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Polaris Global Training Calls Create Big Results!

Polaris Global Training = Big Results!

Polaris Global Training = Big Results!

Posted by Lise R

One of my favourite things about my Polaris Global business is that we have weekly training calls that address powerful personal development topics that have dramatically assisted me in creating amazing results in many areas in my life. I still remember the call where we addressed a powerful exercise that is called β€œcounting your wins”. The principle is quite basic – list 10 wins that you experience everyday that are bringing you closer to your goals. I initially thought that this would be very easy. Boy was I ever wrong! I found myself struggling for the first couple of days piecing together even 7 wins! It does get easier as you go. Now I find myself counting my wins throughout the day to add to my list at the end of the day.

I think another point worth noting is setting yourself up with an accountability partner. This means finding a partner who is also interested in moving themselves forward in life and would like to count their wins daily as well. Just like with anything, have someone to keep you accountable, with keep you on track in being consistent.

I think this exercise is extremely powerful and really important to implement especially this time of year. Many of us have started the new year with powerful goals and resolutions. Perhaps this exercise will assist you in keeping on track with your progress.

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  1. Lise R says:

    I agree with you Alison 100% soo cool!

  2. Lise R says:

    You got that right Kym, knowing that I play a small part in assisting someone on their journey is an amazing feeling πŸ™‚

  3. Lise R says:

    Beautifully put Pauline – we can also feel the pride community wide when someone achieves an amazing goal, that is why I love what we do here.

  4. Lise R says:

    Thank you Debbie – I really appreciate your comment. πŸ™‚ I love that I can still teach her just in a more powerful capacity.

  5. Lee Anne B says:

    Wonderful Lise and huge congrats to you. Duplication is fun to watch and very exciting

  6. bart says:

    So very cool, Lise. Being part of a team that is accomplishing their goals and hitting their marks is phenomenal. That team bond if so incredibly critical!

  7. Lise R says:

    Thank you Lee Anne – yes it really is!

  8. Lise R says:

    I agree Bart -so cool!

  9. Lise R says:


    Woohoo! It has been over a week now since my feet have landed back on Canadian soil after an amazing 10 days spent in Denver, Colorado for our Influence Live event! The content that we experienced and the conversations that were had have forever changed my life and what I am creating. Wow. In just the 10 short days since we have been home my thinking, my business and every aspect of my life has taken an absolute upward spiral!

    My business – lead abundance!!!!! Crazy lead abundance. I have not changed anything in my marketing, yet my results have absolutely exploded. My personal best today – 45 leads!!!! Wow! Just last week I had two sign ups and M1 orders come through – vibration baby!

    My relationship with Jeremy – We have really taken to heart the “Start everyday at zero” concept. As a result of implementing this I have found that my compassion for him and our relationship has really expanded and we are giving each other the space to really be our best selves.

    My health – I have committed to doing 3 x yoga classes per week and 2 x spin classes to gain back control of my physical body and vitality. I feel so on purpose and on track to achieving my perfect picture in this area of my life as well!

    My overall disposition is sunny, bright, and on fire! I feel so on purpose and committed to everything I am doing in my life and have developed the knowing that whatever I truly want to create in my life will come to fruition.

  10. Kym K says:

    Lise what a wonderful, highly vibrant post. Good on you – I am so excited for you and loving all your wins. Onwards and upwards – yeah baby.

  11. Lise R says:

    Thanks Kym! I feel so vibrant leading out of Influence Live. My energy and vibration levels are on fire! Woohoo!

  12. Rachel says:

    Wowsa, you are on fire lady!!! I love hearing about your wins… keep ’em coming πŸ™‚

  13. Lise R says:

    Thanks Rachel – there will be more! Watch this space πŸ˜‰

  14. Lee Anne B says:

    Love it Lise, awesome wins. I can totally feel the same vibration downunder. My Polaris Global business is on fire and so is my personal life in so many aspects. Super excited for the future, it is very bright.. bring those Sunnies. x

  15. Lise R says:

    Wooo! Love it Lee Anne and I am not surprised at all – you are on fire baby! xx

  16. Lise R says:


    I had the pleasure of hosting today’s Beyond Freedom Evolution call with Jenn. It is not coincidence that I always seem to host the calls that have the most significance to me in my life. Our call today was all about the Conversation of Success – the words we use and the conversation we are having internally with ourselves. What came up for me in a big way was the language that I use when speaking with myself. I often think that I am being kind and compassionate, but in really examining my inner word tracks it is shocking at how unsupportive and negative I can be with myself. I love Louise Hay and her work with mirror work. Last year I went around our house and wrote down positive affirmations on all of the mirrors around the place.

