November 20th, 2012 by Greg Strom

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Michelle

Please meet Entrepreneur and Home Business Owner, Michelle. This is what she has to say about her Polaris Home Based Business:

“My experience with Polaris has been one of complete transformation. I came looking for an income solution that would also give me the flexibility to raise my children daily. My work background is Corporate – the hours were long and took me away from my children for 12 hours a day. I knew I had to find a business model that would enable to me get back on track with my values around being a Mother.

What I have created here is a whole lot more. Beyond Freedom Evolution is a dynamic education curriculum – I now live my daily life with a confidence, contentment and leadership that I never knew was possible. These skills inevitably filter through to my children because it is by being a demonstration of my value framework and ambition that they ‘learn’.

The System and the Business infrastructure are set up for simplicity. This is so key for scaling up my business with ease. All I have had to do is to follow the simple steps, embrace the super training that is provided – live six days a week – and apply myself! This has made me much more productive; I now exercise five times a week, I am able to volunteer into community projects on a regular basis and I even managed to schedule in voluntary work as a Gamesmaker at Olympics London 2012!

I’m so grateful for the Vision of Polaris, and I’m excited to be assisting others to create the results they are looking for as well. The community here is always solution-oriented. It’s fun and the “pay it forward” ethic is just a natural attribute of the group.

The Leadership at Polaris is a breath of fresh air. The generosity of spirit and genuine desire for people to have success here is palpable. I do believe I have found an environment where sustainable positive change in the world can be made and we get to do this while having fun.

I love the flexibility of my ‘working’ day. It’s not work anymore – I have created a style and discipline with fits with all the other priorities I have to take care of. It is so freeing!”

Michelle G.

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