June 27th, 2016 by Amy Adams


Posted by Ann-Maree M

As much as I love travel, I’m loving being home too. Emptying the suitcase and getting back into a routine is wonderful, although I do miss having someone cook for me.

While I’ve been away, the seasons have changed, the winter sunsets spectacular and the locals are happy to see me, as I am to see them.camera

As I unpacked my stuff, I too unpacked what I’d experienced. While it was fresh in my mind I reviewed the hand written notes I took from the Influence Live conference I’d been a part of. This extraordinary event over 8 days has been life changing for me and those who were part of it. The content presented by Shane Krider in tandem with the experiences we had work-shopping together, the conversations with others and discovery on the ground in new cities was a rich and full experience.

This week is an opportunity for me to express my thoughts about a key topic that struck a chord with me, gaining deeper distinctions.

The result is two-fold – I get to better understand what I learnt by sharing this with you and then you in turn may have the opportunity to reflect and pay it forward to a friend. Everyone wins, ‘yeay” we love that!

What does being a leader mean?
I took a look at what the Oxford Dictionary says – a straight forward, no-frills answer.

noun: the person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country – a natural leader – the leader of a protest group
synonyms: chief – head – principle – boss – commander – captain
I appreciate the dictionary presents the top line description of a word although how often have you experienced a person in the leader position and it’s just that – top line, with a ‘do what I say’ posture.
What do we look for in a leader?
We’ve all had experiences with people in leadership positions, including ourselves, either in business or at home with the family. So what is it that distinguishes a leader from a boss or a chief or the head of the household?  How do we define a leader today?
For me it’s when the leader is on purpose with their values, ahead of asking or expecting another to follow suit. It’s a demonstration of and being true to oneself.
Here’s a few points I have clarity for the leader, on purpose.

1.When the leader stops buying their own excuses
2.Gets on with it whatever it is vs. giving up
3.Speaks from the heart to then speak their mind
4.Knows as a leader and to lead, they require another person to be present ‘a follower’
5.Understands and respects empathy to serve others instead of sympathizing
6.Has a point of view and expresses it
7.Understands they may piss off another person from time to time – ‘oops’
8.Doesn’t require permission to take a stand
9. Has the ability to confront a situation
10.Grants themselves the space to be
‘Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader success is about growing others’ – Jack Welsh

Shane spoke about first being our ‘authentic self’. This is where leadership begins and the first person being led is ourselves. In some areas or our lives, we lead naturally and in others we have the potential to shrink. Why is that? It’s a combination of the negative thoughts and the pictures in our mind that create some version of a story that doesn’t serve us. The alternate is to give ourselves the space to expand, to fully express ourselves.
Glance around at any of the successful and worldly identities we know and appreciate – Richard Branson, Oprah, Bill Gates to name a few. They are the purest form of demonstrating a leader on purpose, speaking their mind, showing vulnerability, never shrinking from making their point of view known, even if it’s not in line with the popular vote.
We admire these people for speaking from their heart to express what’s on their mind.

These three words ‘Be Do Have’ are the guide and the magic comes about when we respect the order.
It’s not ‘Have Do Be’ The order begins with ‘who are we being’.
To be the Leader ask yourself ‘Who am I Being’ and what actions ‘Would I be Doing’ and taking towards the outcome I desire. The ‘Have’ comes about as a result of Be and Do.
When the dice rolls and it’s your turn to take the lead next, consider whether you’re expanding or contracting, how it feels in your body and then decide to make the change to be authentic.
Transformation can take place in an instant when we allow it to take up residence, leaving behind ‘what was’ as if it never existed. Just as we fuel our body through eating well, doing regular exercise, feeding our mind with the outstanding Master of Destinies program too is a daily practice, keeping us moving forward in create a healthy balanced life.


  1. chrissy greig says:

    Thanks Anne-Marie for a very informative post. I loved a comment on our Prosperity of Life training call the other day hosted by Shane Krider and Rachel Krider when Rachel comment yes to be a leader you must have followers but simultaneously as a leader you must also be a follower.

  2. Kym K says:

    Great Blog post Anne-Marie – the word that comes to mind from all you have shared is “expansion” all of the topics you have covered are to do with expansion – to be more of who we truly are.
    Its a weird game that we all come knowing exactly who we are as babies and then life layers all the delusion over our knowingness and then we get to play the game of peeling that delusion away and revealing ourselves, our beautiful, unique, quirky selves to the world.
    I am sure glad I am surrounded by awesome entrepreneurs all with a similar mission to create change by being that change. I am looking forward to seeing more of who you are. Great post.

  3. Ann-Maree M says:

    Thanks Chrissy and Kym and appreciate your comments.
    I’ve really loved hearing Shane speak on the calls to the Influence Live content since the event.
    It’s timely for me to step up, demonstrate what I now understand, who I am and writing is just one avenue for me to express this.
    Kym and Chrissy, what an amazing ”bubble of reality” we have to grow and develop in. x

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