    At first, I found it very hard to believe the affirmations and what I was telling myself. It didn’t feel natural for me to be saying those things to myself and I was very uncomfortable. The first time I spoke the words out loud, I cried. A few weeks later I became more comfortable with saying the affirmations and I even started to believe them. What an amazing experience. If you haven’t done this exercise yet in Beyond Freedom Evolution, I would strongly suggest that you do. Write out some affirmations and self love phrases that resonate with you. Repeat them to yourself in the mirror twice a day. Let us know how you go!

    Have you done mirror work before?

  17. Lee Anne B says:

    Thanks for a great call today Lise. Yes I have and I actually have post it notes all over the house with affirmations and goals. Like Simon said on the call, I don’t care who seems them. I really have changed the way i speak since joining Polaris Global.. Taking the words Hope and if out of my conversations

  18. Lise R says:

    Love it Lee Anne – I will post some notes today and get into the habit of reviewing my affirmations and goals as much as possible! πŸ™‚ Glad you enjoyed the call!

  19. Lise R says:


    As I have shared in a few blog posts already, I am currently participating in spin classes and I am LOVING it. I feel so invigorated and energized along with some great shifts in my mindset with respect to perseverance and commitment. The other day in class we were doing a racing track, so spinning our wheels very very quickly building up lots of momentum. Our instructor then told us to stop and slow our legs. I found this to be hard as I had already built up so much momentum. We slowed for a bit then build up again to a racing speed. Each time we slowed down it became harder and harder to build up the momentum again.

    I have experienced this in so many areas of my life, including my Polaris business. I work, work work and get things really moving, and then I take a week or two off and I have to start all over again. It is utterly exhausting. I have done all of the work but have not committed to the follow through. On the flip side I have also and currently am experiencing the results when I keep the momentum going in my business. I see sales coming in consistently, more wins with my mindset, and all around a more positive and productive place to be.

    Have you encountered this in your life or business with building momentum?

  20. Lee Anne B says:

    Great realisation Lise. This is the stop starter. So when you build momentum and then stop or slow right down, you then have to build the momentum again or even start from scratch. It is so much easier to keep the momentum going in your Polaris Global business then to stop start xx great lesson for everyone

  21. Lise R says:

    Lee Anne – exactly! Stop/starter is so much harder, keep that momentum going….

  22. Lise R says:


    Haha! Even just writing out that title made me laugh a little! I loved today’s Professional Marketer’s Call with Shane and Rachel Krider. So many great new perspectives shared around creating success in business. One that really stuck out for me was “Protecting Your Mindset”. This is so critical in building your business and not allowing the noise and negativity from someone else pollute your head space.

    I used to be the person that people would come to to complain about things. They would always tell me how good a listener I am and how comfortable they felt in coming to me to talk about their problems. I used to take that as a compliment…..hmmm. When I first started my journey with my Beyond Freedom Evolution I acquired the awareness that only speaking about your problems and the negativity would only bring about more of what I don’t want. That is when I took a stand for the calibre of the conversations I was having.

    Since making that decision everything has changed. My friends no longer come to me to complain because I don’t entertain negative conversations. I am happy to talk about a challenge to get to the resolution but I will no longer dwell on what isn’t working because that doesn’t serve anyone. Protecting our mindset is so critical. I would encourage everyone to make the effort to eliminate the Conversations of Being Stuck and focus on initiating and engaging in Conversations of Success!

    Have you had any breakthroughs in this area?

