January 10th, 2014 by Amy Adams

With Polaris Global you can create the success you desire

Posted by Lee Anne B

What does it take?LeeAnne Bartlet

So what does it take to create the success you desire/deserve?

Does it take lots of time? Or lots of money? Well no, not really.

It takes drive, passion and motivation… in a nutshell – ACTION!

For most people your goals don’t just jump into your lap, you have to take some HUGE action to go out there and get them. So yes that means you need to get off your bum and make it happen.

The key elements I think it takes to create the success you want in life are:

  1. WHY – Find your big reason why you want it
  2. EXCITEMENT – You need to be excited about the possibilities and the process, have fun along the way
  3. COMMITMENT – You need to be committed to the goal
  4. COURAGE – You need to get way outside your comfort zone, as this is where the magic happens
  5. CONSISTENCY – Just keep doing it and doing it without stopping and starting
  6. FOCUS – you need to do what you need to do no matter what, don’t let bumps in the road take you off track

If you really want something and you are willing to do what you need to do to make it happen, what does it take?? ACTION!

What are some key points that you feel it takes to create success in any area of life?

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  1. Elizabeth R says:

    It certainly takes all of the above as well as an organised DMO (daily method of operation)

    Lee Anne you are an expert at DMO, and as a role model for ACTION you are someone who I am training myself to be more like in this area.

    Another key point is to see if you can expand your goal to be about the world or standing for something, What I mean by this I’ll illustrate with an example from when I walked the Kokoda Track:

    Kokoda is in PNG (Papua New Guinea) and is a 96km walk through very dense jungle, all up and down mountains (no flat bits) and is humid and primitive (no tracks).
    When I signed up, with 9 months training ahead of me, I would NEVER have got out of bed to train on the winter mornings if I hadn’t made the goal about the world.
    You see, we were a group of 13 women, mostly in 40s but some in 30s & 50s, raising money for Breast Cancer Care in Western Australia. Those women relied on me getting my butt out of bed to train myself to be strong & fit. My team members counted on me being able to keep up (no time off for sickness), and women with breast cancer benefited from the sponsorship we generated.

    Yes my goal was to walk Kokoda. Simply put.
    BUT…..training myself to be the strongest in the group (not to show off, but to remain strong for 10 days despite poor food and sanitary conditions, and to be able to assist a team member if they were sick) became my priority.
    It got my out of bed for 9 months straight, and allowed me to go from “couch potato” to “lean & keen” in a relatively short time frame. I would absolutely not have gone to train in the rain if I hadn’t expanded my goal.

    Can you see the difference? Same goal (walk Kokoda) but different context (make a difference, take one for the team, experience being philanthropic, etc) worked.

    Not only did I achieve the goal, I never got sick, I LOVED the jungle, I lost 7kg in training plus 2 on the track, I enjoyed teamwork, solitude & peace and we collectively raised $125,000!!!

  2. Sarah W says:

    Love it Lee Anne! You’re absolutely right about creating success and have identified 6 steps that can also be applied to the goal-setting before the ACTION.

    It’s fulfilling and rewarding when all of the items you’ve listed are applied because you end up LOVING what you do – wow!!

    It’s mind-blowing to be part of a business where working is so much fun. Possessing determination, tenacity and thick-skin helps with achieving success – but that ties in with COURAGE.

    All of the items you’ve identified build a level of self-belief and confidence that nothing can stop – giving you everything you need to make it happen 🙂

  3. Lee Anne B says:

    Great Tip Elizabeth, thanks for sharing. Absolutely being more detailed with the goal instead of generalising is important xx Love the goal you achieved also.. Huge congrats to you

  4. Rachel says:

    Nice work Lee Anne. Agree with all those qualities. We could also add to the list…
    Willing to fall flat on your face and pick yourself back up as you confront the inevitable obstacles that the pursuit of success will present.

  5. Sarra HW says:

    I’ve just been listening to Greg Johnson’s Save Yourself in which he sings “first you save yourself, then you save the world”
    You know, I think that is very true. If we haven’t got ourselves strong and confident that we can achieve whatever we set out to, how can we be a leader for others or how can we give back effectively.

    Doing BFE for three months now has certainly focused my attention on what I need to do for my own well being before I can be the success story I aim to be! My priorities are being positive, being consistent and never giving up.

  6. Jan S says:

    An example of reaching a goal for me may seem a little strang but it was hugely positive for me and was a great stepping stone to where I am today.
    That goal was to leave a negative marriage of 11 years with two small children, leave my tiny home town, family and friends and move to the city where I knew almost no one. This took a great deal of courage as I had never lived by myself before, was extremely shy and had very little self confidence. Never for a moment have I regretted that move. It was the springboard to my personal growth and started my on the journey of self discovery and a whole new happy life. I often say it was the makings of me.
    Now, 29 years later I have found Polaris Global and BFE and am ready to take huge steps forward to an even happier and more abundant life.

  7. LC says:


  8. Lee Anne B says:

    Thanks for the comments and shares Jan, Rachel, Sarra, & Sarah. And Jan all I have to say is wow, awesome for you, huge thing to do x

  9. Darryl M says:

    Yes, I agree, with Polaris Global you can create the success you desire!!

