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The Beyond Freedom Evolution Mindset

BFE Mindset

BFE Mindset

Posted By Lee Anne B

If you have been using Beyond Freedom Evolution for more than a day you would have learnt that your mindset plays a very important part in the outcome of your life, whether you create success or whether you are still dreaming of it!

Your mind can sometimes be the exact reason why you didn’t achieve what you wanted. It can be the biggest stopper in your life. Why is this? We all have what are called limiting beliefs. A belief we take as being real because we have not seen any evidence to prove to us otherwise. Unless we work really hard to move past these limiting beliefs, we stay stuck in our current reality and don’t try overly hard to move toward our goals because they seem like too big of a dream.

Beyond Freedom Evolution enables us to work on these principles to build a stronger Mindset around what we want.

The people that do create success and go out and get their goals are the ones that see the limiting belief and turn it into drive to make a new belief which is so much bigger than their current mind can conceive. Once it is achieved their limiting belief is then so much less limiting and a higher belief is established. After all – beliefs are just thoughts that you have thought over and over; your mind thence taking them to be real.

You are totally in control of your journey in life, and you deserve to have the best one ever!

What are some limiting beliefs that you have come to on your journey? Did you let them stop you or did you push past and create a new belief? How has Beyond Freedom Evolution assisted you with this?

17 Responses to “The Beyond Freedom Evolution Mindset”

  1. /.Leisa T says:

    Wow limiting beliefs hey… Well I had quite a few prior to starting with Polaris
    I didn’t believe in myself for one and not believing in yourself as an inflow affect of so many things, from depression, anxiety, low self esteem and no confidence and so on. But hey, I turned my life around and am completely different. Cheers for another great inspiring post Lee

  2. Jess says:

    Hi Lee Anne, you are doing so well with with your business and you are an inspiration. I guess I relate to you as you are a Mum of two young children like myself. Can I ask (if you don’t mind) how long you have been with Polaris now?
    My limiting belief was that because I had a rough start in life and never made it to uni like my friends, I landed in my twenties feeling lost with no sense of self, and certainly no self love in fact the opposite really. I thought I could never be as good as them as I was not educated as they were and I had a very low opinion of myself.
    But when I made a decision to create my own life never minding about where I had come from or what had happened so far, I met a great husband with a ready made close knit family who welcomed me in like I was their own and showed my what life was about. We then had two children, and it was then I started my own business in something that I knew I could do: CAKES! This filled me with confidence as I had finally created my own reality. JessX

  3. bart says:

    So thought provoking, Lee Anne and so spot-on! When I find myself with a limiting mindset, I stand in front of a mirror and say out loud, “Tell me why you are right and why I shouldn’t take the risk?” I’ve yet to get a response. Sounds goofy, but it does work. Great blog!!!!!

  4. Debbie R says:

    Lee Anne I find it is always our mindset that is the biggest stopper in life. As we know from so many inspiring, everyday people in Beyond Freedom Evolution that have experienced extreme adversity, they went on and accomplished amazing things because their mindset was stronger than their physical limitations. I think that is one of the most impactful things about BFE…..we see everyday people facing extreme challenge and adversity achieving their dreams because they used their biggest strength…their mindset.

  5. Chrissy G says:

    Limiting Beliefs Lee Anne where do I start. I didn’t even know the little saying that I had heard from childhood were limiting beliefs until I was using Beyond Freedom Evolution.
    1/ Money doesn’t grow on trees you know ( limiting your abundance thinking)
    2/ Don’t get too excited or you will be just disappointed ..I had to deal with this one just recently. We are looking to purchase another Horse Property and I didn’t want to go and look at it in case we didn’t get it.
    Well lets change that right now I’m off to view it on the weekend and visualize myself living in it.
    Thanks Beyond Freedom Evolution .

  6. Anna & Asher S says:

    Thanks for your blog Lee Anne. I wish my dad would be willing to learn about limiting beliefs and how much of a show stopper they have been in his life. He is a wonderful man and has a great entrepreneurial spirit and the drive to succeed but when it comes to hitting a road block on his journey it sets him back weeks if not months! I believe that when we are willing to be vulnerable enough to admit we even have these limiting beliefs that’s when the true journey of self development and transformation really begins! Blessings, Anna

  7. Alison W says:

    Great post Lee Anne. I am forever grateful to BFE as I can confront my limiting beliefs and move on.

  8. Carrie M says:

    Thanks for another great post Lee Anne – you definitely have a groovy way with words! One of the biggest limiting beliefs that I have had is around leadership; not thinking that I was ‘old enough’ (being 30) to lead, assist, and coach others. BFE has been so vital in looking at the very core of how these beliefs came about – whether or not it was something small that someone said and I believed and had carried with me. Untying these limiting beliefs, letting them go, leaving them behind and creating new, positive, awesome ones has been SO empowering! Cheers!

  9. Lee Anne B says:

    Leisa – Thanks Leisa and huge congrats to you for turning your life around, not many people can do that. So that is absolutely awesome

    Jess – Hey Jess, thanks for the message. I have been with Polaris now over 4 years 🙂 it has been the best 4 years ever. Huge congrats to you for not letting your past and bringing up to be the story of your life. Creating a life of your own design is the only way to go 🙂 Great to have you on board x You will love it here and love the changes and things you will learn through Beyond Freedom Evolution.

