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Top 5 Beyond Freedom Evolution Topcis – Decision

Growth & Success!

Growth & Success!

Using Beyond freedom has been a very valuable part of my growth and success over the past 4 years. I have loved being able to go back through the program again and again. I wanted to share with you my Top 5 gains from the Decision program.

#1. – The Ladder of Life – I love this topic because in the past I always felt that I was lower on the ladder than most of the people I knew including friends and work colleagues. This of course, was not serving me. They were not giving me a hand to move up the ladder, they were trying to keep me down. Since joining Polaris Global and using my Beyond Freedom Evolution I have moved up the ladder through the assistance of the program and the powerful influence I have learned along the way.

#2. – Everyone has a Story – This topic is huge for me. My life was surrounded by drama, and so was the lives of those around me. One friend in particular – oh my gosh if drama was a drink she was always drunk on it. Every time I would speak to her it would be longer than an hour and the whole conversation would be “poor me” and “poor this and oh that.” I would feel so drained at the end of it. I find now days the same thing happens outside the kids school with all the Mums waiting for the bell and I choose not to participate in the drama and who has the best story. Everyone has a Story – a big learning for me!

#3. – Following Through – This has been a big one for me in the area of health and fitness. For a long time in my life I have been overweight. What did it come down to? Yes poor choice and decisions, and the main aspect was not following through with my decisions around losing weight. I always found I would do a diet and lose the weight, and then go back to my same old ways which did not include exercise or eating well. I am so happy that now from making the decision that I was no longer going to be overweight, I have Followed Through and actually changed My eating habits and I am exercising consistently.

#4. – Choose Your Friends Wisely – I have had some very big learnings recently about choosing your friends wisely. Sometimes you can think certain friends are on the same page and being supportive and working together and then all of a sudden something can change. You don’t know what that thing is and they may not be brave enough or respectful enough to even tell you. What I have learnt is that you can not be reliant on anyone apart from yourself and your family. Choosing the right friends is important, these will be people that will be there for you when you need it. Likewise, you will be there for them because of the fondness you share. If the relationship becomes one sided and the balance is lost, I’ve learnt then that there is no need to continue to put energy into that relationship. Rather be grateful for the past experiences you shared and know that there are other new friends in the world you are going to meet.

#5. – Future Self – Having my future self to confide in and ask for advice has been huge. As sometimes my lower self can be very persuasive. Knowing that my future self has been there and knows the path is exciting. And that she has already created what my current self is working on. The future self concept has been a big lightbulb learning for me. I look forward to working more with my future self to create the future as it exists for her. Beautiful!

What is your favourite Topic in Decision – Beyond Freedom Evolution?

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  1. Leisa T says:

    Wow, very inspiring Lee. Following through is on the top of my list at the moment. I am trying to form some great habits to formulate a business plan that will work around my busy life. I am having so much fun doing this and am certainly taking on a lot of what is being expressed through the blogging platform to inspire me.

    You are a true inspiration and I am so grateful I am a part of your team. I once felt like the little ugly duckling trying to make the most of what I could because of the way I viewed things, unfortunately my enroller was not about by the time I register as m7 and then my m7 up-line decided to have a break & may return. Hence feeling like the little ugly duckling…. The great thing is though with one call to you telling me I was not doing enough kicked my ass into gear to make changes. Only I can make things happen. That Ugly duckling disappeared as I started to take responsibility and stop feeling sorry for myself. Thanks Lee

  2. Adam B. says:

    Awesome Lee Anne – great wins and distinctions. Thanks for the share..

  3. Debbie R says:

    There are so many topics I could share throughout the whole Beyond Freedom Evolution program, but one that stands out for me besides the ladder which I love, is how big is big. I used to think I was thinking big, but was actually full of fear and limiting beliefs. When I observe my thinking today, what I consider big now, would be considered unattainable, unbelievable and not possible to most. I absolutely know that I am able to accomplish anything, and nothing is too big, nothing at all. That shift in thinking opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

  4. Lise R says:

    Another great summary of the topics covered in the Decision part of BFE. I gained so much through the Ladder of Life exercise. I found it really gave me lots of perspective around where I placed myself and others on the ladder. I would automatically place myself lower on the ladder based on one area of my life and think that it translated across every part of my life. It has been a worthwhile exercise for me to look at each separate area of my life and place myself accordingly, and watch me climb!

