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Polaris Global – My Perfect Home Based Business

Polaris Global the Perfect Business

Polaris Global the Perfect Business

Posted By Lee Anne B

I love that with Polaris Global I can work my business from home or really from anywhere I please. For me this includes:

● the car waiting outside the school,
● gymnastics while watching my daughters,
● from a cruise ship while on one of our awesome Polaris Global Live events,
● or at a coffee shop

As long as I have my phone and internet I am in business.

Polaris Global and my home based business has allowed me to be flexible, be portable and be there for my children and my family when I need and want to. It means I am not tied down to my desk or office from 8am-6pm anymore. The value this holds for me is priceless.

Polaris Global and its Home Based Business Model means I work from my home (even in my pajamas if I wish.) I do not need to go out to other peoples’ homes to perform Home Parties or to Coffee Shops for casual meetings, and I have no requirements to go out to weekly team meetings etc.

When I was making my perfect business checklist, Polaris Global ticketed all the boxes for me. And the cherry on the pie – not only do I have an awesome business model and wonderful supportive community, I have a life changing Personal Development Product to boot!

I am so grateful I found Polaris Global and have been able to create the perfect Home based business for me.

What is your favourite part about your Polaris Global business?

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  1. Lee Anne B says:

    Totally Lise, The universe totally tests us when we least expect it. Glad for the learnings in Beyond Freedom Evolution to be able to recognize them

  2. Lee Anne B says:

    Totally Lise I agree, The universe will test us when we least expect it. Totally grateful for the learning in beyond Freedom Evolution to recognise them

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