October 27th, 2012 by Greg Strom

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Fiona

“I have spent the last 27 years working in the Casino industry – working long hours 24/7 l was always feeling drained and tired and realized that l needed to change the way l was thinking and living my life…

My ultimate goal was to work for myself and be able to get back to my love of travel and be able to continue investing in the property market.

I was instantly drawn to this business opportunity and knew immediately that this was what l was looking for.

I have never done anything like this before. l found by following the simple system, attending the Live Events and being on the live calls makes this business very easy.

The products have helped me step out of my comfort zone after years of doing the same job. I’ve now been able to get promotions as well as believe l can do anything l put my mind to.

The fact that the business is so portable and flexible – l can run my business around my full time job. l only have to put a few hours a day into my business for the results and the returns.

I’m now extremely happy and love that l travel the world with like-minded people that are extremely supportive and fun to hang out with.”

Fiona C.

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