April 21st, 2010 by Rachel Krider

Why Do We Do What We Do at Polaris Global?

Questions are the Answers

Questions are the Answers

Polaris Global has taken its product line to the highest level, by providing education and inspiration from people who have experienced actual success in their lives.  Every one of those involved in our educational products and documentary films has found their own way to success in their lives.  They live the life, walk the walk and talk the talk.

They have stories to tell and experience to draw on.  Their lives work.  Their input isn’t just theory; it has stood up to the test of life.

People in today’s world have little time for empty promises and slick sounding presentations.  They want to know what works, why it works and see actual demonstrations of how it works in people’s lives.  They want it to be real.  They want it to last.  And they want it to be within their control.

All of the Polaris Global products are designed to provide exactly that.  Real repeatable results.

The Vision: Polaris Global is a media company.  We produce media, which is the
most highly consumed product on the planet. As a media company, we have a choice of what type of material to produce.  There are countless examples of all types of video products available in broadcast and on the internet.

Polaris Global has chosen to create media that explores, edifies and examines the human spirit.  We have found that real stories of this nature cross all natural, religious, geographic and political boundaries.  They can be enjoyed by people of all races, creeds, affiliations, sexual orientations and nationalities.  When a story has
true heart it appeals to everyone, not just one group.  It has the ability to heal.  It finds common ground in common humanity.

Our documentaries take on classic themes that are within the understanding of everyone: disability, sadness, joy, accomplishment, adversity, determination, spirituality, the search for happiness, personal trauma, sacrifice, parenthood, children, freedom, loyalty, community, etc.  No matter where you live or what your life experience might be, these are the topics that help you make meaning out of your life.

We choose our subject matter to inspire and educate the viewer. Every documentary is chosen specifically for this purpose. Greg Strom

What are some wins that you have experienced from Polaris’s products?

6 Responses to “Why Do We Do What We Do at Polaris Global?”

  1. Howard Hughes says:

    Where do I start? The Departure, initial stage, of the Beyond Freedom Evolution curriculum has taken my mindset to the realm of powerful decision making, better relationships with my wife and children and to a thinking process of a succesful, results driven entrepreneur. It gives me the best legacy that I can give to my children, an example that anything is possible in life. I am eternally grateful that Polaris has attracted such wonderful, like-minded people. I feel at home with my fellow distributors where the unspoken policy is to give, not take. With the live events in such wonderful and once-in-a-lifetime locations, I’ve raised my game above mediocrity to live the most amazing life.
    My due diligence with other opportunities has been to personally experince them and I have never come across products, people and a compensation plan as lucrative as this. I’ve grown as a person and financially and I have an inner peace that I’ve never been able to attain. Thank you Polaris, thank you.

  2. Paul Mantel says:

    Great post – In the first paragraph you mention: “Every one of those involved in our educational products and documentary films has found their own way to success in their lives. They live the life, walk the walk and talk the talk”, this is so valuable. There is real meaning to the language that is used by all the people in our product, they are not just empty words. I have observed so many “gurus” in the personal development industry that teach and preach success principles while they are not walking the walk themselves. People who preach integrity (for example), you find out that they live their own lives completely out of integrity….the teachings become so shallow, just empty words. This is one of the reasons why the products with Polaris are so powerful and work. It has made a complete change in my life because you put your self in control of your own destiny. Being aware of my own thinking and feelings and aligning my desires with my believes (this takes effort) is one of the biggest this I have learned (and still learning). Life is a journey and a game so I am learning every day from these amazing product here with Polaris. Thanks for the great post!

  3. Bettina Evert says:

    Thank you rachel. the documentaries produced by the company fill me with pride; Unbeaten, Kids with cameras, Surfing with the Enemy; all about people overcoming adversities and being successful in spite of the the odds. in the end my job is me and only me.No one can get in the way of my creation and I am responsible for all my outcomes : just as all those documentaries and the other products that Polaris provide have taught me. The products have helped take a good hard look at myself; made me see some of my limiting beliefs and as a consequence I have been able to move to a whole new path in life!

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  5. Issac Maez says:

    Heyy, Cool post! I will definatley be coming back soon!=)

  6. Marley M says:

    Love the product, documentaries and opportunity we have here. Congratulations on the success!.