April 20th, 2010 by Rachel Krider

Polaris Global documentary “Unbeaten” picks up International Award

unbeaten awardAn important part of the Polaris Global family of businesses headed up by Greg Strom, Shane Krider and Rachel Oliver is creating a series of awareness raising documentaries. For each of our Documentaries a portion of the proceeds is being donated to a charity relevant to that specific film.

It’s Official: The Polaris Global documentary “Unbeaten” has just picked up its first International award.   A Worldfest Bronze Remi. Congratulations to all involved!

We are incredibly excited about the positive impact our documentaries continue to have in society. Every day corporate receives emails from those who have watched the documentaries.  It’s incredibly gratifying as we continue to raise awareness and have a positive impact on the lives of others.

To read about Unbeaten in the market place visit Positive Impact Magazine.

What are some great movies that have inspired you in your life?

4 Responses to “Polaris Global documentary “Unbeaten” picks up International Award”

  1. That is so exciting! Congratulations Greg, Shane, Rachel and all the team involved in this fantastic film. Makes me so proud to be part of this Company who truly are making a difference. I’m sure it is only the first of many awards that will be handed out for the amazing documentaries you guys are producing. xxx

  2. Forgot to add some of the great movies that have inspired me are: What The Bleep Do We Know, The Secret and a recent one that I absolutely loved was Avatar. I also really enjoyed Surfing With The Enemy and found the guys in that inspirational just because of their unwavering passion to surf and their commitment to it, regardless of the risks involved (which in Cuba is very brave).

  3. Howard Hughes says:

    It is just truly amazing to be aligned with a company that produces this level of positive media and it’s an honour to be a distributor of such world class acclaim.
    Congratualtions to Greg and the team, whose vision is starting to light up the world.

  4. Barbara Drummond says:

    Congratulations to all involved in putting Unbeaten together, plus all the other Polaris documentaries. All the documentaries bring home to me how caring the Polaris family is and what a unique opportunity I have to be a part of this family. Winning an award for Unbeaten is well deserved and can only help to raise awareness for all the people with disabilities that struggle to live active lives.
    For me, it was not a movie but a recent documentary on TV that moved me to tears. It was the Susan Boyle Story. Much has been said in the media recently about school bullying. Well, to hear Susan’s story it has been happening for years. Right from when she was a small girl at school Susan was bullied relentlessly. When she grew up she was still ridiculed. She was denied the opportunity to have a career because she looked after her elderly mother. But through it all she held on to the dream that one day she would be a famous singer like Elaine Paige. Now that dream has been realised ten-fold and Susan can thumb her nose at all the people who put her down.
    It has outlined for me so clearly that if we have a big enough dream and hold on to that dream we can achieve it. Now, if I feel that I am losing my focus just a little, I only need to go to YouTube and watch Susan singing I Dreamed A Dream, to bring me right back into focus again.