  23. Adam B says:

    Funny statement, using my mind as your toilet, still cracks me up thinking about it. On a serious note this is a biggie for me. The whole reason I started personal development was to get rid of the crapola in my mind. So no longer will I let others contribute to that.

  24. Lise R says:

    I can relate Adam. I also found that the more I work on myself, the more I can quiet the monkey chatter in my head. Like you, there is no way I am going to let others wreck all of my hard work!

  25. Kym K says:

    Lise this is a work in progress for me – being a pleaser in the past I would put up with appalling behaviour from people around me – I have had some huge breakthroughs recently around this – Beyond Freedom Evolution and our training calls have really assisted me to see that putting up negativity is not a trait of a happy successful person.

  26. Lise R says:

    Well done Kym and good for you for realizing your past behaviours and making the changes to shift the patterns. We have enough chatter going on in our own minds that we don’t need to take on someone else’s stuff too πŸ™‚

  27. Lise R says:


    Over the last couple of weeks I have been really working on my mindset and focusing on attracting more abundance into my life. My new regimen includes meditation, more BFE and journalling. I am putting more energy into my visualizations and affirmations as well. I have also being doing a lot of work to keep up my vibration = limited Social Media, no tv, inspiring books and audios, as well as exercising 5 days/week.

    Over the last couple of days I have manifested $800 worth of unexpected incomes for a few different sources. Wow. Talk about powerful. On a recent Beyond Freedom Evolution supplemental video call Shane and Rachel talk about being the source of what we want to create more of in our lives. For me, this has been money and abundance. I have decided to give more – to people on the street, treating my friends to coffees/movies, donating to charities, etc. “Be the source of what you want to create more of in your life.”

    Do you have a recent example of the Law of Attraction in motion in your life? How can you be more of want to want to create/manifest in your own life?

  28. Lee Anne B says:

    Congrats, Love it Lise, i have found this myself too. In the last few years of my Beyond Freedom Evolution journey I have created more luck for myself. It comes out all the time. I have won alot of radio competitions, raffles at events etc, love when Law of Attraction is in action

  29. Lise R says:

    LOVE it Lee Anne, LOA at its best for sure! πŸ™‚

  30. Lise R says:


    We have spent a lot of time on the road this week and I have to come a new perspective which I thought I would share with you all. Often times here in our business we talk about going the distance and being a pack horse rather than a race horse out of the gate. It got me thinking to how this translates to the way I travel on the road when I am driving. When I am driving on the highway I take in the surroundings, environment, road conditions, weather, and speed limit then I set my speed on my cruise control.

    I don’t allow the speed of other people on the highway to gage my speed. I don’t allow my ego to kick in, but instead, set my pace and stick to it. I have the cruise control set on my business and have my long term lenses on the end destination. I am definitely a pack horse in my business and choose to follow my speed gauge and not get caught up in the speed of others on the road.

    What about you? Do you set your own speed?

  31. Kym K says:

    Great observation Lise and yes I completely agree I set my pace – we are all on individual journeys with our Lives and stuff to take into consideration – it is about follow your own path and being inspired by others but focusing on your path.

  32. Lee Anne B says:

    Great one Lise. I totally set my own speed. What others are doing is none of my business. I use others in the Polaris Global Community as inspiration not comparison

  33. Lise R says:

    Beautiful shares Kym and Lee Anne – so true, we need to set our own speed and stick to it!

  34. Lise R says:


    Beyond Freedom Evolution has played such a huge role in my life and the growth I have experienced over the last 4 years. As they say, when the student is ready, the teacher appears! I was definitely ready and Beyond Freedom Evolution stumbled its way into my life at a very critical time. Just in the last week alone I have noticed how much more calm and relaxed I have felt with having lots of family members at our place and the big lead up to Christmas with all of the associated chaos and excitement. Thanks to Beyond Freedom Evolution I have totally managed my emotions and now let myself get bogged down and feeling out of control.

    I used to be so emotional and let the opinions and emotions of others totally dictate my mood and the outcome of my day. Now I feel so much more in control and on purpose with who I am being and have developed the skills and the tools to cope with difficult and challenging situations. I know now my limits and respect them. I also know how to manage my emotions and reactions when I am pushed to my limits. That alone is worth it’s weight in gold.

