January 10th, 2014 by Amy Adams

Use Polaris Global to identify your stoppers and reach success

Posted by Lee Anne B

The Stoppers – Who are the Stoppers in your life? LeeAnne Bartlet

Who do you let control your life.. who stops you from achieving your goals? Is It YOU?

There are a few different types of stoppers in your life.. there is the one who really doesn’t see themselves as a stopper, they mean well, but their aim is to stop you from moving up the ladder of life, because it means that they will get left behind, so they do things out of fear of loss rather than aiming to hurt or harm.

Then there is the stopper whose purpose in life is to stop you in your track and try you down.. so you can’t go anywhere. If they aren’t progressing up the ladder there is no way that you are going to either. They will do all that they can to ensure that your goals are not achievable and maybe even convince you to believe the same. Then the worst of all and the hardest to tame.. is your self stopper. Are you harming your own success?

I know for myself, the self stopper has been a big one in my life. It is that little voice in your head that tells you, but what if and you can’t do that, that is out of your reach, you don’t deserve success!

So how do you get rid of your self stopper? Get rid of the excuses. Eg I will be successful when I… so basically making excuses as to why it can’t be achieved now. It will take a bit of work to identify what your main stopper is, but once you find it, you need to start affirming the opposite. Eg. I am successful now because… I know it sounds easy, sounds simple. It is and it is also very powerful.

In regards to the external stoppers, they really only are stoppers if you let them. So be tough and stand up for yourself, let them know that what they are doing is not acceptable and let them know that if they continue along the same way that you will not be associating with them anymore (or you will just be ignoring their comments)

Can you identify your stoppers? What strategies do you use to overcome them?

24 Responses to “Use Polaris Global to identify your stoppers and reach success”

  1. Elizabeth R says:

    I am definitely my biggest stopper! And the hardest one to deal with!

    Reading your blog Lee Anne I can say quite honestly that I’ve pretty well cleaned out my external stoppers (or had them review how they interact with me) but up until the beginning of this year have not done much about cleaning up MYSELF as a stopper.

    Standing in 2014 being my best year EVER, I have begun to work on this, It is not pleasant but you are right, it is actually easy. When I am willing to take a look, do the exercises in BFE which are designed specifically to assist with this, I can already see how some limiting beliefs are changing or disappearing.

    It’s terribly exciting at the same time as being awfully confronting, but it feels much better than doing nothing about it.

    What pathway do you choose?

  2. Lee Anne B says:

    That is great Elizabeth that you have cleaned out the stoppers. Wouldn’t it be great if we could do the same with ourselves easily?? But it is not easy, it will take some work overtime to fix and calm our stoppers in our head. x

  3. Sarra HW says:

    Great Blog, Lee Anne.
    I left a massive stopper in my life nine months ago. Yes, the one who tells you you can’t, you aren’t good enough or you should be….

    The freedom and relief of that move is hard to quantify.

    But you are right, I’m still battling my self stopper thoughts. I still find myself thinking of the criticisms I was given daily. But with the help of BFE and the hints, exercises and clear lines of thinking offered within, I know I can stop my self limiting thoughts and become a confident, successful woman again.

  4. Jan S says:

    I feel that I am very lucky in this area as I have no other stoppers to deal with except myself. As you say, this can be the biggest hurdle and I am working on it daily with affirmations, one of which is “I accept & Allow Success in All Areas of My Life” Thank you for that one Lee Anne.
    Also by studying BFE I am going to overcome my fears and make 20104 MY Year!!

  5. Andrew B says:

    Shane taught me 2 years ago to become aware of my auto-pilot and to get ahead of that guy. In other words, become aware of my automatic self talk, my automatic behaviours, my automatic sabotaging feelings; and once aware of them, place myself ahead of them so I actively stop stopping myself and jump ahead of that game with thoughts, behaviours and feelings that serve my North Star! Thanks hun for reminding me of this xx. Andrew.

  6. Lise C says:

    This concept has been huge for me also Lee Anne – thanks for posting. The biggest realization I had was that I was my biggest stopper of them all!

  7. Darryl M says:

    I am also very lucky in that my only stopper is ‘myself’, but before studying BFE, I didn’t realise how it was still really stopping me. I thought that I had it all under control – not realising that in my subconscious, my past was still holding me back. It was holding me back and yet it was great in so many respects with many wins and a lot of fun.
    But the financial freedom that I was always trying to find, was not coming as fast as I would like. Now that I have set up my “six daily activities” to strength my resolve to overcome this major stopper, things are starting to change. Your Past doesn’t dictate your Future.
    2014 is my year!!!

  8. Mike D says:

    A little over 12 months ago I never even knew what a stopper was, and it just so happened that I found myself moving away from a group of people I had been associated with for the last 35 years because I always felt drained and negative after being around them.
    This was a big thing for me because they had always been in my life.
    Literally that same month I found Polaris and BFE, and there it was in black and white, they were my stoppers, it was simply meant to be, now I have to deal with myself, so bring it on 2014.

  9. LC says:

    Great post

  10. LC says:

    Great post

  11. Lee Anne B says:

    Thanks for the shares and comments Darryl, Lise, Andrew, Jan and Sarra. Seems we all have that same stopper (ourselves) it is amazing how we can self sabotage ourselves. Lucky for us we have BFE to work through this and become our own Self motivators x

  12. Craig F says:

    Beyond Freedom provided me with the tools to look back and question. Throughout the course I questioned many of the decisions I have made and where they ended up, and I was able to see where the “brakes” were applied.

    Although life has continued to provide its challenges, now being equiped with the right tools to identify the “stoppers” I have so far been better placed to move toward my goals. Thanks Shane and team !!!!!!

  13. Lee Anne B says:

    Darryl you are on the way absolutely, thanks for the share. Craig gotta love when you are in control of the brakes 🙂 Mike huge changes after such a long time 🙂 well done and glad to have you in the safe harbour community

  14. JES says:

    Thanks for that one Lee Anne. I am working out internal and external stoppers that are holding me back. Thanks for the clarity

  15. Pam B says:

    Great blog. Very inspiring.

  16. Michelle says:

    Hi Lee Anne,

    As you are aware I have the stopper in my life who is my partner which has made it very hard for me to stay focused as your partner is the main person in your life, however after discussions with yourself I’m dealing with this and becoming stronger each day and making sure I follow my steps and work through BFE which is teaching me what I need to know and how to put it into practice.. Thank you for your support.

  17. Lee Anne B says:

    Great work Michelle, totally on the path xx love it

  18. Kimberly B says:

    I know all too well what that little voice inside your head is like. Mine has been hanging around for quite some time. However, I am on a mission to silence that little voice once and for all 🙂

  19. Lee Anne B says:

    Great one Kimberley 🙂 xx I am on a mission for that one too x

  20. Alan S says:

    Stoppers are cosy little critters they like to keep you safe and warm and away from other life sources ,the problem with them they tend to be lifeless ,life is such a wonderful thing to have and celebrate ,it shows us we can learn to better ourselves with the right tools like BFE.

  21. Lee Anne B says:

    Alan love the cosy little critters LOL Yes Beyond Freedom Evolution is an awesome tool to be able to exterminate those unwanted critters LOL

  22. Mandy says:

    Wow.. I’ve had lost of stoppers in my life and have just became free off them my biggest was myself, it’s amazing what we can do when you look at life from a different light… Thank you

  23. Lee Anne B says:

    Absolutely Mandy x congrats to you.

  24. Berni I says:

    brilliant concept thanks for the inspiration