April 21st, 2010 by Rachel Krider

Is it more expensive to start a JOB or a Business?

What's Holding You Back?

What's Holding You Back?

I connected with a lady on the phone today and she shared with me that she had a goal to be earning a 7 figure income within the next two years. She was full of life, could articulate clearly why she wanted to earn such an income, was a people person, a real go getter! She shared with me that she definitely wanted to go into business for herself and create a better life for herself and her family. BUT….she didn’t want to invest any money into a business.

It got me thinking about the attitude that one must have in which to depart from the masses and take the leap from working a JOB (just over broke) to becoming financially independent working for yourself. Interestingly enough it took me back to my very first experience in the corporate world. At the age of 24 years old I landed a job as a receptionist for one of the worlds largest Pharmaceutical companies. Prior to that time all I had done was waitressing and bar work.

The first thing that I had to change from waitress to corporate receptionist was my appearance. The black and white’s just weren’t going to cut it in my new fancy receptionist gig. Nor were my cut off jeans or bikini’s! So I hit the store to purchase a new, more appropriate look. Five new outfits and $1,500 later I was all set. So my $32,000 a year JOB cost me $1,500 to get started! Interesting isn’t it?

One of the reasons that I love the network marketing industry is because the average person has the opportunity to start a business for around the same amount that it cost me to get started in my first corporate job. I got started in this industry 8 years ago. I had never been in business before. I didn’t have a degree. I didn’t have any specialised skills or qualifications, yet I went on to become a self made millionaire.

For things to change, we have to change. In order for us to change, we have to begin to look at life through a new set of eyes. If I had shared the above story with the lady that I spoke with earlier today I wonder if she would start to think differently in which to get the result she said she wanted?

How much have you spent to work in a JOB?

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  1. John Howlett says:

    One job I had, involved a Uniform which I had to pay for, had to travel by Public transport every day and didnt get paid for 6 weeks! Then I found out I was on emergency tax and wasnt getting as much as I was entitled to.

    It wasnt long before I decided that working for yourself was a far better option!

  2. Marie Vassallo says:

    It’s funny Rachel because when I think of the costs of working for someone else, sure there’s the monetry side, but for me the costs are even bigger than that. They are the long hours, the high stress, missing your children’s milestones, not seeing your partner. They are all the things that are no longer an issue for me now that I work for myself and I would not trade the value of that for ANYTHING.

  3. Leanne Oshea says:

    I heard this story today – While out at dinner tonight with our new baby, a woman held Aoibhínn and said something very sad; “I would have liked to have had a third child but we had financial constraints…”. Whatever you want out of life DON’T LET LACK OF MONEY STOP YOU, be creative! Don’t work for money, make money work for you.

  4. Rachel Oliver says:

    You said it Marie!

  5. Belinda Byfield says:

    I agree Marie. Also being a mum, no amount of stress, time and especially money is worth not being there for your family, and not being there is the biggest cost all.

  6. Di Martin says:

    Fabulous story Rachel. It’s funny how we never think about what it costs to have a job working for someone else because we ultimately DONE HAVE A CHOICE. When working for ourselves WE MAKE THE CHOICES and it’s a truly liberating thing.

  7. Yes agree, the biggest one is the cost of opportunity!

    We all have the same amount of hours in a day, so by the end of it, it’s never a matter of managing time but managing ourselves to do what we came here to do, which is grow, enjoy, share, love and ultimately be of service to the maximum amount of people possible.

    To become a person of influence, we need to decide how we will use the same 24 hours everyone has, and choose wisely as we never get them back.
    Working for ourselves we have a greater chance of developing to our full potential and achieving the success we envision.
    We all have to make the choice, invest time in ourselves and our future, or someone elses -the boss’-
    Time to choose wisely.

  8. Don Hemara says:

    Marie you are so on to it, the cost is our enate ability to design and live an extraordinary life as stated by
    (Jim Rohn circa 2004) and so beautifully put by you.

  9. Kim Serafini says:

    Well, the answer to “how much does it cost to get or have a job” is interesting…

    What if I added it ALL up… considering the JOB I could ‘get’ right now… Given my experience, age and qualififcations.

    Do I count the money it cost to earn a Bachelor of Commerce from Australia’s private university: Bond University – paying for the tuition? Money worth investing, mind you!

    Do I count the cost of attending the Anthony Robbin’s Life Mastery University program that gives me the attitude and the actions I now take as a professional, as someone who’s proactive, can be responsible and take initiative?

    Do I count the money it cost for me to obtain my qualifications as Sports Therapist. Or the Cert IV in Workplace Training & Assessment? Or the memberships to professional & industry associations?

    Do I count the cost of travel around the world as a 20 something that had me living & working in the UK and the USA?