    Have you noticed a big difference in yourself since the start of your journey with Beyond Freedom Evolution?

  35. Lee Anne B says:

    Great post thanks Lise, I can relate to being super emotional and letting others affect my mood. I love that Beyond Freedom Evolution has enabled me to grow and become more self reliant and confident.

  36. Lise R says:

    Thanks Lee Anne – yes, I think this is a big one for most people. Thanks to Beyond Freedom Evolution we can overcome this and move forward.

  37. Lise R says:


    The last couple of weeks have definitely tested me and my Polaris Global business. My work schedule has been drastically reduced meaning that now I am slotting in my calls, marketing and training calls in about a 1.5-2 hour window everyday. At the moment we have all of our family here from Australia so my priority has been to balance time with them and time spent on my business. Thank goodness for the flexibility of my Polaris Global and the ability to work around my family time and Chrismas/New Years festivities.

    I am seeing now just how capable I am of running the business on a very part-time basis and still get it all done. I have been running my business now on a full-time basis for a while now and have taken for granted the freedom of working my business all day from my home office. Here I am now, in a holiday home surrounded by 18 members of my extended family, while my nephews nap squeezing in some work and prospecting calls.

    I am forever grateful for the flexibility of my Polaris Global business and the ability to work any time, from anywhere.

  38. Lee Anne B says:

    Changing around my Polaris Global business DMO makes business exciting again. I have been the same over the last few weeks with less days for work and more family time. I am ready however now with the holidays over to get stuck back into it and get 2015 off to an amazing start

  39. Lise R says:

    I am with you Lee Anne. Time juggling over the holidays makes me very grateful to get back into “work mode” for 2015 with my Polaris Global business.

  40. Karen L says:

    I can relate Lise as normally I have the pleasure of all day to get my Polaris business work done and one of my changes to my DMO for 2015 is to do more in less time. Polaris Global offers so much flexibility, it’s awesome.

  41. Lise R says:

    I so agree Karen, I love doing my Polaris Global business too! My goal is to increase my productivity in the least amount of time.

  42. Lise R says:


    I am always the student since starting my journey with Beyond Freedom Evolution over four years ago now. I am constantly learning new lessons and drawing new distinctions from the world around me. We have been staying on the beach in Barbados the last few days and one of my favourite beach activities is beach-combing. I have discovered a new love for beach glass. For those that do not know what beach glass is, it is pieces glass that have been washed up on shore and the edges have been smoothed due to the current and the interaction with the sand.

    I couldn’t help but think how people would want to litter into the ocean by throwing their old beer/soda bottles into the ocean. I am a total green freak so this is beyond my comprehension. However, what I can recognize is Mother Nature’s ability to take something that has been discarded as trash and truly turn it into a treasure to keep. I have collected lots of sea glass on our trip already and I will always remember the memories created in its collection as well as the perseverance to create something beautiful from something not so beautiful.

  43. Lee Anne B says:

    Lovely Lise, I am sure you could create something lovely from the glass you have collected too x Lovely memory

  44. Lise R says:

    I sure will Lee Anne, I am already thinking of new craft projects with my newly found treasures πŸ™‚

  45. Lise R says:


    I have blogged about this subject so many times before but it is something that I am truly grateful for here with my Polaris Global business – FREEDOM! Freedom to work when I want, go where I want and be who I want. This week we took the day off on Thursday and went skiing because it was Jeremy’s birthday. We spent the day together skiing in the sun while most of the world was working in their 9-5 jobs that they hate. Pinch me.

    We have just booked our cabin for our upcoming Sovereignty Live event where we will be cruising around the South of Europe while learning all about wealth creation. Seriously?! This is what I do for a living. Absolutely amazing. The most amazing thing is that along the way I am evolving into a better version of myself and giving others the tools to do the same in their own lives.

    I still cannot believe the time freedom and control I have over my life now. I work hard and play hard and know how to keep a balance between the two. This year we have been to Caribbean, will be travelling the Europe, Las Vegas for my 30th and possibly more! All the while I will be running my business from wherever we are.

