. I always make a family holiday out of the events.  We depart earlier and have some time to relax and have fun,
  4. The information and content of the events is so powerful and inspiring – I always learn so many things.

For me the Polaris Global Events really keep my passion and excitement in my business.

We all have so much fun too.  It’s like a huge extended family 🙂  We are all like minded and big thinkers heading in the same direction!  I love that.

What do you love about the Polaris Global Live events?

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  1. Helen T says:

    Wow it has been a huge learning curve for me. It was all so bewildering at the start of my Polaris Global journey. But I’ve come a long way in a couple of months and gradually gaining more confidence. Rachel is so right when she says it’s all about trial and error. Some things have worked well…others not so much. Through it all though I have had the chance to practice doing every part of the business. At this stage I feel proud of the way I have grown and persisted and it is beginning to pay off. I have a great feeling about 2015!

  2. Lee Anne B says:

    Great one Jodie. You are on the right track, you are learning new things and making mistakes, that means you are growing. You are on your way to being a professional marketer with your Polaris Global business, keep going and keep the mindset in check and you are there x

  3. Lee Anne B says:

    I agree Tracy, the Polaris Global events are amazing and fun and the best place in the world to network with the amazing Polaris Global community

  4. Lee Anne B says:

    Love it Leoni, Watch your Polaris Global business fly with the insert of passion, consistency and the right mindset xx

  5. Lee Anne B says:

    Totally Helen, you will grow and learn so much along your Polaris Global journey that is for sure. It is totally worth it though

  6. Anthony P says:

    The Polaris events sound amazing! I am aiming to get to some in 2015!

  7. Rachael T says:

    Polaris Global Live Personal Development Events is what I’m aiming for and will reach!

  8. Lee Anne B says:


    I’ve been standing in my loungeroom, overlooking the sea, watching fisherman on the beach patiently practising their craft. It reminded me of my Polaris Global business.

    The fisherman comes to the beach prepared with his tools and his anticipation. He has his rods and reels, his tackle bag and his bait. He’s been trained by his dad and his grandad – he knows how to get started. He stands, as a spec, in front of an infinite sea, a limitless potential of possibility, an interminable choice of ‘where to try first.’ He prepares his equipment, baits his hook and casts…

    Then, it comes to his patience and perseverance, gradually winding in and recasting, winding in and repeating, feeling a nibble here and there, tugging to try and snare his fish, and occasionally… success! Looking along the beach, there are other players, other fisherman with their own kits, patiently casting, working and anticipating. Some have two or three rods in the water, increasing their chances, broadening their focus.

    The tide of the sea, rising and falling, glimpses appearing of improved opportunities – gutters and channels – concentrations of potential outcomes. A bite, a spin of the reel and… a small catch, not the right size, not a match. Remove the hook, return this soul to the sea and cast again. Patience, consistent efforts, enjoyment of the game.

    Fisherman on the beach, Polaris Global distributors – the similarities are magical!

    Are you a fisherman casting into a sea of infinite possibility?

  9. JodieC says:

    Great analogy Lee. Really love it. I have just introduced anew technique in my Polaris Global business. I am fine tuning it, and it really is exactly as you describe, casting my line, getting a nibble, playing a bit of tug of war and then I get one to interview, no good send it back, or reel it in. YOu are right it is magic..

  10. Lee Anne B says:

    Absolutely Jodie, Life is full of magic, we just have to believe in it. My Polaris Global business is totally full of magic too x

  11. Jan S says:

    Lee Anne, That analogy is so Poetic, so amazing and so TRUE to the way of our Polaris Global.businesses.
    It’s actually bought tears to my eyes along with excitement.
    I love fishing and can truly relate to this.
    Your story has such a calming relaxed but exciting effect on me.
    Like Shane Krider says – just keep “Doing the thing”
    Over & over.
    Now, where is my fishing rod and where are those little fishies.
    Thank you so much Lee Anne.

  12. Leoni B says:

    Yes, I am.

  13. Lee Anne B says:

    Love it Jan, it is great that you can relate your Polaris Global business to something that you love xx Take it an run with it x

  14. Lise R says:

    What a beautiful analogy Lee Anne. Here, at Polaris Global, we have an ocean of opportunity to fish from. The world is our oyster and that is so so cool!

  15. Lee Anne B says:


    Last week on the Polaris Global Professional marketers call, Shane Krider and Rachel Krider talked about having either a Safety Net or a Glass Ceiling. As they pointed out, you can’t have both.

    In a job, we feel we have a safety net, but really we don’t. Then, in a business, we don’t have the safety net either, but we certainly have a glass ceiling.

    If you want a glass ceiling you wont have a safety net. This is the decision a business owner needs to make when going into business. It takes a decision to create wealth. You will have to take risks and get rid of the safety net to create success.

    The mistake most people make is to never decide; wait and hope, keep doing the same thing and hope to get a new result someday. This is the same as a giant drowning in two feet of water.

