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The New Me With Polaris Global & Beyond Freedom Evolution

The New Me!

The New Me!

Posted By Lee Anne B

Let me start by saying I am just so excited about everything at the moment. Polaris Global and Beyond Freedom Evolution have been the best things ever that have come into my life.

Since I started here with Polaris Global my life has never been the same.

I am pleased to say that the NEW me is here! I know it’s not a destination and in no way am I saying I’m perfect, (far from it,) but I really do feel like the NEW me. Let me share with you why?

In my past life before finding Polaris Global and starting on the Beyond Freedom Evolution journey to summarize for you: I was overweight (28kg in fact over weight), I was very stressed, I ate poorly (chocolate, chips, lollies and pasta etc), I never exercised (I hated it in fact;) I really didn’t love myself.  I was working 60-70 hours a week, never spending quality time with my daughters or husband, and only making about $30K per year.  In total I felt like a complete failure. I was not happy at all.

It was then I found Polaris Global and started on my Beyond Freedom Evolution journey. And now, having experienced the growth from this journey I feel I am a NEW me.

My description of the NEW me: I am almost at my goal weight and this time not from doing any Yo-Yo dieting, but from actually changing my lifestyle. I have been on a healthy eating plan (clean eating in fact) and have stuck with it consistently. I am working with a Personal Trainer 4 days a week, plus going to hot Yoga. I have not only lost a lot of weight, I am actually getting very toned and starting to love the change I see and the change that others are noticing in my body shape.  I have worked heavily on my mindset over the years with Beyond Freedom Evolution and have really stopped the monkey chatter from traveling in and tricking my mind. I have been able to spend more quality time with my family and have increased my income enormously.  I would like to thank to Polaris Global for such a generous compensation plan that has allowed me to see my dreams come true. To sum it up, I am taking total responsibility for all aspects of my life and creating the life I want!

My biggest WIN since starting with Polaris Global is discovering the NEW me!

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  1. Fay L says:

    Taking responsibility for all that occurs in my life has been a huge winning strategy for me Lee Anne. Beyond Freedom Evolution has taught me so much invaluable information, so grateful! I find on occasions I’m pulling myself up and reflecting how I should be taking responsibility for my past and not blaming others whilst also looking at the winning strategy of taking responsibility moving forward. I’ve had some huge wins with this of late. Thank you Polaris Global and to you to Lee Anne 🙂 x

  2. pam says:

    Learning to take full responsibility for yourself through Polaris Global and Beyond Freedom Evolution has certainly paid off for you, Congratulations!

  3. Lee Anne B says:

    That is awesome Fay well done. So excited for the wins you have been having with your Beyond Freedom Evolution program

    Thank you Pam, absolutely

  4. Lee Anne B says:


    More recently in my life I have noticed how much more calm I have become. I attribute this to my Beyond Freedom Evolution program mainly. I feel it has totally allowed me to not worry about what might happen and what can happen, and focus more on enjoying the moment.

    We can’t always be in total control of everything around us, especially when we are travelling (and travelling with 7 people). Sometimes we have to just go with it and take control.

    I love that since starting Beyond Freedom Evolution I have become more relaxed and calm and less stressed. It has been great for my health and overall vitality too.

    Of course I am human and I still have things that stress me out; just not as much as they used too and, if they do, not as long as they used too.

    Have you noticed too, that your stress has reduced since working with Beyond Freedom Evolution?

  5. Lise R says:

    YES! Wow, my stress level would totally depend on what was happening around me. I would attribute my mood and stress level to other people or things happening in my environment. Now, I know that it all has to do with me and how I perceive situations to be. Very grateful!

  6. Lee Anne B says:

    What a great win Lise. That is so wonderful. It really is a big shift and it means that no matter what others are doing we control how we feel. So grateful to have learnt this through Beyond Freedom Evolution too

  7. Lee Anne B says:


    Another wonderful Professional Marketers Call thanks to Shane Krider and Rachel Krider.

