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Polaris Leadership Advantage

The Polaris Advantage

The Polaris Advantage

Posted By Adam B

From my earliest memory, I always knew there was something different about me, that I was born to Lead. Polaris is a community full of like-minded leaders all looking for an advantage, which is an awesome place to hang around.

Ever heard the quote “Associate yourself with those you want to become”? Growing up I was a typical boy playing football and cricket. I never got good grades in school because I was so bored. In fact I remember my year 10 teacher suggesting dropping out of school and getting a job. Interestingly tho, from my earliest job I can remember that instead of socialising with people my age, I tended to foster very close relationships with my managers, role models if you will. The continual challenge for me is not playing by the set rules because if I didn’t agree with them, I’d just rebel.

What I have been learning with the Polaris Advantage is something very different again. For me it gives me permission to express my own feelings, be true to myself and learn and grow though my own mistakes. Having the ability to listen and mastermind with some incredible leaders is giving me the tools to really start understanding the difference now. There are always going to be rules to play by, but having the ability to now differentiate is powerful.

The aspiration I have for those who have achieved what I want and the ability to participate in a non-judgmental community for me is MASSIVE. There’s no tall poppy syndrome here, in fact Polaris offers the exact opposite – everybody is genuinely excited for you when you achieve. That in my opinion is TRUE leadership. Thank you Shane Krider for putting this together…

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  1. Lee Anne B says:

    Love it Adam, yes I can relate to what you have said. I never hung around anyone from school when I was at school. When I worked at Hungry Jacks I used to stay and help the managers and pretty much alot of the time did their job (even though I wasn’t a manager) I always had the desire to better myself and be in a leadership role. So I am also so grateful to Shane, Rachel and Greg for putting together such a wonderful business and community to allow us all to do just that x

  2. Leisa Timms says:

    Hi Adam, was an inspiring post. A natural Leader by the sounds of it. Cheers to you

  3. Reti P says:

    Hi Adam I agree with what you said that everyone is always genuinely happy for you when you achieve. I can’t say that about any of my past work places and this is another of the many things I love about our Polaris Global community.

  4. Debbie R says:

    Adam the rebelling you describe is really one of the qualities of an entrepreneur. Although it is often looked upon in society as a bad thing if you are getting out of line and not following the “rules” and wanting to go your own way, it is a strong quality of an entrepreneur. I think you have been an entrepreneur all your life, not a rebel….now you have simply learned how to apply it:)

  5. Elizabeth R says:

    Pre my journey in personal development I was a person who believed “the rules don’t apply to me” as well!

    What I have learned is that there will always be some rules. They are designed to work for everyone, such that we live in a world that works rather than in anarchy. My relationship to rules changed using Beyond Freedom Evolution.

    My choice to be a positive part of this planet requires me to respect rules but I have also learned I am allowed to push boundaries! When I understood this, I discovered a freedom to push my limits as far as I like which has little to do with following basic rules in society (for example driving rules).

    The rules will always be there but I’m no longer trapped by them, or feel the need to break them in order to fly.
    Instead I have changed the context to empower me, that is “pushing boundaries” for what is possible.

  6. Alison W says:

    Awesome Adam, Being able to be true to yourself is a gift. Love also being able to give that gift to others.

  7. Bart says:

    I really enjoyed this blog, Adam. You are correct about the leaders here in this community. And, a true leaders, each one allows the other to lead in their unique and meaningful way. I have never experienced that before.

  8. Debbie R says:

    Reti, something I have learned is that when people around you are not happy for your successes, it is has nothing to do with you…..and is a result of their own insecurity. When you recognize this, it helps you not take it personally.

    Great distinction Elizabeth…pushing the limits. That is when you see what you are capable of.

  9. Debbie R says:

    Agree Alison….it’s one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves…

  10. Adam B. says:

    Thanks Debbie!!

    Totally agree Alison, never thought of as a gift before..

  11. Pauline O says:

    What a great differentiation Adam between being the rebel or being the willing student. Great leaders are great students of course, first and foremost and forever. I see the Polaris Advantage as providing us with the gift to empower everyone to step up and take their place at the top whether that’s in taking the lead in their own life or in this community as well.

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