    I am so grateful to have found Polaris Global, and beyond grateful for what my journey so far has taught me πŸ™‚

  46. Lee Anne B says:

    I with you Lise, super grateful for Polaris Global and what this business has allowed me to create for myself and my family. Truly life changing

  47. Lise R says:

    Love it Lee Anne, you are such a beautiful demonstration of what the Polaris Global business model can really do!

  48. Karen L says:

    Love it Lise. We are so blessed to have such a portable and flexible business with Polaris Global. Today I went to the phone shop and changed phone carriers in readiness for going overseas later this year. I am taking a leaf out of Lee Anne’s book and getting myself more organised. In the past I would have done job this the week before I left in a big flap and panic and no sleep while I try to get everything organised. This year, being organised is on the list. My phone has already changed over to my new supplier and it all happened very smoothly.

  49. Lise R says:

    Good on you Karen, Sovereignty Live here we come and our businesses won’t skip a beat!

  50. Lise R says:


    Prior to beginning my journey here with Beyond Freedom Evolution and Polaris Global I used to be quite an aggressive driver. I would let little things get to me while behind the wheel and become very impatient very easily. I have done a lot of work in this department and I find that using my breathing also assists me in calming me down and remaining calm.

    I was driving home this morning from my spin class and I was cut off by someone. I immediately wanted to react and honk or allow myself to become tightly wound. Right at that moment, the song “End of the Line” by the Traveling Wilburys came onto my radio. If you are unfamiliar with the song, the main line in the song is, “It’s alright….” So timely! I believe the song came on for me at the moment as a sign from the Universe to calm down and know that it’s alright. So cool.

    Before my journey here with Polaris Global I lived so unaware of sign from the Universe and felt very much at effect for everything in my life. What a shift.

    Have you received any signs from the Universe lately?

  51. Adam B says:

    That’s great Lise.. yep I had a massive sign from the universe one month ago when I compared what I earned that month with my old job vs what i had earned that month with my business. Well hello Adam – what the… Are you doing?? Lol. The universe sure had a cool way to reach out to us, just gotta keep listening!

  52. Lise R says:

    Very cool Adam!!! And you are on your way this month to knocking out more in profit than what most would make in their 9-5 in a whole year! Wow, thank you Polaris Global!

  53. Karen L says:

    Many signs Lise and in particular finding money everywhere. Often at the car wash I find money so I end up getting a free car wash.

    Also received many acts of kindness and generosity. Recently I had a wheel alignment done on my car and a few weeks later clipped the kerb really badly and the steering wheel was not sitting straight. I took my car back the to the tyre place and they re did the wheel aligment for free! Had many scenarios like this over the past few months.

  54. Lise R says:

    So cool Karen! What an awesome thing to be attracting into your Universe. I am so grateful for the tools from my Beyond Freedom Evolution that have allowed me to be open to receiving these amazing signs and gifts from the Universe.

  55. Lee Anne B says:

    Love it Lise, I feel the same about so many areas of my life. Since starting with Beyond Freedom Evolution and I am alot calmer in lots of situations that would have in the past sent me into melt down mode. Super grateful

  56. Lise R says:

    Very cool Lee Anne. Remaining calm in otherwise chaotic situations is definitely a tool I am grateful for thanks to my Beyond Freedom Evolution.

  57. Lise R says:


    What I love so much about our community here at Polaris Global which is super unique is the feeling of community and connectedness in sharing in each other’s wins. Last night Rachel Krider and Adam hosted another amazing Polaris Global Team Call celebrating the recent success of Adam joining the prestigious $50k Club! When I first found out I jumped up with excitement! I ran downstairs right away to share the news with Jeremy and we were both over the moon for Adam & Amanda.

    What a cool experience to know that we are totally on board with celebrating each other’s success. In society/school we are taught to compete and try to be better than everyone else. I find that this fosters unhealthy emotions and feelings towards other people. Here at Polaris Global it is a totally different environment all together and it is a beautiful thing. We encourage, support and celebrate each other’s victories. This community has blown me away from my my first day here and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the world.

    I cannot wait until our upcoming Sovereignty Live event to toast Adam in person and celebrate with you all!