    The call was focused on the Employee mindset compared to the Entrepreneur mindset.

    So many things came up for me on this call. I have been an entrepreneur most of my working career, but I have to say even though I was my own boss, I still had some elements of the employee mindset going on. That was until I started using Beyond Freedom Evolution and really got my mindset in the right place.

    Shane talked about people choosing to stay comfortably numb and not do what they need to do, rather than taking full responsibility.

    The employee will not understand that what they did today does not generate the results today.. like planting a seed it takes time to grow.

    The employee mindset will give up the responsibility of their life, for security and comfort they think a job will provide.

    Where all you need to do to create success is give yourself permission to go for it!

    Do you still have some employee mindset elements hanging around in your mind?

  8. Lise R says:

    Yes, this was a great call for sure. There are definitely moments where I still feel the employee mentality take over for sure. Plugging into BFE and the training calls quickly wipe that thinking away.

  9. Lee Anne B says:

    Absolutely Lise, Beyond Freedom Evolution is a great tool/coach to get someone thinking more like an entrepreneur for sure

  10. Jan S says:

    This has been a “biggie” for me and I am still in the process of letting go of the employee mentality. It is only through Beyond Freedom Evolution and listening to Shane Krider on the calls that I even realised there was such a thing. I am finding that the more responsibility I take on, the more I Know For Myself, the freer and more confident I feel. Who would have thought responsibility could be so liberating.

  11. Lee Anne B says:

    i know right Jan. Taking full responsibility of life is something I have also learnt through Beyond Freedom Evolution and I agree it is liberating

  12. Lee Anne B says:


    Something I have found real pleasure in recently has been realising my ability to give joy to others. It makes me feel more joy by the smile and the gratitude I receive back.

    Since joining Polaris I have experienced so many amazing, amazing things – too many to list! Whether we have been on an experience with Leadership, a wonderful get together with friends or just a moment on a call or at an event.

    Being that we have recently gotten back from our Polaris Global Influence Live event, this has totally raised my vibration towards giving to receive (after our day out in Denver doing Random Acts of Kindness and Angelic Deeds particularly.)

    Just in the last few days I have been able to give that extra, done that little extra thing here and there to make friends experience that little bit more fun and enjoyment. I have loved this feeling so much I have made a decision to do it more often and I’m looking forward to the new vibration I will create by doing this.

    When have you done that extra thing? Surprised someone?

  13. Lise R says:

    So cool! Yes, I love doing the extra little things – buying a friend a coffee, surprising someone with an unexpected gift, etc. What a way to increase the vibration!

  14. Lee Anne B says:

    Very cool Lise, it is a great feeling that is for sure xx

  15. Leoni B says:

    It is a great feeling if you know you can or have made a difference in someone’s life – no matter how big or small.

  16. Bronwyn S says:

    Congratulations on the new you – an amazing achievement and only the beginning for you! I’ve said it before – but you are an inspiration to many – so thank you for your constant positive energy and approach – it’s such a pleasure working with you! I’ve had such a life changing 15 months – all for the positive – and working with Beyond Freedom Evolution will no doubt push me to the next level so that I too can continue to be a better version of me!! xx

  17. Lee Anne B says:

    It sure is Leoni, I love that I get to do that every single day in my Polaris Global business x

  18. Lee Anne B says:

    Your welcome Bronwyn, so great to have you on the Polaris Global team, it is a fun and exciting journey ahead, so hold on for the ride xx

  19. Lee Anne B says:


    Totally loving all the Polaris Global training calls at the moment. I have been here over five years now and I feel I am learning more and more as I go along, which is super exciting.

    Here are my key takeaway points from this week’s Professional Marketers Call

    Success is nothing more than problem solving;
    Success is not guaranteed;
    There is no security and safety in life, jobs or business;
    Speaking your goals and dreams into reality;
    Protect your mindset from others;
    The more clarity you get the more able you will become;
    There is a tipping point, push and push and push;
    I am ready to communicate, be open and ready;
    Don’t force the outcome;
    I believe what people tell me, but I am not attached;
    Just decide and do it;
    If you’re not willing to do the work you dont deserve the result.