    Success is a decision backed up with consistent action.

    Are you still hanging onto the safety net or going for the glass ceiling?

  16. Karen L says:

    What fascinates me Lee Anne, is that so many settle for so little and the perceived safety net. Running a business has been made out to be so risky and yet years ago before all the large multinational corporations, virtually everyone ran a business of some sort.

    For me it’s that I will not be denied. I don’t want to look back thinking what if, if only etc. I want to know for myself because I stepped out of my comfort zone and went for it.

  17. Lise R says:

    It was a great call Lee Anne for sure. I love looking at the distinctions between a job and a business, like what we have to offer here with Polaris Global. To me, there is no comparison, I would way rather take the “risk” and work for myself any day of the week!

  18. Lee Anne B says:

    Absolutely no comparison Lise, Polaris Global business model wins hands down

  19. Lee Anne B says:

    I agree Karen, so many people have huge limitations set on themselves in their own mind and too scared to push the boundaries to see what could be xx

  20. Craig F says:

    I have never understood how people who attend a golf clinic with a pro to better their game have never considered taking the time to to invest in their life and future.
    The Polaris Global live events not only provide a quality personal development, but they are always set away from distractions and provide some adventure. What could be better?

  21. Lee Anne B says:

    I agree Craig, the Polaris Global events are more than just listening to Personal Development. It is a whole life changing experience in so many ways

  22. Lee Anne B says:


    If you are anything like me you have probably asked yourself the question many times over. What does it really take to create success in my Polaris Global business?

    I still don’t know if I know the answer exactly to explain it to you but I am going to outline my key points (from my point of view) as to what it has taken for me.

    A firm decision. Deciding that failure is not an option and deciding you will be successful. Throwing your hat over the wall.
    Settling in, not giving myself short unrealistic timeframes.
    Action – Consistent action. Keep doing the numbers. The numbers work out.
    Media Fast – Not filling my mind with negative news etc.
    Positive Media – Listening to audiobooks and keeping motivated and inspired.
    Participating in all the Polaris Global training calls. Being inspired and being part of the amazing community we have here.
    Beyond Freedom Evolution -Working on myself A LOT!
    Visualisation – Seeing the goals having being achieved.
    Gratitude – Being grateful for everything in my life.
    Doing what needs to be done – No excuses. Get up earlier, stay up later.
    Having fun and loving what I do. Having it not be a chore.

    You may have picked up that the above points include the Polaris Global 6 Daily activities for success. The magic formula to success is there for everyone, you just need to make the decision and back it up with massive action.

    What can you add today to your DMO to create more success?

  23. Anthony P says:

    Participating in training calls. I often catch them recorded but am making the effort recently to be on more Live ones. Also, when it’s live I want to come out and speak, but often overwhelmed with nerves and chicken out more than getting in the queue. Then I think Shane was speaking directly to ME the other night about the OSM… I got in the queue but time ran out…So that’s a focal point for me.

  24. Lee Anne B says:

    Great one Anthony, We would love to hear you come out on the Polaris Global training calls. Hear you soon x

  25. Lise R says:

    I love your list Lee Anne and it is no surprise that you are smashing it out in your Polaris Global business. I am happy to say that I have a similar list that I follow. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

  26. Lee Anne B says:

    Thanks Lise, Gotta have a list so we know how to keep on track and if we are not doing all we can. It is a decision backed up with massive action = success in my Polaris Global business x

  27. Karen L says:

    Great list Lee Anne. We have everything required for success here with Polaris Global if you are willing to do the work.

  28. Lee Anne B says:


    I set myself a challenge a few weeks ago to do more Personal Development as I felt I really needed to get my head in a better place. As life happens there are things that drain our energy and shift our focus from where it should be.

    No one is perfect, we all have these times. The great thing about being part of Polaris Global and using Beyond Freedom Evolution is that we have the tools and inspiration not to stay there for too long.

    So the challenge I started about two weeks ago was I decided to watch ‘The Secret’ movie every day for at least 30 minutes (some days I have been watching the whole movie!) I also decided to do more of my Beyond Freedom Evolution program and also listen to one of my audio books each day for 20 minutes or more.

    The energy shift has been amazing. I really noticed it in my Polaris Global business on Friday. I had pretty much every person that I sent the discovery email come back to me thinking bigger. I had two leads I put straight through the system and I did a three way a few hours later and they are getting started. Really, the whole day was just flowing.

    I love when the universe delivers what we require when we take the action needed.

    Will you take up the challenge of doing more personal development?

  29. Karen L says:

    For sure Lee Anne. When you hosted the Polaris Global Professional Marketers call this week, what stood out to me the most was to do more personal development. I’m taking up the challenge for sure.