    I am only just starting, but I can already feel the results in myself with using BFE. I am doing something that I am PASSIONATE about – developing myself whilst at the same time helping others to achieve their goals and dreams in life. Nothing worthwhile is easy, but if you enjoy what you are doing, the small adversities are only bumps in the road. And if you think you can or think you can’t – you’re right.

  10. Mike D says:

    I think you have to have an unrelenting belief in yourself that you can achieve the success you desire, to many people look for others approval that the path they are following is the right path and if they don’t get that approval they are lost and don’t follow through.

  11. Pam B says:

    It takes all of the above but none will work if the word ACTION is not taken on board and acted upon. The motivation to act is the necessary key ingredient.

  12. Berni I says:


    A wise chiropractor told me one PASSION
    is PASS (your) I ON

    It’s about being & living me

  13. Lee Anne B says:

    Darryl – Being passionate is one of the key elements Darryl, so well done 🙂 Beyond Freedom Evolution is a awesome roadmap
    Mike – I agree Mike, belief in yourself is a huge element of it also
    Pam – Absolutely if there is no ACTION there is no results
    Berni – Yep Berni, I know that Chiropractor well, very wise LOL

  14. Lee Anne B says:


    It still totally amazes me how much life can change in such a small space of time. I started with Polaris Global over four years ago now and since then my life is so much different. I would actually go so far as to say it has become the complete opposite.

    I am sure a lot of people can relate. When I first started with Polaris Global I was overly stressed all the time, taking this out on my two young daughters and great husband, I was underpaid (due to some bad decisions made in my previous business), I was working 60-70 hours a week and really unhappy with myself. I must mention too I was overweight and very unhealthy (eating poor food and never exercising.)

    For me the changes on my journey were subtle; I was not someone that came to Polaris Global and had huge success right out of the gate (as much as I thought I would,) but I know from experience now to build a long term successful business it takes building strong foundations, it doesn’t happen overnight.

    The best tips I can give you are:

    1. Consistency is the key,
    2. Work on yourself (mindset – Beyond Freedom Evolution,)
    3. Learn from those who have gone before you, those who are doing it,
    4. Long term vision – no short term unrealistic time frames placed on yourself,
    5. A big WHY – the reason driving you, your North Star,
    6. Massive action – throw your hat over the fence!

    I gave it my ALL.. and in return I got just that… my ALL. And I completely changed for the better.

    I am now happy, I enjoy fun times with my friends and family consistently, I am creating huge financial results, I exercise five days a week, I am eating healthy (no more dieting,) and actually starting to love myself, and I am not being so judgmental and hard on myself.

    I have not arrived at my destination (and in reality I never will – success is a journey, not a destination.) I am pleased to say that my journey has been awesome.

    My life is so different since I joined Polaris Global and I love it!

  15. Lise R says:

    Great tips Lee Anne – thank you for sharing. I think the one that I have breezed over often in the past is the “Work on Yourself” piece of the puzzle. Often I find myself working harder on my business than on myself and wonder why I am succeeding at the rate I would like to be. Working on ourselves is the cornerstone of what we do – I love that we get paid to be better 🙂

  16. Debbie R says:

    Your 6 tips are spot on Lee Anne. I would say that #2 could be the first on the list….the more we work on ourselves, the more quickly the other 5 fall into place….

  17. Lee Anne B says:

    Absolutely Lise, whats between our 2 ears plays a big part for sure. I only learnt this since joining Polaris Global

    For sure Debbie, they were in no order as such, just important points to live by

  18. Alison W says:

    I agree Lee Anne consistency and for me knowing your why is my biggest tip.

  19. Lee Anne B says:

    Yes Alison, knowing your Why is very important also

  20. Chrissy G says:

    Yep your 6 tips are spot on Lee Anne. I have a very long term vision ( so at least 50 years or until death do us part) for me and my Polaris Global business
    I love sharing my long time vision because so many people are after the quick fix and in reality there isn’t one.

  21. Lee Anne B says:

    So true Chrissy, there is no quick fix out there when it comes to business, you need to put the work and passion in consistently x I love that Polaris Global is such an awesome opportunity for us to use along the path

  22. Kimberly B says:

    thanks for sharing Lee Anne, my focus this year is about becoming more clear on my WHY and really taking things to the next level.

  23. Berni I says:

    so agree with this:
    FOCUS – you need to do what you need to do no matter what, don’t let bumps in the road take you off track.

    Learnt from Ben Harvey to use a timer, love it

  24. Debbie S says:

    When I was at Uni a lecturer told me obtaining a degree is similar to training for the Olympics – set your goal and work, work ,work for 4 years. I see this business as being very similar – set your goal, work consistently and results will happen. The right mindset is so important.

  25. Lee Anne B says:

    Great one Kimberly, Once we are really clear on the WHY, if we back it up with Action what the results flow x

  26. Lee Anne B says:

    Berni – Absolutely, the bumps make the journey more fun x

    Debbie – Absolutely Debbie, mindset plays a big part as does Consistent effort

  27. Pam B says:

    The feeling of success cannot be attained without drive and passion. Way to go Polaris Global!

  28. Lee Anne B says:

    I agree Pam, I feel exactly that way with my Polaris Global business and our Beyond Freedom Evolution program. I am passionate about them both, which gives me the drive, energy and excitement to create success.