    That last point really hit home for me. If I don’t do what is required I don’t deserve the results. This is something I have really been following without realising. I just make the decision and do what is required – period.

    What was your key take away from this week’s Polaris Global professional marketers call?

  20. Lise R says:

    Yes, I loved this call too! Protect your mindset was my biggest takeaway from the call. It is so critical to work hard to cultivate a strong mindset and work even harder to keep that intact 🙂

  21. Craig F says:

    For me the biggest change from Beyond Freedom Evolution is to look at every situation and take responibility for the actions to change the situation. Previously it has been far too easy to go along with the herd and experience the same outcome as everyone else.

  22. Lee Anne B says:

    Absolutely Lise, It all starts with the Mindset x The Polaris Global training calls always assist me with keeping the mindset in check

  23. Lee Anne B says:

    Great one Craig, Beyond Freedom Evolution has been a wonderful tool for me too

  24. Berni I says:

    Great tips from Polaris Global
    YES If I don’t do what is required I don’t deserve the results

  25. Helen T says:

    Hey – BIG UPS to you Lee Anne for making such huge changes! You inspire me to look after myself better too. Although I am new to Polaris Global and Beyond Freedom Evolution, I have already noticed a new spring in my step and a stronger desire to ACT rather than remaining passive. Been down at the gym (basement) every morning this week and feeling good about that.

  26. Lee Anne B says:

    Wonderful Berni x

    Thank you Helen, Beyond Freedom Evolution has been a wonderful coach for me on my journey

  27. Lee Anne B says:


    Taking risks can be scary and exciting at the same time. I have taken many risks along my business journey over the past 15 years, including a few before I started my Polaris Global business that didn’t go to plan and many since joining Polaris that have totally paid off along with many other smaller ones here and there.

    What I have learnt along this process is that the biggest wins come from the biggest risks. I have been recently looking and thinking about new ways to increase the amount of risks I take in life. Recently I have decided to become an Angel Investor, this means investing into other businesses and products to help them grow and develop. (a similar idea to what they do on the Shark Tank). I have found 2 investments already that I am going to take. They are a risk as I have never done this before. I feel really excited yet scared at the same time.

    I know however that this will create some positive flow and I have no doubt in my mind that they will be successful, but either way business is a risk and it is a risk I am willing to take.

    What risk have you taken recently in your business? Or what risks are you looking to take?

  28. Lise R says:

    So cool Lee Anne. What an awesome way to give back to other budding entrepreneurs and give them the support to fund their new ideas. Looking forward to hearing more about it!

  29. Lee Anne B says:

    So exciting Lise, will keep you posted for sure.

  30. Berni I says:

    Sometines I see the simple act of asking as taking a risk!!!

    Polaris Global good one

  31. Connie V says:

    Going all in as an M8 Director is definitely a huge financial risk for me, but an exciting one! The great thing about risks though is that you will never grow without them. I honestly believe that the Polaris Global opportunity is a risk worth taking.

  32. Tracy M. says:

    Reading your story illustrates how possible it really is to turn dreams into realty by following the principles of Beyond Freedom Evolution and Polaris Global. Looking forward to the day I can share my story too

  33. Tristy W says:

    I love how each day is a new you. And each day I think tomorrow will be a new me what sort of me do I want to be? and then I do my best to make it happen.

