December 10th, 2015 by Amy Adams

Learning about this thing called life

Posted by Susan D
When I worked a corporate job we were all sent off to do a course on Resilience training.  This term Resilience is often mentioned in the work environment as we deal with various people with different opinions, standards, values, beliefs, and at times this can cause conflict.  The training was more or less how to bounce back from that conflict and go on to have a working relationship with that person even if you do not see eye to eye on a personal level.
I was thinking about this today as I had a bit of a rough morning.  Being a carer for my husband can be rather challenging at times and can create conflict and I can find myself in emotional situations that I really don’t want to be in. But this is part of life.  No matter how positive we are, or how many positive supportive people we surround ourselves with, we are all going to face situations at times that are not great.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they taught things like Resilience 101 at school’s.  They could teach you as you are growing up just how to bounce back from negativity and conflict. It would have been great!
I am really grateful that this is one of the lessons I have been learning over time with our Master of Destinies program and the 17 day Personal Prosperity Challenge with Prosperity of Life.  They have taught me how to be more resilient.  Instead of some situation derailing me for an entire day, or even worse – for days or weeks, I’m bouncing back so much quicker.  I have learned that I have a choice here – to stay in the ‘mood’ that the situation has created in me and play the victim, or take control of my emotions and re-focus on positive and uplifting things – things that improve my mood. This morning was such a moment for me, and I went and looked at a heap of positive quotes, I listened to some music that made me feel good and lifted my vibration, and I got myself out of that ‘funk’ quite quickly.  I have yet to learn how to control my emotions in the heat of the moment, but always the student I am learning more and more every time I go through our program, and I will continue going through it as it helps me navigate through this thing called LIFE.

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