  30. Lee Anne B says:

    Awesome to hear Karen, look forward to hearing the results from doing this in your Polaris Global business

  31. Lise R says:

    I love this Lee Anne and you have totally inspired me to take on the same challenge with watching or reading The Secret everyday for 30 days. I have also put out the challenge to my Facebook circle and a number of people have jumped on board! I am forever grateful for all of the encouragement and inspiration that I draw from the Polaris Global community.

  32. Lee Anne B says:

    Awesome Lise Love it. I too love the Polaris Global community xx

  33. Leoni B says:

    For sure. I am committed to do more Beyond Freedom Evolution and at least spend an extra 30 minutes a day on one of my PD books.
    I love the fact that I have the tools to help me cope at times. If I want to be a bit grumpy, it’s because I chose to but I can snap out of it just as quick. It always amazes me how long people choose to be in that negative state.
    I have learned so much since I started my Polaris Global business and being part of such a great community is such a privilege.

  34. Lee Anne B says:

    Wonderful Leoni, I am going to take that on too and increase my Beyond Freedom Evolution time by 30 mins a day also x

  35. Shelley says:

    Totally agree. I have been downloading more audio books and recorded calls to listen to while driving. Its amazing the changes you really experience when you add more of the good stuff into your life. Blessed to be a part of a great community where we are surrounded by the ‘good stuff’ daily

  36. Lee Anne B says:

    Great one Shelley, it really does change all areas of your life when you start filling the space with positive audios etc. I am forever grateful to be part of such an amazing positive community like Polaris Global

  37. Kym K says:

    I am taking this challenge, week 2 of the Secret and more pd, really setting my day up for success and then re gigging my vib throughout the day. I love the training calls being at midday it really assists a sustained high vib, my lead flow is increasing by the day. So grateful.

  38. Lee Anne B says:


    Something I have learnt in my time here with Polaris Global is the harder I work on my Polaris Global business and on myself, the more adventures and fun experiences I get to have. This really came to light for me on my recent holiday to the USA.

    In the past I would usually stress out about going away and not being able to have time to do what I needed to do in my business to keep the results flowing in. This past trip it really all fell into place for me.

    The more time I spent out having fun and enjoying myself, the more focused I was when I had put aside time to run my Polaris Global business. I was also a lot more relaxed with how and when I called people. It didn’t matter if I was on a tour bus or out walking by the ocean, if that time suited me, it was a good time to call people. A little background noise is good when people ask you where you are (“oh I am on a tour through San Francisco!” LOL)

    So the lesson for me is relax, have fun with my business, everything doesn’t need to be quiet and perfect, some excitement and energy from being out and about can be a good addition to prospecting and 3 way calls. (I did two separate 3 Way calls while watching the water shows outside the Bellagio in Vegas).

    Are you allowing yourself to play as hard as you work?

  39. Amy Adams says:

    I love this Lee Anne! What a great way to conduct your business – while touring the world! This has reminded me I am often most productive when out and about on my laptop. At my favorite beach, pub or even my back deck! Getting out beyond the four walls can be surprisingly successful. Good work.

  40. Lee Anne B says:

    Thanks Amy appreciate the comments. Yep have fun and enjoy the sunshine x Polaris Global business can be run from anywhere

  41. Lise R says:

    So good! I love it Lee Anne, I could tell you some hilarious places that I have prospected and done three way calls to get out of “the noise” of a holiday, busy street, etc. Jeremy is the ultimate travel partner. Everywhere we go he sets me up in our hotel room with internet, my chargers and my laptop hooked up.

  42. Lee Anne B says:

    I am sure you have some great stories Lise from all your travels. I love my Polaris Global business for that reason mainly. Can work from anywhere, anytime as long as I have my phone and laptop x

  43. Leoni B says:

    This is great. You gave “fully portable” a whole new meaning!! Love it.

  44. Karen L says:

    Fabulous blog Lee Anne and so timely. I am going to France soon to run at the World Champs and I have the opportunity to compete beforehand in Birmingham. Doing so will add another 10 days away and I have been yes, no, yes no in my mind wondering how I will fit in my Polaris Global business around my running. Ironically today, before reading your blog, I decided I will go to Birmingham. I decided that I do this business to be portable and flexible and I put all the effort into training and eating well to compete so I’m going! Like you, I decided to just relax and I know that everything will work out just fine.

  45. Lee Anne B says:

    hahah sure did thanks Leoni

    Awesome Karen, congrats. I am sure you will do amazing in your races and your Polaris Global business won’t miss a beat x

  46. Kym K says:

    I love this post Lee Anne – I had not thought about it that way, I have in the past been challenged by the play aspect, something I am continuing to work with. I definitely have a more playful attitude to my business and ensure I schedule fun time each day.

  47. Lee Anne B says:

    Great to hear Kym, more play, more fun, more results

  48. Alex says:

    Hey Lee, another great post and another great reminder to go out and have fun! I laughed when I read about you walking on the beach and doing calls… such an awesome idea!

  49. Lee Anne B says:

    Thanks Alex, Yep Polaris Global is a very portable business for sure