  34. Lee Anne B says:

    I agree Berni, some people are too afraid to even ask and they miss an opportunity because of this

    It was for me too Connie when i first started my Polaris Global business too. The best risk i have ever taken though that is for sure x Exciting times ahead

  35. Lee Anne B says:

    Lovely Tracy, looking forward to hearing your story for sure 🙂 The Polaris Global and Beyond Freedom journey is amazing, hold on for the ride x

  36. Lee Anne B says:

    You are in control Tristy, you are the creator of your life, congrats for taking the steps to start your Polaris Global business, you are on the path for success

  37. Helen T says:

    The biggest risk I have taken is definitely to upgrade to M8 so early before I have even qualified at M1. This has helped, though, to cement my commitment to making this work for me over the long term. I am so fortunate that my husband backed me up on this all the way and is just as excited about the future as I am.

  38. Cheryl W says:

    Great post LeeAnne. I have only just started with Polaris Global and the Beyond Freedom Evolution Program but I am already noticing the changes in my life. Looking forward to this journey.

  39. Lee Anne B says:

    Awesome Helen, leadership decision for sure in your Polaris Global business. Having support is wonderful too.

  40. Lee Anne B says:

    Wonderful news Cheryl, Beyond Freedom Evolution is a life changing program that is for sure

  41. Karen L says:

    Thanks for your shares Lee Anne. You are truly inspirational of what is possible here with Polaris.

  42. Lee Anne B says:

    Thanks Karen, The Polaris Global community inspires me to do more in all aspects on my life x

  43. Lee Anne B says:


    I have started using the new Polaris Global prospecting script and oh my do I feel like a newbie. I am stumbling all over the place, I am missing sections and some calls ended up defaulting back to the old script. If you had been there listening to me you would have been laughing (very hard).

    Even after 5 years it is amazing that changing one small thing like the script can have me totally outside my comfort zone. (Which I am excited about as I know this is the process of creating success). I hadn’t realised how much I had the old script ingrained in me; it is stuck and I am glad I have this new exciting script to push it out.

    It is amazing how much I am learning about myself and how much I am feeling uncomfortable the more I use the new script. To be honest a few times on Friday I went back to using the old script, as it was more comfortable and easy. On Monday however, the rule is that I can only use the new script.

    How have you found the new script? has it gotten you totally out of your comfort zone? Or was it an easy change over for you?

  44. Jodie C says:

    Obviously I haven’t been here as long as you. However I have found with the new polaris global script I am back to reading it and finding my self within it. I haven’t gone back to the old script. I really like the script, but have noticed my posture is off a bit.

  45. Tracy M. says:

    One of the biggest wins am having with Beyond Freedom Evolution especially in my current situation is overcoming fear and trusting that unknown will be okay….because I will create my future and not leave it to chance.

  46. Leoni B says:

    I love the new script. I have practice it about 500 times before I made my first call and I was still all over the place. But with consistency, I am sure I will get there eventually. Love the continues challenges with my Polaris Global business.

  47. Berni I says:

    Are you only using new script now Lee at Polaris Global

  48. Lee Anne B says:

    It just takes practice Jodie, I totally haven’t mastered it as yet, but the more I do it the better I will get as will you

    Great one Tracy, overcoming fear has been a big one for me too along my Polaris Global journey.

    You sure will Leoni, it will start to flow sooner than you think x Keep working on it

  49. Lise R says:

    I totally agree Lee Anne! I am LOVING the new prospecting script! Polaris Global is so good at keeping things fresh and new with our business, I love it. At first, it made me really uncomfortable, now I am loving it and have been seeing some pretty incredible results so far!

  50. Kym K says:

    Lee Anne I love the new script – I had become comfortable with your version of the script for the second half of 2014 so I love to mix it up and was excited to get started using it as I know ” magic happens outside my comfort zone” where I got caught up was around the wording ” that doesn’t qualify for my time” so I admit I avoided it initially but when I heard Alison W. share on a training call that she also was challenged by those same words I decided to move forward and use them. The shift is ( still new) I am taking responsibility for valuing my time. Love it – always learning.

  51. JodieC says:

    It was a great call with Alison W executing the new script and vocalising the “that doesn’t qualify for my time”. It is wonderful to hear it in action. The new script really does bring us back to being the CEO of our own Polaris Global enterprise. With less leads, I have found my posture is not quite as I would like it to be, however the training calls we have access to are a true gift.