  5. Bart says:

    This is awesome Lee Anne. I love the point about choosing your friends. I am learning that if I live my life according to the principles of BFE, then the Laws of Attraction have a huge impact with people I want to associate with.

  6. Helen S says:

    i love your lists Lee Anne, that always remind me too of my favourite topics within our BFE, all of which lead me to my future self xox

  7. Deb B says:

    Great post Lee Anne! Can totally relate to the point ‘Everyone Has a Story’. And you are so right – outside the kids classroom at home time is just the perfect time for all that ‘stuff’ to be heard! It’s amazing how – once you are aware of it – how much you hear it! Thanks for the great reminder to not participate in other people’s drama.

  8. Elizabeth R says:

    Definitely Future Self.

    I am REALLY dealing with this for the first time even though I have been through the BFE program several times.
    What I am dealing with is how embarrassed I am by some choices I have made for myself, that I thought my future self wouldn’t tolerate. She won’t tolerate them, but she has compassion for me making different choices now. And part of this journey is being able to let go of the fear of her judgement, and enveloping her empathy and forgiveness around me. What’s shifting is me being proud.

  9. Lee Anne B says:

    Leisa – Never the ugly duckling from my point of view, your more than welcome Leisa 🙂 I am here anytime

    Debbie – How big is big is a great topic too. Thanks for the share Debbie x

    Adam – Thanks adam

    Lise – The Ladder of life is a great concept and until I started with Polaris Global, knew nothing about, so glad I know about it now, life changing for sure

    Bart – Absolutely, you want to attract the right people into your life. Beyond Freedom Evolution has really assisted me with this 🙂 and so very grateful

    Helen – Thanks Helen, Lists is one thing I am really good at and Tally’s LOL

  10. Alison W says:

    Awesome Lee Anne, these are all awesome points from BFE.

  11. Paul K says:

    Hey Lee Anne, great points! And I love what you have learnt from using the topics you mentioned within BFE Decision. One of my most favourite and powerful from Decision is The Future Is Now! This for me personally was a game changer! Knowing that in this moment, what we choose to be or how we choose to react will have an immediate effect on how we experience our Future. Understanding this fully can and will change everything in your life! Each new step we take, each breath and every new second that we come to we have the ability in that moment to change and bring about a Future more in alignment with what and who we want to be. Happy Dayz I say!!

  12. Chrissy G says:

    Great summary Lee Anne. I would say the Ladder of Life is where I learned the most. I did a Beyond Freedom Evolution call about a recap on the Ladder of Life. I was like Lise for me to work through the exercise I had to have a different ladder for different areas. I was so focused on my lack of money when I first did this exercise I was at the bottom of the ladder ( couldn’t get any lower). The more I thought about it though I realized I was well up on the ladder when it came to other things as my relationships,health,fitness. Ladder of Life a very powerful part of our Decision module.

  13. Lee Anne B says:

    Deb – It is great to know for sure and not have to be part of it x

    Elizabeth – Awesome love it, and well done. I know too my future self would not be happy with some of my past decisions either, but she is very forgiving and knows I am only human and will make mistakes

    Alison – Thanks Alison

    Paul – Totally Paul, that is awesome. This one surely is a game changer. So is Beyond Freedom Evolution 🙂 powerful program

    Chrissy – Absolutely, i love the call you did on this. xx

  14. Pam B says:

    Beyond Freedom Evolution and the five decisions for life are rules for living above and beyond expectations.

  15. Lee Anne B says:


    Are you designing the life you want? Or are you letting someone else design it for you?
    Whether you believe it or not, we are the supreme authority over our life and we can choose the way we want it to go. Beyond Freedom Evolution teaches us this. If you are not designing your life the way you want it, somebody else is. If you aren’t making decisions to guide your life in the direction of your goals, someone else is (and they won’t be driving it towards your goals, it will be toward theirs!)

    DECISIONS are the key here. There is only one thing in life you can’t choose and that is that you have choice. Everything else in life has two options. Through your whole life, you get to decide the path to take with everything you do. This is awesome in so many ways to the point that if you choose a path along the way that is not effective for you you can make another decision to get you on the right path again! NICE!

