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Polaris Global Review

Polaris Global Review

Polaris Global Review

Posted By Pauline O

I have the distinction and honour of being a founding member of Polaris Global so I feel my experience allows me to provide a valuable and informed review. I’ve recently returned from the Sovereignty Live Event, my 17th event since joining Shane Krider in both his previous business and Polaris Global. This event was everything I have come to expect from Polaris, providing enlightening, practical information and education of immeasurable value –

Over the course of the event Shane Krider provided us with the education and tools to create supreme long term wealth with a common sense, down to earth approach. No hype, no BS, just sound, solid information that if implemented by anyone who attended will yield outstanding results.

It was a fun filled gathering of family, friends and community that provided diverse cultural experiences and the opportunity for attendees to take their business and lives to a higher level. That’s what this company is all about!

Polaris Global is a genuine business opportunity that offers the highest quality personal empowerment/leadership development education that can be enjoyed and utilised by people of all ages and backgrounds who are serious about improving their personal circumstances. It has provided me with the opportunity to –

1. Work from home around my family
2. Retire my husband within 7 months of getting started
3. Work the hours that suit me from anywhere I have internet access
4. Travel the world with my family and friends
5. Earn a multiple 6 figure income since my first year in business
6. Learn and grow
7. Assist many others to achieve their personal, financial and lifestyle goals

My experiences with Polaris Global have been nothing short of outstanding. What have been your most valuable experiences with Polaris Global to date?

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  1. Pauline O says:

    Yes for sure Bart. The content of this blog is an instruction manual for supreme success. I wonder how many distributors are reading all the posts to learn from and implement into their business and their lives. Jim Rohn once asked a fascinating question “The millionaire says to a thousand people, “I read this book and it started me on the road to wealth.” Guess how many go out and get the book? Very few. Isn’t that incredible? Why wouldn’t everyone get the book? A mystery of life.”

  2. Pauline O says:

    Greater than I ever thought possible Alison! I’ve made more than 3 times what was once my annual salary in a single month in Polaris! I still get goosebumps thinking about the power of the compensation plan.

  3. Elisia says:

    Love your post on Do the work, Get the Pay – that is the ONLY way!!
    Nothing comes for free or without working for it. Great reminder – thanks Pauline!!

  4. Peter W says:

    Don’t wait for IT to happen. YOU have to happen. Don’t wait for IT to work. YOU have to work! That is one amazing line Pauline.

  5. Jarmila S says:

    Pauline, I love your post on “Do the work, get the pay!” I especially love the 8 points on what makes Polaris Global so wonderfully unique – the Power of Polaris. And BE, DO HAVE – great to be reminded about being who we want to be, do what we want to do and then have what we want to have and then, of course, the ultimate – give what we want to give. Thanks Pauline

  6. Pauline O says:

    Yes it certainly is Elisia. There are no short cuts to success. The Polaris compensation plan does however allow us to condense time massively 🙂

  7. Pauline O says:

    It is Peter. I love it but can’t take credit for it. I heard Shane Krider say it on a call several years ago and I thought it was brilliant.

  8. Pauline O says:

    Thank you Jarmila, I’m glad this resonated with you.

  9. Henk L says:

    Impressed!!! I’m a new member.

  10. Pauline O says:

    Welcome Henk. Great to have you onboard and I look forward to celebrating your wins here.

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