  52. Rachael T says:

    To mimic your words Lee Anne “Polaris Global and Beyond Freedom Evolution have been the best things ever that have come into my life.”

    I can’t agree more, Beyond Freedom Evolution, I have never seen anything like this in the books I have read over the years. The exercises are great and uplifting.

    Polaris Global, I constantly become amazed almost each day how much support there is and everyone is positive. I shouldn’t be surprised though for this is the change in my life I was searching for and now it is all falling into place. Believe and you can only achieve!

  53. Karen L says:

    For me Lee Anne, I printed out the new Polaris prospecting script and my first thought was I will try that tomorrow and then thought no, now, today with my next phone call. I did stumble all over my words and even a week or so alter, I ‘m still reading from the script.

    I really like the new script. It sets the tone of the call right from the start, is more transparent amd more powerful. I have more posture and it lends itself to disqualification. Loving it!

  54. Lee Anne B says:


    I am writing this blog after the 4th Business Presentation and 2nd Polaris Global training day, on our Polaris Global Australian Tour. It has been a fun and amazing trip so far.

    I am learning so much from meeting all the new distributors and I’m enjoying meeting all the guests. The most amazing learning has been from being on my own. This is the first trip I have been on alone and the longest time I have been away from my husband and children.

    I am learning so much about my weaknesses and strengths in my self and in my business too. I am working out a new DMO each time we land in a new place (every few days) and I am also learning to enjoy time by myself, something I have not done much of before.

    I am really loving the trip so far and I’m so glad I chose to do the whole tour. As much as I miss my family, I really feel I am going to grow so much from this amazing experience. I am getting to know Shane and Rachel Krider so much better, Debbie and all of my team.

    Feeling really grateful right now for the amazing Polaris Global business and opportunity we have. An amazing place to be.

    Have you joined us at any of the Live events so far?

  55. JodieC says:

    Sounds fantastic.
    As you are aware I am joining you soon on the Polaris Global Live events,

    I am so excited to go, meet everyone, raise my vibration, spend time alone to focus just on me. I am also anxious to leave my family, I have never left them for more than one night and that was a short night at that.
    My support team know I have to do this, I know I have to do this. Am I worried about them? NO. I know everything will be fine at home while I’m away – I will come back to a messy house but the kids will be fed and happy that’s all that matters.

    This will be a life changing experience for me and my family. I can feel my Polaris Business is about to fly!

  56. Lee Anne B says:

    Excited to see you later today Jodie, we are going to have fun in Melb & Syd. The polaris global Australian tour is far from finished yet x

  57. Karen L says:

    Definitely Lee Anne. It was such a treat to have Shane andr Rachel here for the Aussie Tour as well as catching up with you and the other leaders in Polaris.

  58. Lauren S says:

    Loved our day in Brisbane meeting other distributors and just being in a place which such a great vibe!

    Was great to see Shane, Rachel, yourself and all the leaders out there and realise that we can achieve what you all have if we just apply ourselves and do the work. We really have an amazing opportunity and a great community to share it with.

    Time alone is something I’ve got used to a lot in the last 2yrs with hubby working overseas most of the time. It has it’s good and bad points and yep, you learn a lot about yourself. We have such a huge 2015 that we won’t make the cruise in July but we are hanging out for the announcement on the next conference dates/location as that will be going in the diary for sure!

  59. Lise R says:

    Good on you Lee Anne for putting yourself out of your comfort zone and challenging your DMO. I know that your Polaris Global business will thrive as a result.

  60. Helen T says:

    It really was fantastic to meet you Lee Anne in person, also Shane and Rachel and all the other leaders I’ve gotten used to hearing on the calls. I’ve come back home with lots of inspiration and great practical tips from you all. Now I really KNOW I can do it!