    The outcome of what we are living today is based on decisions we have made in the past. And another reality is that if you didn’t make these decisions someone else did. So you may be living life based on decisions someone else made for you. There would be no surprise that you would not be living your own dreams and achieving your own goals… as the goals and dreams you are on the path too are the an other persons.

    So how can you get off the wrong path and start heading down your chosen path? Start being the authority of your own life. Write your goals down and start making some DECISIONS that are going to get you started down the right path… and continue to make decisions (and take actions) to get you there.

    Since becoming a student of Beyond Freedom Evolution I have made many bold decisions which have had some wonderful flow on effects.

    What is something exciting in your life that you know is based on a BOLD DECISION you made?

  16. Berni I says:

    Choose Your Friends Wisely
    Smiles back at you Lee

    Proud & humbled to be your friend xo

  17. Leisa T says:

    Being completely honest with my self…. I am still learning and have a way to go, but the small changes that are taking place are making a huge impact on my life. Wonderful Post Lee Cheers Leisa

  18. Debbie S. says:

    Love the ‘Ladder’ concept, and ‘choosing your friends wisely’ I have learnt over the years the qualities to look for in a person and the qualities to be wary of. Time is the greatest gift you can give to people, time is an investment, so invest wisely. Through BFE I have learnt the importance of forgiveness and course corrections, it is a wonderful journey to be on.

  19. Lee Anne B says:

    Berni – Thank you, right back at you Berni x

    Leisa – Thanks Leisa, we are all a work in progress, no one is perfect.

    Debbie – Wonderful Debbie, so many great lessons and tools to learn 🙂 Wonderful journey ahead

  20. Chrissy G says:

    Decisions!!!! Lee Anne it is now a delicious word for me. Such a strong section in our Beyond Freedom Evolution that gives us the knowledge to apply to our decision making.
    What I had to get clear on was when working out my goals to make sure they were MY goals not just what I thought my goals should be. Then working on my decisions was this decision moving me closer to my goals or further away.

  21. Lee Anne B says:

    Love it Chrissy, thanks for the share. Delicious for sure. Without Decisions the rest of the process doesn’t exist

  22. bart says:

    How powerful, Lee Anne. I love what you said about there is only one thing you can’t choose and that is you have choice. Wow … so poignant, so profound, so true. I wonder how many people realize that with each keystroke on the keyboard, that is a choice. And, when you have a typo and backspace to correct (which I just did), that, too, is a choice.

  23. Lee Anne B says:

    I know very simple, but powerful at the same time. Our whole day is about choosing IN!!!

  24. Elizabeth R says:

    I choose IN to my Polaris business in spite of well meaning family advice to the contrary. But you are right – I get to choose how I earn my income and spend my working hours. I continue to do what I have to do to eliminate limiting beliefs about my success and just keep going. Results show up in mysterious ways – mostly around my fitness goals at the moment – and I welcome them as I welcome other results that are yet to materialise.

  25. Jan S says:

    It fascinates me to know that for every “face” I pass in the street, there is a unique story. If only I had the time to listen to them all. LOL. It also intrigues me wondering what direction the decisions of these “faces” are taking them and why they actually make those particular choices.
    For now, it is enough for me to discover why I have made the choices that have bought me to this point in time and to anticipate the new choices I will make and the direction I will go. So exciting!

  26. Debbie R says:

    As I look around my life, and see everything in perfect alignment, I know I have made the right decisions that support the life I am experiencing and the life I wanted and did create purposefully. It was getting clear on this concept in Beyond Freedom Evolution that allowed me to create the happy, fullfilled, wonderful life I am living….

  27. Lee Anne B says:

    Elizabeth – Awesome, choosing in and not letting anything get in your way is a powerful first step, then doing it consistently is the next powerful step. Polaris Global has taught me so much about being more in control of my life

    Jan – Very exciting Jan, After seeing you and chatting on the cruise I could tell you had learnt some powerful new realisations and that you have some new steps to add to your path. Love it xx

    Debbie – Great Debbie, I feel the same way. Beyond Freedom Evolution has really assisted me in creating a life that I love