November 4th, 2015 by Amy Adams

Move Up, Move Forward!

Posted by Andonia R
The snow has started to fall, and the season for horsemanship lessons is coming to a halt. The time has come to place my focus back into Polaris Global, and generate great success and continue to build my window of opportunities in the Equine industry.

I use to be unsure of saying I sold “Personal Development” products because I use to think people wouldn’t take it seriously. The difference between than and now is it doesn’t matter. People will choose to move up and move forward in life doing what fits them, and not everyone will choose Polaris and our BFE courses to do that, and that’s okay.

I lost a friend only a few days ago, and in her choices she took the innocence of another. It breaks my heart, not because she is gone, because she missed how beautiful you can make your life. It’s sad that around us their are people who are constantly in the way of themselves and can’t seem to make the choice to move up and move forward. I feel peace with her decision, I understand it to a degree and that choice takes strength and courage as well. Though a burden of loss, pain, and self blame could remain I have faith it can be a step in growth, which could lead to self awareness and a step into living a more fulfilling life in courage and integrity. Use the experience to help themselves & others to move up and forward.

I take these moments to look around and be grateful for what I have, and working towards. To know that I have BFE and know that it has saved my marriage, my relationship with myself and others. It is a blessing and I cherish what I gain every time I attend a call, read a blog or take the time to write my own story. I might have been selling a product last year when I first started with Polaris, however, I’m offering a life change and experience to gain perspective and awareness of the things we work hard for. To help those find their path in life and become the best versions of themselves. To promote growth and healing and being true to yourself, your future self. To move up, move forward and continue believing that you have purpose and reunite yourself with the ability to become what you create.

To moving up, and moving forward.

I’ll never stop believing.

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