September 7th, 2012 by Greg Strom

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Janet

CONGRATULATIONS to this week’s Entrepreneur Spotlight: Janet!  This is what she has to say about her Polaris Home Based Business:

“I cannot believe that today I can say it – guilt free: “I am a stronger and more powerful person then ever before!”  After years of tragic family events and lot of negativity. I healed!  I healed my husband, my family, my little community …. and this is just the beginning!  I was able to achieve all of this thanks to our unique curriculum BFE, our priceless community and our brilliant Live Events around the world. Polaris Global is just a perfect blend of power and happiness for a better and brighter future.

I worked in retail, wholesale and management. I loved my job, because I love people. Then I became a mother and my needs changed. I knew that I could not stay in my career field anymore and needed a change to more family freedom, flexibility and plenty of school holiday time.

In my business today, I love the challenge, flexibility, opportunity, company support, training and the community. The system is very simple. If, you can follow it, you are already winning.

Polaris Global is such a unique concept that sometimes I think we are way ahead of our time. However, if you are a big thinker and ready for the ride of your life, then you are definitely at the right place at the right time. Hope to see you at our upcoming events soon!”



3 Responses to “Entrepreneur Spotlight: Janet”

  1. Sharon says:

    Hi Janet, It is wonderful you work around your family now. It is what most people desire to have that time freedom with kids. Good for you and the success you are having with your Polaris Global business! Look forward to meeting you at an event also.

  2. Ilke says:

    Congratulations Janet – all the best for your future success 🙂

  3. Bev says:

    Pleased to see you get so much out of Polaris Global’s BFE product as I do, and want more and more people to get the benefit of it in their lives.