    Bart – Love it Bart, I might try that one day 🙂 made me giggle xx

    Debbie – I totally agree Debbie, our mindset can be our biggest stopper. I had a real life experience of this the other day at training. I train 4 days in a row with my trainer. The first 3 days we did strairs (not once but 6+ times) and these are straight up about 60+ of them, so by the 4th and 5th time my legs are burning like no tomorrow and I have trained my mind a way to push past that now I have done it a few times.

    I was then after the stairs doing pushups and I totally got to the point where I wanted to go home, but i was pushing through anyway, my trainer then says to me we only have about 5 mins left, as soon as he said that I feel to the ground in a heap and could not get my arms to push up anymore, it was like my mind said ok, 5 mins, nope close enough we have had enough. I took my focus off the “going to nail these push ups” and turned it to ok we are done and that was it, my body was done. Just like that. I even said to my trainer, my brain has lost focus and ready to go home. So really our brain is so powerful and the mindset does play a huge part in everything we do. So happy to have Beyond Freedom to assist with this.

    Chrissy – Oh money doesn’t grow on tress, I have heard that many times in the past. Great one Chrissy, goodluck (not that luck has any part of it) xx

    Anna & Asher – It is hard sometimes Anna to watch others and know what they need to do, but see them taking another path. I know people to that live in the “crappy thing that happened ” for months too. But I suppose it is their journey and we can only support them and assist them with their mindset change gradually x

    Alison – Thanks Alison, Beyond Freedom Evolution is a powerful tool for sure

    Carrie – What I will say Carrie is I am 34 🙂 so age has no barrier at all. I know I started my first business when I was 21, and I had that thought at the start too, because I didn’t have Beyond Freedom Evolution to assist with my thoughts. I ma sure you will make an awesome leader, coach and mentor you just have to believe that yourself and back it up with Action. In saying that you are a leader based on your blogs and comments on all the posts I have seen. Congrats x

  10. Kirsty M says:

    Limiting Beliefs sure are amazing to discover! I didn’t realise I had them until being educated through Beyond Freedom Evolution. Now I take a regular check on myself as to what new ones have crept in and I’ve found it can happen in any area of life – health, fitness, finance, relationships, parenting etc etc… Thankfully we have the tools in BFE to pull them apart & design the best mindset for success.

  11. Darryl M says:

    You don’t always know that you have any limiting beliefs – this is another great reason to join Polaris Global and start your journey with the Beyond Freedom Evolution curriculum. Most people never think about what is holding them back and why. Beyond Freedom Evolution gives you a chance to stop and think about your current situation and where you are actually heading. An opportunity that many people never get!!

    Let’s offer that opportunity to others!!

  12. Lee Anne B says:

    Kirsty – I agree, we are very lucky to have Beyond Freedom Evolution and the exercises and tools to help us “check in”

    Darryl – So many more people do need Polaris Global and Beyond Freedom Evolution, as you are right alot of people don’t even realise they have limiting beliefs

  13. Elizabeth R says:

    This is a doozey!
    My old chestnut is “I’ll be successful one day” – meaning I don’t have to do anything TODAY to move my life forward. Justifying procrastination! Kinda yucky when I look at it and since I’ve been taking action this year in areas where I’ve done nothing for ages, I am seeing some results! And my vibrations, feelings, guts feel better as a bonus!!!!

  14. Lee Anne B says:


    My Beyond Evolution Journey has been a very interesting one to say the least. Let me be honest up front, I really didn’t know the power-program I had my hands on when I first started with Polaris Global and purchased my Beyond Freedom Evolution program.

    Initially I opened it, looked through it and said “Wow that looks great,” then didn’t use it at all for the first little while. I am not 100% sure why. I know I was telling myself I had done a lot of Personal Development and was still actively doing it at the time and therefore I didn’t have time to do anymore. Also I think I was maybe scared of what I would uncover if I started doing this program?

    What I can say now is “WOW..” Beyond Freedom Evolution is absolutely a life changing program, if you allow it to be and you actually use it (not just skim through and not do the exercises).. but actually DO IT!

    Beyond Freedom Evolution has not only assisted me in my Weight Loss Mindset (which needed a lot of work,) it has helped me in so many other ways. As I have mentioned in other blogs my complete life today is totally opposite to what it used to be.

    Beyond Freedom Evolution has assisted me with my mindset around money, making it and keeping it. I have also gained great distinctions around success and failure and moving out of a “scared of failing” mindset which I had developed due to previous business decisions and failures (or learnings as they truly are.)

    Beyond Freedom has been an awesome journey for me. And it is not over; it really is just beginning and I am looking forward to creating more distinctions and mindset shifts as I move along.

    What has been your journey with Beyond Freedom Evolution so far? Were you quick to have wins or a slow starter like me?

  15. Debbie R says:

    If you bought a cookbook and put it on the shelf and didn’t ever open it, you would never experience the many wonderful flavours the recipes had within them. What you have described Lee Anne is just like that…..no one gains the benefits you have without immersing themselves regularly in the Beyond Freedom Evolution program. It is our blueprint for life, our job is to use it and apply the knowledge we gain to create the life we want.

  16. Elizabeth R says:

    I also had a slow start to really delving into BFE Lee Anne, as I was a student of much other personal development. But as I have learned, to talk the talk you need to walk the walk! Now I’m even running!

  17. Kimberly B says:

    Some great points Lee Anne. I am stoked at how much I have changed in the last 12mths with both my confidence levels and my mindset.