  58. Adam B says:

    Lise.. you are absolutely correct! Never in my life have I experienced such sincere kindness and well wishes from people I do and don’t know! I’ve been totally blown away by the support in this community and the celebrations in my success. NEVER would you get this in the fake world we’ve been brought up in. What a company and community. Polaris Global, there really is nothing else like it in this world.

    Thank you again for your wishes mate.

  59. Lise R says:

    I hear you Adam! We are super fortunate to be a part of the Polaris Global community where everyone is just as excited as you are when you reach your goals!

  60. Lee Anne B says:

    Love it Lise, I was the same. So excited for Adam and Amanda’s results this month. I am always super excited when I hear anyone in the Polaris Global community creating great results x

  61. Lise R says:

    Totally Lee Anne! A win for one of us is truly a win for all of us here in Polaris Global!

  62. Karen L says:

    For sure Lise. After a weekend away with running I celebrated everyone’s success and yet this was not the case by everyone else. Truly blessed to be a part if this awesomely supportive Polaris Global community.

  63. Lise R says:

    Well done Karen! As a member of our Polaris Global community you shine through in your running circle being a positive influence!

  64. Lise R says:


    It is spring time here in Canada and that has me outside working in the yard. I find it very therapeutic to breathe in the fresh air, dig into the earth and bask in the sun. Today, as I was weeding, I was reminded of a brilliant analogy that I learned in my early days here on my Polaris Global journey.

    “Don’t let the weeds take the garden.” – Jim Rohn

    Jim Rohn is an absolute legend and his famous phrase really stuck with me and will often pop up in my head . Today as I was weeding I became aware at just how fast the weeds have grown in. I just weeded everything last weekend and already I am seeing new weeds sprouting up everywhere.

    Jim Rohn believed that the same could be said about the mind. That we must be mindful at how fast the weeds (negative self-talk) can creep in and to be in there daily removing them. We are 100% responsible for how we feel and think at any moment in our day. If you are finding that your thoughts are becoming more negative and destructive in nature, then I would say it is time to do some weeding!

  65. Lee Anne B says:

    Love this Post Lise, so true. If you leave the weeds too long they will take over the garden. I can relate this to my Polaris Global business in so many ways x No weeds here

  66. Rachel K says:

    I love this post! What a perfect analogy while we head into Spring πŸ™‚ Only we have the ability to control which direction our thoughts go. Staying on top of weeding out the negatives is imperative to a healthy mind and to continue on a positive path forward. Nice one Lise!

  67. Adam B says:

    Okey Dokey.. time to get me a psychological adjustment.. hehe..

    That’s so cool Lise, exactly why Polaris offers so much more than a business in a box. It really helps us find new ways to keep on top of those weeds that keep sneaking into our ears.

  68. Lise R says:

    So cool Lee Anne, I can see that you are quite a great gardener in the garden of your mind πŸ˜‰ Your Polaris Global business is rewarding you accordingly! xx

  69. Lise R says:

    Thanks Rach – so true, only we have the power to keep on top of what we allow to grow in our minds. Garbage in, garbage out as they say. I prefer to only allow positive things to take root and cultivate in my garden!

  70. Lise R says:

    Get those gardening gloves on Adam! Haha! Polaris Global is the prime spot to remind us to only fill our minds with positive, encouraging messages.

  71. Karen L says:

    Great analogy Lise. Beyond Freedom Evolution and the Polaris training calls give us the tools to kills the weeds for sure.

  72. Lise R says:

    Absolutely Karen, we are becoming master gardeners here with Polaris Global!

  73. Lise R says:


    Since beginning my journey here with Polaris Global and Beyond Freedom Evolution I have been expanding in the area of decision-making in my life. I read somewhere that true leaders and entrepreneurs make decisions quickly and change their minds slowly. This is because they possess a strong inner compass and know which decisions are going to lead them closer to their goals.

    I have totally taken this on board in all areas of my life – business, relationships, money, health & fitness, etc. Just the other day I was driving home and I hesitated to pull into traffic, as a result I was stuck behind rows and rows of cars for what felt like an eternity. I sure learned my lesson there – hesitate and you lose. Make the decision quickly and commit to it.

