April 19th, 2010 by Rachel Krider

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly at Polaris Global

The Good, The Bad & The UGLY!

The Good, The Bad & The UGLY!

When I woke up this morning I was thinking back to one of the concepts that was shared at our recent Polaris Global event in China.

Jim Cathcart shared – “every great achievement is proceeded by a period of fanatical dedication”. How true! But be warned….this level of dedication can take on a life of its own. The good, the bad and the darn right ugly.

The Good – well of course a great result is going to take shape when one apply’s fanatical dedication.

The Bad – I personally apply “fanatical dedication” to my business and it has me getting up in the morning and sometimes not showering until certain tasks are complete. I love what I do and can easily get carried away, so the shower sometimes takes place at the end of my day.  Very Bad :o)

The Ugly – the darn right ugly takes place when…well….lets just say I’m working around the clock and the clothes on my back are ready to get up and walk away.  Now that’s ugly!

What’s The Good, The Bad and The Ugly for you and your Polaris business?

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  1. Debbie Ruston says:

    When you are committed to something worth working towards, I really believe there is more good than bad or ugly…it is perspective, and we can be looking at the same thing and some will see it as good, and some will see it as bad, even though it is exactly the same thing.

    Good – Build self reliance, self confidence, you make a difference, you prove to yourself what is possible, you live into your potential, you raise the bar for yourself and others, inspire yourself and others , become self motivated, make a difference in other peoples lives,

    The only bad and ugly I can think of is perhaps challenges that may test you, and sometimes individuals will see these as bad or ugly, but I have learned to push through these because the goal is so worth it – and of course that leads to more of the good stuff!!!!

    P.S. If the shower has to wait, turn it into an opportunity at the end of the day for a well deserved bubble bath 🙂

  2. Andy Phelps says:

    The Good – Watching the team grow into leadership for themselves, get their own results and have their own success in their very own business, and for the first time ever in some cases.
    The Bad – Watching Someone buy into another s story and leave their own dream behind when they are so close to success.
    The Ugly – Watching another person step in and make lots of money from the effort of the person who left their dream behind.
    Imagine if Richard Branson had quit before his business took off, we sure wouldn’t be flying Virgin now.

  3. Lisa Molina says:

    The Good:
    OMG – the list is LONG! Freedom! I control my time. TRAVEL, My INCOME! lessons learning about leadership, Hugs from my little man, (and big man!).. Amazing relationships with other like minded fanatics! on and on and on… i see one way to do a business and that takes Fanatical dedication!

    The Bad:
    Just ‘one more call’ syndrome.. I love connecting with others to give them the choice – sometimes I keep Bob and Skye waiting an extra minute to finish up a call with a prospect or a team member.

    The down right Ugly:
    forgetting to eat or shower. Well, er.. ummmm.. I guess I don’t “forget”.. it just becomes less important?! That sounds really weird typing it out, but, Rach, I can relate to those clothes getting up and walking away.
    Truthfully, I spend many days in my pjs and/or a swimsuit ( for the mere convenience to go to the pool)… Is that counted as a shower – LOL!!

    My worst day as an Entrepreneur FAR SURPASSES my best one as an employee! Thanks Polaris!

  4. The Good – being in the company of great, like minded, successful individuals
    The Bad – having to part at the end of our live events
    The Ugly – like any business that starts or any person who tries to pull away from ‘the herd’ there will be resistance!

  5. Kim Serafini says:

    There’s always an upside and downside – depends upon how you look at them.

    The aspects of ‘good, bad & ugly’ sound like the description of “Flow” coined by Positive Pyschologist, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi – a highly engaging, positive & creative state as identified by psychologists… really healthy, and very productive. It assumes that the process is enjoyable and that you’re highly concentrated on the activity.

    So, I’m not so sure that the descriptions can be labelled ‘bad & ugly’… they’re beautiful. Most people never find something that they’re passionate about that absorbs them. And most people, like me, who experience or have experienced FLOW say it’s invigorating and liberating. It’s exciting. It’s wonderful. Time passes quickly. I’m being challenged. I’m using my skills well.

    When I’m sitting in front of my computer in my PJs in the middle of the afternoon because I’ve been carried away with working in my Polaris Global business I think to myself – WOW, YES… at least I’m doing something that I obviously enjoy!

  6. Leanne Oshea says:

    The Good: How long is this page – making a difference, working along side amazing leaders, growing, time to volunteer in my community. being available for my kids, the travel, income and especially the products. The reason for my success is the pricinples taught here at polaris. Love my life

    The Bad: So happy to come out of the closet.. Yep either in my PJ’s, swimmers or gym gear. When you love what you do, its hard to walk away even for a shower.

    The Ugly – 4 am starts – yep, lucky we dont do video conference calls……..

    I totally agree Debbie. The bad and ugly is simply a choice! they are all good…xox

  7. Marie Vassallo says:

    I posted this yesterday on the Polaris Community Blog but thought I’d share it here as well.

    So the good is helping people
    Create the life of their dreams,
    It’s the travel and community
    And all that’s in between.

    It’s about the freedom and the mindset
    To work for yourself,
    Living in abundance,
    having fun creating wealth.

    The bad is tackling my limiting beliefs
    And proving to myself that I’ve turned over a new leaf.
    Coz every now and then those old thoughts creep back in
    But I know that with my BFE, I will always WIN.

    The ugly is one that I prefer not to mention
    But for the sake of this I will give it the briefest of attention,
    It’s the lies that people tell to promote their own endeavours
    But they’ll only fool a few coz here we attract the clever.

    So I choose to only focus my attention on success
    And know that good, bad and ugly, I truly am blessed.

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