  61. Lee Anne B says:


    Before starting on my Beyond Freedom Evolution journey I used to think that taking responsibility meant taking blame for what had happened. I was someone that was very quick to blame others and point the finger when things didn’t go my way.

    People who do not take responsibility act cowardly. They live in fear. This was totally me. I was in fear of what people would think if I made a mistake and did something that created a bad result.

    It feels so much lighter and more empowering to be able to take full responsibility now in my life thanks to Beyond Freedom Evolution. It means I can make mistakes and own them and know they are not really mistakes but lessons I needed to learn along the way on my current path.

    Where there is blame there is no responsibility, the two cannot co-exist. So do you choose to take responsibility for ALL things in your life?

  62. Yolanda V says:

    I can totally relate Lee Anne – Ialso thought taking responsibility was taking the blame. Before starting my journey with Beyond Freedom Evolution I was very quick to justify my actions and make excuses … I still sometimes catch myself doing that but the difference now is that I am AWARE and can stop myself. I don’t fall for my own “bs” any more. I stop myself in my tracks and it is amazingly empowering to take responsibility in the moment, not only for what happened but also for course correcting and creating a better result. I am the supreme authority over my life and take full responsibility for what I create.

  63. Lee Anne B says:

    Wonderful realisation Yolanda xx Beyond Freedom Evolution has totally been a life changing program for me too

  64. Karen L says:

    I like your words Lee Anne “I was in fear of what people would think if I made a mistake and did something that created a bad result.” I can relate to this as growing up making a mistake was seen as a bad thing and therefore I avoided making mistakes or taking responsibility for my actions. Beyond Freedom Evolution has assisted me to change my perspective on making mistakes and turn them into a learning experience. When you take responsibility for your mistakes, you can learn so much from them.

  65. Lee Anne B says:

    Exactly right Karen, making mistakes is part of the process and journey to success, it does not mean failure. x

  66. Lise R says:

    I just love this topic! Shane Krider once shared on one of our Polaris Global training calls, “I hope it’s my fault so that I can change it.” How powerful is that?! I love that by taking responsibility it means that a person can really play a bigger game and own their decisions.

  67. Lee Anne B says:

    I love that too Lise. Shane Krider has some wisdom on these things. Full responsibility is the only way to play in life and in my Polaris Global business

  68. Lee Anne B says:


    We hear, so many times on the Polaris Global training calls, to fun with what we do. And this means do the work required and enjoy it, and then go out and have fun in life. It’s to create the work life balance that we came here for.

    I don’t know about you, but when I first started my Polaris Global business I thought that the more time I spent in front of my computer the more successful I would be. How far I was from the truth there!!

    I have found the times I have made the most income and created the most leads has been when I have been out having fun and not sitting in front of my computer.

    Don’t get me wrong, the groundwork has to be done first. The 6 Daily Activities need to be done daily, but you also need to have time in your DMO for fun times with friends and family.

    I make sure that every week I have a me day (nails, hair etc) and two nights of the week where I spend it with the family (no calls or other work booked and the girls aren’t out doing gymnastics or dancing). I also ensure that one or more days a week we do something with friends. This makes me happy, means I am having fun while I still have plenty of time to work in my Polaris Global business.

    Are you getting out and having enough fun?

  69. Lise R says:

    I love this reminder Lee Anne and so timely for me right now. I love working my Polaris Global business that sometimes I need to be reminded to book in some fun and get out of my home office!

  70. Lee Anne B says:

    I used to be the same Lise, I used to think sitting longer at my desk and looking at my computer meant better results in my Polaris Global business, but it usually turned out to be worse results because I would find myself trying to force it x

  71. Karen L says:

    For sure Lee Anne. Once the work is done my Polaris business works better when I’m out having fun. Ohh that rhymes!