    When I got started here with my Polaris Global business I made the decision very quickly. I got started right after my Three Way Call without talking it over with Jeremy! Here I am almost 5 years later and I am forever grateful that I made that big, bold decision that would ultimately change our lives πŸ™‚

  74. Lee Anne B says:

    Love it Lise. I have done the same, I have grown and developed in all areas of my life since starting with Polaris Global. This is due to the bold decisions I have made along the way

  75. Lise R says:

    Awesome Lee Anne – yes, I totally see you as a bold decision-maker as well! Your Polaris Global business is thriving as a result.

  76. Lise R says:


    Pauline and Manique did a wonderful job hosting last night’s Polaris Global training call. They talked a lot about making our Polaris Global business our number 1 priority. I really had a hard time with this at first. I used to allow other distractions to get me off course (social functions, family get-togethers, travel, etc.) I would let everything else come before my business and as a result, my business suffered. Pauline compared the work we do in our business to working a full-time job. If you just decided not to show one day, would you get fired? Maybe it’s time you fire yourself from your Polaris Global business and REHIRE yourself. Rehire a better version of you as CEO of your business/life!

    When I decided to take my Polaris Global business seriously and make it my #1 priority, everything changed. I found that Jeremy and the other people in my close circle began to also take it seriously. Rather than miss training calls or postpone prospecting/follow up calls now I do them wherever we happen to be – at home, at a friend’s place, travelling the world, or on the road somewhere in our car – I MAKE IT HAPPEN. Period.

    When you treat your business as a priority it will start rewarding you like the multiple six – seven figure income business that Polaris Global truly is!

    Have you ever let your life distractions get in the way of running your Polaris Global business?

  77. Lee Anne B says:

    Totally Lise, Have on many occasions let distractions get in the way of my Polaris Global business. But made the decision for my business to be priority and it has been ever since

  78. Lise R says:

    Absolutely Lee Anne. I see that in a big way in your Polaris Global business for sure!

  79. Lise R says:


    Woohoo my feet still haven’t hit the ground coming home from our latest Polaris Global Sovereignty Live event. Shane Krider shared so much real-life, applicable, valuable content I can’t even tell you! As you have all heard us say, those of you who were not at the event – GET YOUR HANDS ON THE CONTENT ASAP! I have never felt so in control and at the helm of my financial forecast. I feel like I have been given the tools and the education to really take things to a higher, more responsible level with my profits.

    Interestingly enough Shane covered off a lot of things that Jeremy and I have been talking about previously or have already put into action. What a confirmation from the Universe that we are on the right track and moving in the right direction. At the event we talked about gold and silver which is an area that Jeremy and I have an interest in as well. So as I am driving home from an appointment yesterday I come to a red light and look over to my left to see a shop front sign reading, “Sovereign Gold & Silver Exchange” – WHAT?! How cool is that? I just love the little reminders and signs that have a way of popping into my Universe when I am open.

  80. Lee Anne B says:

    Totally agree Lise, everyone no matter how long they have been running their Polaris Global business needs the content from the last event. The earlier in your business even better, I wish I had known this stuff years ago x

  81. Lise R says:

    Totally Lee Anne – there is no “right” time that a person must get to in their Polaris Global business to take advantage of this info, never too early!

  82. Lise R says:


    One of my absolute favourite concepts from our Beyond Freedom Evolution curriculum is the “Future Self” concept. I just love the idea of knowing that there is a future version of me out there that is achieving my future goals who can advise me on the next step to take in the present. This week I have totally drawn onto my Future Self for some timely business advice. I know that she has been where I am now and that she has gone through what was required to achieve the result.

    Bob Proctor says something along the lines of “Know that everything that must happen will happen on your path to achieving your goals.” I find this to be super powerful. Knowing that when I set my goals and my intentions that I am lining up all of the necessary challenges that must be surmounted in order for me to get to where my Future Self is now. The Universe is perfect and there are no mistakes. I find great comfort in this and knowing that I am on the right track no matter what it may feel like at present.

