January 9th, 2014 by Amy Adams

Scientific proof of Law of Attraction?

Posted by Andrew B

Kids who remember past lives…andrew bartlett

Have you ever heard the adage “we are not a human having a spiritual experience but rather a spirit having a human experience?”

I’ve heard this many times over the years.  While I’ve pondered it and generally given this proposition a fleeting nod, the reality that this profound existential paradigm encompasses us human BEINGS for real, has never really held much of my attention.

I mean here I am, a human brain – with a body to supply the necessary oxygen and nutrients to fuel the cells, fluid within membranous bone to protect the delicate gelatinous form, and a musculoskeletal system to move the sensoro-cognitive-motor organ around in the physical world where it exist – EARTH.

So our brain is jelly, literally! Living brain has very limited form. Brain is suspended in ligaments and fluid to support it. This is what gives the living brain its shape. If the skull, the cerebrospinal fluid and the brain’s suspensory ligaments are removed, the brain flops. (You may have seen a lamb’s brain before it’s cooked; all wobbly and floppy. Isn’t it astounding that all your feelings, all your thoughts and all your actions (sensoro-cognitive-motor) exist within jelly! WOW!

That’s not all that’s incredible. It appears to be validated – one brain is not linearly linked to one consciousness – I mean seriously.

A field of scientific study has meticulously analysed the cases of young children who remember past lives.  Researchers such as Dr Ian Stevensen, Dr Carol Bowman, Dr Jurgen Keill and Dr Jim Tucker among many others have for half a century, carefully assessed cases where children at the ages of two to five years, begin to reveal facts about a life they have lived before – facts that can subsequently be verified by gold standard, scientific examination.  And there are bountiful cases of just such fascinating “reincarnations!”

The conclusion from this work – that consciousness transcends the physical.

A basic assumption of modern neuroscience is that the brain creates the mind or consciousness.  An alternative is that consciousness goes through the brain BUT EXISTS OUTSIDE OF IT. Consciousness can transcend death of the physical brain and in some cases permeate a new one.

Therefore – is it possible you can use your consciousness to create affects at a distance to your physical self? Does scientific validation of reincarnation prove that the law of attraction is alive and well?

11 Responses to “Scientific proof of Law of Attraction?”

  1. Elizabeth R says:

    To answer your question, I’m not sure.

    Don’t get me wrong – I’m sure the law of attraction is alive and well (I have my own evidence for this which I see clearly daily) but do not know if reincarnation is the proof.

    Yes I can create affects at a distance. A simple example is that I always create a parking spot right outside where I want to go.

    Do I think I am reincarnated? No. Well maybe. Just because I don’t have clear memories of a past life doesn’t mean it isn’t so. I just am not connected to it.

    Food for thought though…….

    cheers Liz

  2. Lee Anne B says:

    Hey Andrew, Cool post. Got me thinking for sure. I love to think that we are really creating our own universe (not just life). And to think our brains are just Jelly.. well that explains how my brain feels at the end of a long day LOL. Thanks for the thought provoking post.

  3. Sarra HW says:

    It’s a brain teaser just thinking about it!
    There is always going to be the “we don’t know what we don’t know” and I can’t say I wholly subscribe to the idea of reincarnation, but hey, I can’t quite deny it either! The field of Physics suggests we do leave an energy imprint at times, especially in extremes of emotion. I can accept that since everything is created from energy. Is that what ghosts are?!!

    I second the ‘thought provoking’ , Lee Anne!!

  4. Jan S says:

    Hi Andrew, Love this topic. I had never heard this adage “we are not a human having a spiritual experience but rather a spirit having a human experience?”
    I have always lent towards the belief in past lives. I am not totally convinced but this adage puts it more in perspective. For me it totally reinforces my belief in The Law of Attraction.. As I become more aware of it’s forces through studying BFE, I am noticing and experiencing it more and more. This is very exciting for me. Just simple things are happening at the moment such as, over the Christmas period, I found a very convenient car park every time I went shopping. Unbelievable. My husband said he always wanted to go to Mt Tamborine, today we went to a party at Mt Tamborine, I have wanted to go to Vietnam for many years in memory of my late husband (a Viet Vet), and of course that’s where we will be on the Cruise.in February. The mind boggles with what will happen next.
    I have always felt that if I have a past life I was amongst the poor in China and/or a slave in Egypt. I wonder if this is where my feeling of “life is always a struggle” has sprung from. It is all very interesting and thought provoking. I feel it also gives me deeper understanding of one of my self stopping thought patterns and therefore the opportunity to work through it with BFE.

  5. Andrew B says:

    Thanks Liz, same here – I don’t have any past life memories either. I’ve been reading a book about young children who do, and who’s cases are scrutinised by scientific method and validated. Usually, by age 5 or 6, they lose their memories as their current life consciousness solidifies and takes over. Very commonly observed in Eastern cultures for eons but not in Western cultures so much – until the past 50 years when cases began to be studied more fervently. Cases of children from “normal” families – many of them with high Christian beliefs. Fascinating reading and, for me, a flash of thought that consciousness certainly can transcend the physical, not just after death I would infer, but during living time as well. Andrew xx.

  6. Andrew B says:

    Thanks for the comments everyone. If you’re interested, the book I have been reading is called Return To Life by Dr Jim Tucker. Available on Amazon.com. Andrew xx.

  7. LC says:

    Sounds good thanks Andrew

  8. Karen says:

    Cool stuff Andrew!

  9. Pam B says:

    A most fascinating subject and one I will follow closely. Perhaps you should read ‘Heaven is for Real’ by Todd Burpo. A four year old boy’s account of his ‘visit’ to heaven when he died. His story cannot be faulted by Christian beliefs and is more than a flash of thought that consciousness is able to transcend the physical in life as well. Love your line of thought……..

  10. Kimberly B says:

    definitely an interesting post and plenty of food for thought.

  11. Berni I says:

    is it possible you can use your consciousness to create affects at a distance to your physical self? YES
    Does scientific validation of reincarnation prove that the law of attraction is alive and well? Yes if you need proof-
    it works with or without proof