September 10th, 2015 by Amy Adams

Taking in what you are learning

Posted by Caroline B

Somedays we can hear what we are being taught, but if we don’t have our listing ears on it just won’t sink in (thanks to KM son have your got your listing ears on mummy). IMG_1612

My thoughts on how to take things in.

Turn everything else off when you are listening
Take notes
If it is a recording stop and start it as many time that you have to to hear what the person said
Live take quick notes and the go back and go over the recording, I bet you get something different out of it the second time
Write a blog about what you have heard it will sink into your mind a lot more
Take action on what you have learnt
Set goals on the new things that have triggered inspiration in you

It only takes a brief moment for inspiration

I have often thought to myself no I wont go for that walk this morning

I don’t want to go for a walk this morning i’ll have a day off
Its much nicer in here in bed
Too cold out there
Im too tired
I will be late for work if I go for a walk
You probably be late even if you don’t go for a walk
I will go for a walk when I come home
Tomorrow is another day I will go for a bigger walk tomorrow
No one is expecting me to walk with them

I have use those excuse and so many more  then biggest thing is that we have to have that goal what ever it is, other wise we can not create that inspiration to do something.

As silly as it sounds I wanted to draw with felt pens and colouring pens (doodling art) (Abstract Art) and today I bought myself a sketch book and started my abstract art, It only too one moment to get inspired to buy a sketch book to do my drawings in. But this has taken my some time to get motivated to start back my hobby. I had made some many excuse to take time out for myself. One moment in a meeting (thanks to PO said she once had a conversation with Jim Rohn) you have to work harder on yourself than you business. I can remember this as she said it yesterday even tho it was about 3 – 4 years ago.

Inspiration only takes one moment we just have to open to be inspired.

6 Responses to “Taking in what you are learning”

  1. Fiona C says:

    So true Caroline l sometimes have to hear things 10 times before it sinks in, love your abstract art keep it up 🙂

  2. Caroline B says:

    Thanks Fiona Yes sometimes we have to hear things ten time to get it to sink in. I feel that I have had my listening ears turned on.

  3. Cathy says:

    Love your blog Caroline – I think when we see and feel results it motivates us to keep going.
    And sometimes we just have to hear things a few times for it to sink in.
    Depends on our mindset at the time.
    Love your artwork

  4. Karen L says:

    Enjoyed your blog Caroline. One thing I have learnt from Polaris Global is that when the student is ready, the teacher appears. Sometimes you do have to listen to or read something more than once for it to really sink in.

  5. Caroline B says:


    Why we don’t step up to the plate.

    After being at our training conference today I had time to myself driving home.
    As the thoughts of the day run through my head I realised over the course of the day that I’ve just been too hard on myself.

    I have been doubting myself for so long and not stepping up to the plate. Have you ever heard of “Make sure that you get what you come for” (thanks Kirsty). I got that in the first five minutes of the afternoon, are you taking this serious? The answer is a big fat NO.

    The reason why that I have been doubting my ability and I think that over time we don’t step up to the plate straight away when we certainly have had the opportunity. Then because we have not stepping up to the plate we start to retract into ourselves and just cant find a way out. I as I stand here today I encourage everyone to stand up and be noticed as Lise said the other day on a call day “be loud and proud”. Thanks to our personal development program we just have to depart from where we are make a decision and then take action.

    Some of the things that we have to remember everyday.

    Be serious about what you want and go for it
    Every day stand up and be counted and decide what are 2 steps today you are going to take
    Follow through on every thing that you do and don’t do it half hearted
    Change your thoughts on what is possible – believe that everything is possible.
    Make a decision and back it up with action
    It’s not what happens it’s what you do about it.
    Be the CEO of your own company everyday without fail
    Believe in yourself, don’t doubt yourself
    They can do it I CAN DO IT
    Be do have
    Make bigger decisions
    Have to be the leader you have to become the leader
    I am the person I could be

    We all can go from O to hero as Sir Richard Branson says “Screw it lets do it”.

  6. Brianna says:

    Great post Caroline, I listened to the recorded calls so many times especially Alchemy calls. Today I’ve listened to the latest alchemy call 3 separate times throughout the day and have heard it different each time, it’s so crazy how our minds hear what we need to hear when we hear it and block out everything else.

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