August 3rd, 2012 by Greg Strom

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Helen

Hear what Entrepreneur and Home Business Owner Helen has to say about her Polaris lifestyle:

“I have been with Polaris global from day one and my experience with this company has been EXTRAORDINARY, INSPIRING and LIFE TRANSFORMING.

My back ground is in the hospitality industry, working in restaurants and as a receptionist in hotel/motels and I was so over the hours which kept me away from my family that when I got laid off I decided I would find myself something I could do from home and be in charge of my own time.

Although everything and anything to do with business was something I had never experienced before, it was such a simple system and process to follow. The on going training and support is no less than PHENOMENAL. Live interactive training calls 5 days a week, always someone to assist with any question that came up. What I found here was an incredibly supportive community of other business owners and that although your business was your own, you were NEVER ALONE, which made it easy and reassuring for me.

What I love most about my business is the fact that its simple, its portable, the money is fabulous, it’s exciting and interesting, I guess I love EVERYTHING about it. I do really love speaking to people all over the globe, which is how I choose to market. HA I used to think market was a place to buy fresh food – lol – I feel like I have grown and developed into the successful leader and entrepreneur I came here to be, although when I first started I didn’t know that’s what I came here to be.

AHH, how I LOVE my life now.

The other part of this business I LOVE SO MUCH is the personal development I get to do on a daily basis. This happens through some of the training calls, and on a daily basis through my Beyond Freedom Evolution home study course. BFE has been the catalyst for me in over coming anxiety and fear of flying due to claustrophobia. I’m now proud to say I have been able to fly from Melbourne to Puerto Rico, which is over 20 hours in flying time, easily, happily and enjoyably AND I can barely wait for the next trip which is a complete turnaround from where I was before my BFE. It has also helped me in the way I interact with my eldest son who has had some mental health challenges, and over the last couple of years with me working on my thoughts and actions through BFE, has flowed over to my son who has also become a happier, calmer person.

This business, my BFE, the amazing live events and this beautiful community has impacted not only my life, though also my whole family, as I consistently work on myself through all the products within my business, getting to be the best ME I can be, and showing my kids there is another way to life, a life without limits and that anything and everything IS POSSIBLE, which makes me SO GRATEFUL.”

Helen Savage

10 Responses to “Entrepreneur Spotlight: Helen”

  1. Helen S says:

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO THANKS Rach, Shane, and Greg, SOOOOOO PROUD and GRATEFUL to be part of this beautiful community, having this incredible opportunity to create the life i want and deserve is AWESOME <3 THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU <3 for ALL the incredible work you all put in to make this the best opportunity ON THE PLANET!

  2. Bev says:

    Clearly you are having a wonderful time here Helen with Polaris Global . I to give credit to so much of my Success in Life down to the BFE programe. Looking forward to being with you in Sydney for our Foundation Live.

  3. Fiona C Melbourne says:

    Congratulations Helen on your success with your Polaris Global Business.
    I love hearing you on the calls your excitement and fun loving attitude to the life…
    That’s one of the many things l love about this business meeting fabulous people like Helen.

  4. Franklin Visser says:

    Hey Helen! I thoroughly enjoyed your testimony on this life transforming business
    opportunity which became your lifestyle. I’m more than convinced that it will add value to my
    life too and I’m positively looking forward to become part of this amazing “community”. Personnal development
    of self and others is a passion of mine and I’ve got no doubt whatsoever
    that I will make with your support a great success of it.

    Best Regards!
    Franklin Visser
    South Africa

  5. Pauline O'Halloran says:

    Congratulations on all the success you’re achieving with Polaris Global and Beyond Freedom Evolution Helen. You are truly a product of the product and setting an extraordinary example to your family and all who have the pleasure of your beautiful, enthusiastic energy. I have always appreciated your contribution to this wonderful community, thank you.

  6. Ilke says:

    Congratulations Helen 🙂

  7. Sharon says:

    What a wonderful video and pictures of you and your family Helen, you all look so happy. Great to see you are receiving fantastic results here at Polaris Global and with your Beyond Freedom Program. Well deserved!

  8. Shawna Garcia says:

    Ahh Helen! Congrats to you on all your success. You are a beautiful woman, your Spirit shines through so brightly in your video. I am happy to work along side of you and all the other wonderful people her at Polaris.

  9. Eva says:

    Your words clearly express the enthousiasm and passion for the business, Helen and coming from the hospitality/tourism industry myself, I can totally relate to what you´re saying. It´s fantastic to finally be in charge and control of our own results!

  10. Manu says:

    Congratulations Helen! It’s great that i’ve learnt more about you. I look forward to meeting you at foundation live!

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