  72. Jan S says:

    Thanks for a great reminder Lee Anne. Sometimes I feel that I have become so serious and bogged down with over thinking and stressing while working my Polaris Global business that I have forgotten how to have fun & how to BE fun. Your post has reminded me that I need to leave the computer, get out and enjoy the sunshine & flowers, but most of all I need to bring music and dance back into my life. There is so much to enjoy!!

  73. Craig F says:

    Just reiterating your sentiment Lee Anne B, Beyond Freedom has provided me with the tools to plan and focus on the important things that way leading to feeling better, greater satisfaction I suppose.

  74. Lee Anne B says:


    I downloaded a new audio book this week from Brian Tracy – Secrets of Self Made Millionaires. WOW! I so love it I want to share the points I took down as I thought they would be of great value for everyone.

    All skills are learnable. You are only one skill away from becoming a millionaire.

    Here are the points Brian Tracy covered

    1- Dream big dreams, develop a vision of yourself. Project forward. No limitations. Everything. What would life be like in perfect world. Dream list.. Run wild. Everything you want. Spiral notebook. Fill the book!

    2- Do what you love to do! Something that gives you energy. You will never work a day in your life.

    3- Commit to excellence. Be excellent at what you do. Make any sacrifice to be in top 10 percent in your field. Be willing to pay the price. 5-7 years to achieve. The time will pass anyway.

    4- Develop your unique talents and abilities. What are you good at? What should or could you be good at? What have you done in the past that got you to where you are?

    5- See yourself as self employed. Be in charge of your own life. No one is coming to the rescue. Highly responsible! Winners think about their business when not in their business.

    6- Develop a clear sense of direction. Be goal orientated. Set clear goals. Decide exactly what you want and the price you need to pay. Life is always just. You have to pay in advance. Write 10 goals for the next 12 months. Which one goal out of the 10 that I would like in 24 hours?… Set deadline, make list on ways to get there. Work on it everyday . Refuse to accept failure. No failure only feedback. Look into every failure for something good. Seek the lesson.

    7- Dedicate yourself to lifelong learning. Personal development. Read 30-60 mins each day in your field. Take every course that you can. Listen to audios in my car. The more you commit yourself and invest in yourself your energy changes.

    8- Workaholic, work harder, start earlier. Don’t play at work.

    9- Be around the right people. 99 percent of success is based on your reference group. We absorb from people we associate. Be around winners.

    10- Be prepared to climb from peak to peak. All of life is cycle and trends. Successful people focus on two steps toward and protect on one step back.

    11- Develop resilience and bounce back . Bounce don’t break. Prepare for downturn. Not get upset. All of life is a series of problems. Only break is a crisis. The hallmark is how you deal with problems. They look for the solution and not get upset and angry. Define and write it down and work out solution.

    12- Courage and persistence. Courage to begin. Take action with no guarantee. Courage to endure, never give up.

    13- Self discipline. Make yourself do what you need to do no matter what. The more you discipline you, the more you become unstoppable. You can’t be stopped.

    Take main goal in form of a question. What are all the things I could do in the next 12 months. Write 20 answers min. Mind storming. Pick one answer and take action on it now!

    Become unshakable optimist. Learn more thing. Try more things, they persist and never give up. Just keep going. Never lose site of the goal.

    Which one of these points will you start working on today??

  75. Leoni B says:

    Very true and thank you for the reminder. There are still days that I spend my whole day in the office except for the break at 12 pm to listen to the call. Funny, it’s the end of those days that I feel that I have accomplished nothing.

  76. Helen T says:

    Thanks for all these reminders Lee Anne. I recognize myself naturally doing many of these already, which is a plus! I also recognize which ones I am yet to put into practice or could do with cementing in more strongly. Love the mind storming exercise – just happens I reset my goals this morning and will add to it with this exercise.

  77. Karen L says:

    Wow, fabulous list Lee Anne. I am starting with number 6. Thank you so much for sharing. I just love how part of our Polaris Global business is to read and listen to personal development. So cool!

  78. Lise R says:

    Love this list – I am definitely going to download this as well, looks super valuable!!!!

