September 20th, 2012 by Greg Strom

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Shawna

This is what Entrepreneur Shawna has to say about her Polaris Home Based Business:

“When I got started with Polaris I was in a horrible financial situation, and in a bad relationship that I couldn’t seem to find my way out of. The most beautiful thing in my life was my new baby girl, Bella. I knew I needed to change things for both of us. The Polaris community and Beyond Freedom Evolution provided me with the support and information I needed to turn my life around so I could get back to being the woman I once was: happy, fun, confident, adventurous and courageous! There’s nothing more uplifting than seeing others do what you are wanting to do!

I had been in sales my entire career and also had prior experience as a business owner. I’m happy to say my business continues to grow, I’ve been home with my daughter full-time and we have a lovely relationship!

The system is genius. It is very simple to follow. I like having the confidence in knowing what has to be done to be successful. There are so many things I love, but what I love most is being able to work when I want to. This way I can be the person I want to be. Polaris allows me to live my life with freedom and flexibility!

I am just so grateful! I didn’t realize the beliefs I had that held me back from getting everything I dreamed of until I started working with BFE and connecting with our community. It’s amazing how you can go through life achieving a certain level of success but not quite getting to where you want, and the confusion of WHY NOT can be so painful. When you start really looking at your behavior and feeling what is going on in your body you can remove the barriers.

I personally feel more connected to myself than I ever have. I’m grateful for the support, all that this community has offered me, and I am grateful for the insight that has come from the education.”

Shawna Garcia
Utah, USA

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