    A few months ago we had a Beyond Freedom Evolution call that addressed the exercise of writing our Future Self letter. I have done this and have found it to be the most powerful exercise to read it aloud to myself.

    Have you spoken to your Future Self recently?

  83. Rachel K says:

    No, I haven’t. But I love the idea of knowing that everything I am working towards in “the now” is adding to the person I will be in the future. Envisioning your future self is a great way to keep your goals in check because it reinforces that you can and will become that person. Thanks for sharing this idea Lise – love it.

  84. Lee Anne B says:

    Great post thanks Lise. Yes I have. I speak to her every time I make a decision. This concept from Beyond Freedom Evolution has really changed my life xx Thanks for the reminder

  85. Lise R says:

    Thanks for the comment Rache and I know that you do things consistently that are bringing you closer and closer to your Future Self xx

  86. Lise R says:

    Thanks Lee Anne. I agree, this concept from our Beyond Freedom Evolution curriculum has been a game changer for me too.

  87. Chelsey says:

    This is definitely something that I want to start doing as part of my daily routine. It starts or ends the day with clear intentions and positive thinking. Too often we are conditioned to focus on the problem instead of appreciating what the obstacle allowed us to learn. There is something good to be taken out of every situation!

  88. Lise R says:

    Thanks Chels – I agree. There is a lesson or positive to be taken out of every challenging situation for sure πŸ™‚

  89. Kristen says:

    Love this! I definitely feel you hold me accountable and I appreciate that quality in those close to me.

  90. Lise R says:

    Thanks Kristen, same to you! I love that you are on your own entrepreneurial journey kicking some major goals too! πŸ™‚

  91. Lise R says:


    I have been a paper diary girl now forever! There is something so rewarding about ticking things off the list and highlighting my appointments. I took a massive step out of my comfort zone this week when I decided to ditch the paper diary and convert 100% to Goggle Calendar after the awesome call hosted by Simon H and Lee Anne B.

    As with any big change, it was met with resistance and a bit of challenge. I forgot to add one follow up call, had some frustration in getting everything set up, and nearly reverted back but I decided to push through.

    Wow. Here I am now on the other side of all of that and I feel so on purpose and professional in my Polaris Global than ever before. I am sending out follow up invites to my prospects and I am finding that people are responding by respecting my time even more.

    I can’t believe it has taken me this long to convert to a digital calendar. The days of taking a photo of my paper diary before leaving the house are gone forever.

    Are you still using a paper diary? What is holding you back from converting?

  92. Rachel K says:

    Nice Lise! I looove my Google calendar, although I still make paper lists for my to-do’s. Another online tool I’ve found to be super handy is Google Drive. I used the excel sheets to track all my wedding planning and it was incredibly useful to be able to access my files anytime, anywhere. It’s also great for photo sharing and I find it easier to use than Dropbox. At heart though, I’m a paper girl myself in that i love physically crossing things off my list, writing things out, even in sending cards or letters as an alternative to emailing… Although the online accessibility sure is quick and handy!

  93. Lee Anne B says:

    You can totally do it Lise, you will love it once you completely swap over x You will wonder what took you so long x

  94. Lise R says:

    I love it Rache! I knew you would be a Google Calendar user! I love how tech savvy you are my friend! Every time I go to create an Excel spreadsheet, I think of you!

  95. Kalie H says:

    It’s funny how sometimes it just takes someone to put the idea out there and then you’re like “Wow, why haven’t I been doing this long before now!” As a new person within this community, one of my favorite things are the training calls. Not only because of the content you know you’re going to receive, but also for the little unintentional tips you get. I am SO open to absorbing ALL of the great tips and tricks that the successful people in this company are doing and the calls enable me to do so! Like you Lise, I am now a Google Calendar user and loving it!

  96. Lise R says:

    I am totally there Lee Anne – after two days I turned over to Jeremy and said, “what took me so long!?” I see how much more smoothly my Polaris Global business is running as well.

  97. Lise R says:

    Awesome Kalie! Good for you for being a person of action and putting into place what we are teaching on the Polaris Global training calls – that is definitely part of being a leader here!