    In today’s real world, do I count the cost of petrol, and maintenance on my car to drive to & from work? And the wardrobe / dry cleaning?

    Do I count the cost of having to live in a BIG, international city… or where I live reside right now… in a rural setting, far from the crowds… on a piece of land that I consider paradise – near some of the best beaches in the world?

    Where do I start & where do I stop?

    Having said that – they’re all costs that I count when considering how much I invest in being a business owner… creating my own livelihood through this income opportunity.

    We don’t get anything for nothing. Never did. We all, always pay a price, of some sort.

  10. Yonika says:

    I used to work as a Manager for a large theatre and I absolutely loved my job. I got to work with talented, creative people – singers, actors and musicians who were living out their dreams on a day to day basis.

    At the time I didn’t mind the long hours, the late nights, the weekends working but I did realise that my job really had to become my life, because you can’t tell a client running a 2 week show that you need to be home at 6pm because you have a birthday dinner with friends or a wedding to attend that weekend.

    At the time I didn’t have children, however I realised that if I ever did want a family that I would not be able to do that with this job. I knew that if I wanted to keep that job – it would have cost me the ability to have kids.

    I also realised that I was watching other people living out their dreams, however I didn’t have time to live out mine. No job is worth costing you that!

  11. Debbie Ruston says:

    A few years back, my daughter was applying for a waitressing job – waitresses in Canada only make about $6/hr and rely fully on their tips to earn their living, which is not common in some other countries. To start this job, she would have been required to buy a uniform that was in excess of $100 – now for a young student, just starting into the workplace – that is is a big deal!

    As adults with families, what does it cost us to work a job? We require a reliable vehicle to get us to work. We have to pay for repairs, maintenance and gas for that vehicle. If we have children, we have to pay for child care. If our children are sick, it is often an issue to be able to stay home and care for them, and then if you don’t have the option of staying home – who will look after a sick child? As you mentioned Rachel, we have to buy appropriate clothes for the job, could be a professional set of clothes or uniforms.

    The biggest cost I see working a job, besides what it actually can cost to work that job from a money perspective, is the cost of lost dreams, lost time with family and loved ones, no freedom of time, a cap on your income, limited holidays, etc. I had a conversation the other day with someone that said “wow, I am at work looking out the window at the beautiful sunny day, wishing I wasn’t in this office and was out there enjoying it”. At that moment, I was sitting beside my pool, running my business, talking with people around the world about how to take control in their lives and create this type of freedom. I realized that people really don’t understand they have a CHOICE. It is a choice to keep being controlled by an employer. And it is a choice to take control and work for yourself. Everything has a cost associated with it. To me the cost of working a job is so much greater – it is like selling your life for an hourly wage! There was a movie with Tom Hanks – “Joe & the Volcano” where there was a sentence that went something like this: “he gave away his life for $10/hr”

    There are a lot of things we actually have to spend money on to work these jobs, and many people in society think having a job gives “security”. It is “conditioned” thinking from people that have only worked jobs! However, as we have seen in the last couple of years with the change in economy, there is no job security. The only security we have is the security we provide ourselves. Look to successful people, business owners that have the type of success that you want and follow their advice, rather than the masses that don’t believe they have choice. Being willing to do whatever it takes, is what builds your own security, and that gives you the control that no job can ever give you.

  12. Merna says:

    I have just started in this business and the best is yet to come for me. That said, I totally understand the concept of what you lose when working a job.

    I have been working for a long time in a variety of industries, to provide for my family, and 12 months back decided there had to be more to life than 9-5, 5 days a week – doing things for other people. I didnt want to be like my parents, slaving away to retirement, to not really be able to afford to do anything. I would rather enjoy life now. When you work by the end of each day you get home too worn out to even have fun… let alone appreciate all that the world has to offer.

    When I decided to cut my hours back to part time and find alternate income streams (which are out there – you just have to be creative)- everyone I worked with thought I was losing it – and they couldn’t grasp the concept of taking responsibility and making the life you want. They all seemed envious judging by their comments and lamented about wishing they could afford to do it. No one believed they could do it too – they all thought Id achieved some great financial windfall to be able to afford to do it. They refused to believe that I had just decided to make things work out how I wanted. To them it was about doing what they have to do – then they could finally retire and have the life they wanted. Yet if you aren’t living each day – you aren’t living.

    I had the best year last year because I had more time to achieve the little things. Financially I cut back and I even began to simplify my life even more,by culling some of the unused clutter in my house. , Now that this business discovered me – this year will be even better because I will have more opportunities than ever before.

    So when you work a job – not only does it cost you in time and money. It costs you new possibilities, new friendships, new challenges, new learning experiences, personal growth and missed opportunities. Not just individually but also for your family. You allow yourself to get stuck – in quicksand! and your even suspicious of anyone offering you a hand out.

  13. Very informative blog article.

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