  79. Kym K says:

    Fantastic List – thank you for sharing – the one that jumped out for me was to learn to bounce – I feel I have been working on this one for a while – and like anything the more I practise the better I get.

  80. Lee Anne B says:


    What an amazing Polaris Global team call this week. Thank you to Rachel Krider and Lise from Canada. I get so much inspiration from each Polaris Global call.

    Rachel and Lise were talking about Marketing, and how simple and effective free and low cost marketing can be for your Polaris Global business. I took lots of notes and learnt lots of tips and tricks that I can apply to my own business.

    I really loved how Lise mentioned she monitors her adverts and how she has tested and measured lots of sites and found the few sites that were working the best and gets the most out of them.

    I am excited this call will be part of the Guerilla Marketing training, as I see it being of high value for all of the Polaris Global community, but even more value for the newbies.

    What was your Gold Nugget from this call that you are going to take and implement?

  81. Kym K says:

    Another sensational Training call – for me it was the monitoring the sites and then working the ones that work. I have dramatically changed my marketing strategy this week, inspired by the team call and my leads flow has increased. Super happy about that.

  82. Lee Anne B says:

    Wonderful to hear Kym, I also got inspired and have redone alot of my marketing also x. Love the Polaris Global community for the inspiration each day

  83. Karen L says:

    It was another great Polaris Global professional marketers calls. Lise shared many gold nuggets on how she has achieved her income goals on a very low budget. Prior to the call, I had already started to become more precise on monitoring my marketing and what’s working and do more of that and the training call really highlighted how important this is so you get the most out of the performing sites and more bang for your buck.

  84. Lee Anne B says:

    Totally Karen, great to hear. it is important to keep your marketing fresh and up to date. That is why I love our Polaris Global training calls, always new things to learn

  85. Alex says:

    It was such a great call! Took plenty of notes. I just couldn’t believe how little she was spending. Will definitely be implementing that! I used to think that throwing money at it would make things go but I quickly learned that lesson haha

  86. Lee Anne B says:

    Yep some great lessons for sure. So much inspiration to be taken from everyone in the Polaris Global community

  87. Lise R says:

    Thanks Lee Anne, I loved hosting that call with Rachel for the Polaris Global community. The funny thing is, it was only prior to the call that Rachel asked me how much I was spending, I didn’t realize the conversion was so good and my cost per lead rate was that low!

  88. Lee Anne B says:


    Thank you to Rachel Krider for a great Polaris Global team call this week. I love all the Marketing training that Polaris Global are doing at the moment. So simple and easy to implement for anyone.

    Rachel trained on how to market your Polaris Global business/website on Facebook for free across groups and pages. I have been using Facebook for a long time with my business. The first advert I placed was a Facebook PPC advert. It has worked really well for me over my time. I am however pretty excited to learn some new things to maximise my marketing ability on Facebook. Loving the group’s activities.

    I find that Social Media in general, Facebook, Linkedin etc are great Free and Low Cost ways to market any business. As long as you learn the right techniques to use and you don’t bombard everyone with your marketing message.

    Also a huge congrats to Kirsty from Hervey Bay who has created some spectacular results from her free Facebook marketing in the last few months. Great example Kirsty as to what is possible.

    Have you done any Facebook marketing?

  89. Karen L says:

    Not as yet Lee Anne. My other legs of marketing are working very well and looking forward to implementing the new Polaris Global facebook training soon.

  90. Lise R says:

    The new Polaris Global Facebook Marketing training is awesome! I was a part of the test team and had someone get started as a result 🙂

  91. Anthony P. says:

    I agree. I have had some good results with Facebook PPC to market my Polaris business, but with the combination of targeted niche marketing and specific interest groups in my niche, my results are steadily increasing in quantity and quality. Awesome training and so simple to implement. :-). Investing the time in the amazing training provided by Polaris is so worth it! Grateful for this community and their dedication to our expansion 🙂