November 5th, 2015 by Amy Adams

Raising the vibration of prosperity of life

Posted by Lisa R

I shared on an earlier post last year that when we write blogs on the Prosperity of Life platform we are initiating and raising the vibration of others. Such a simple act of writing and reading of wins and others’ successes can have such an impact on how we feel and go about our day.
I can tell you that one of the biggest, most impactful side effects of blogging on the the Prosperity of Life platform has been the increase in my vibration which then translates into results in my Prosperity of Life business. I know that the two go hand in hand.
How can you assist others in raising their vibration through this platform? Blog often about your wins and experiences along your journey here and know that you are assisting others here within the Prosperity of Life community in raising their vibration = raising their results.

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